Mandy's Fri Blog: A General, The Governor and the Movies

I'M TALKING TO A GENERAL TODAY AT 12:30 About a wonderful charity to help the families of fallen Special Ops forces. General Clay Hutmacher, CEO of Special Operations Warrior Foundation will give you details, but click here for more!


MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES AT 2! We'll be talking about some stuff you can stream now.

I GOT A NICE EMAIL ABOUT NOT NICE PEOPLE USING THE TRAILS And I could not agree more, so here is Jacob's email:

Dear Mandy,
With so much of Colorado shut down, many people are traveling from the city and suburbs to the foothills and mountains to enjoy the fresh air and scenery while getting some much needed exercise. However, many of these people are apparently unaware of proper trail etiquette and behavior. Perhaps this can help.
First, do not throw ANYTHING on the ground. Do not throw your cigarette butt on the ground. Do not spit your gum out on the ground. Do not throw your candy wrapper on the ground. Or your tissue and sanitizing wipes. Don’t throw your orange peel and pistachio shells on the ground. Yes, these are natural and biodegradable, but for the next two months they will just be unsightly trash. If you see some trash, please pick it up. Leave no trace. If you brought it with you, take it with you or put it in a garbage can. 
This includes the poop that was inside of your dog when you arrived at the trailhead. When your dog poops (and your dogwillpoop) there is a simple three step procedure to follow:
#1 – Put the poop in a plastic bag.
#2 – TAKE THE BAG WITH YOU. Do not leave it by the trail. Do not tie it to a branch. Do not toss it in the bushes. Don’t tell yourself you will pick it up later. No one wants to see it. Take it with you now.
#3 – Take the bag home or put it in a garbage can.
There is no magic poop fairy. It is YOUR dog. It is YOUR dog’s poop. It is YOUR responsibility to remove YOUR dog’s poop from the park. If you are unwilling or unable to follow this simple three step process, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME. 
Next, stay on the trail. With all due respect to social distancing guidelines, you are outside where there is infinite ventilation and probably a breeze. You do not need to go 15 feet off the trail trampling flowers and plants just to avoid passing someone for three seconds. Hold your breath while they pass if you feel the need. 
Remember one of the reasons that you came to the mountains was for the natural beauty. Every piece of trash detracts from that beauty. Do these things and the mountains will be just as beautiful the next time you come here.

Jacob is spot on. SPOT ON.

NO, TRUMP DIDN'T TELL PEOPLE TO DRINK BLEACH So stop sharing those idiotic stories and tweets saying he did. Read this for full context.

NOT TO BE A NEGATIVE NELLY, BUT A VACCINE IS HARDER THAN IT SEEMS And this article gives the clearest explanations about why finding a vaccine is kind of a big deal and isn't right around the corner. I'm not saying it's not going to get done, but don't think it's going to be done any time soon.

ANGIE AND HER GYM GIRLS MADE A CUTE VIDEO! And it's fun so enjoy for Friday!


WHAT ARE WE EATING ON LOCKDOWN? Our tastes have changed during quarantine.


THERE IS A NEW BOOK OUT EXPOSING THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER FOR THE HUSTLERS THEY ARE And I'm going to get the author on the show, but read this lengthy column for now. The SPLC is garbage and everything they do it garbage at this point.

WOULD YOU SIGN UP TO GET THE CORONAVIRUS? In order to speed a vaccine to market, a "challenge trial" is being considered. It works like this: volunteers are given a possible vaccine. They they are given either coronavirus or a placebo and we see what happens. Obviously the volunteers would need to be healthy and well-informed about what they might be in for, but I say give them 50 grand each and let's get moving!

THERE IS A NEW ROLLING STONES SONG! And it's actually kind of good if you ask me. Mick Jagger says he and Keith Richards wrote the song a year ago but it certainly works for today.

ONE JAPANESE MAYOR HAS CREATED A GROCERY SHOPPING KERFUFFLE The Mayor of Osaka Japan is in hot water after recommending that men go grocery shopping because they are more efficient. Yeah, it didn't go over well at all.

HOW OLD ARE YOU WHEN YOU CONSIDERED OLD? The survey says...57??? I sure as heck hope not, but based on the criteria for what makes you old, I check a lot of those boxes. Yikes.

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