Mandy's Wed Blog: NASA is Wrong and Making a Virus Racist

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THE GOVERNOR HAS A PRESSER AT 1:30 We're trying to reschedule some things but stay tuned...

KEN BUCK IS ON TO TALK SPENDING And if you haven't seen this ridiculous stories about huge publicly traded companies getting forgivable loans meant for small business, please read this.

IN AN EFFORT TO GET BACK TO NORMALISH LET'S TALK NASA AND CLIMATE CHANGE With Devin Watkins from the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Devin is working on a case to require NASA to stop using the garbage "97% of scientists agree" statement when it comes to climate change. Read more about this here. He's on at 1.

HEATHER MACDONALD HAS A VERY GOOD POINT ABOUT A VIRUS AND RACISM Her column right here is a barn burner. If you know Heather's work, you may know she makes a lot of hay about black on black crime. She's done a brilliant job of pointing out how ridiculous it is to think a virus is racist (or medical care overall) when far more black people are killed by other black people everyday. She also wrote another column outlining how absurd these racism comments are. Read them both! She's on at 2.

COULD AC BE A PROBLEM FOR US GETTING BACK TO NORMAL This is NOT good news. A paper from China says that an otherwise health set of people got coronavirus from ONE asymptomatic person sitting in a restaurant. They theorize the virus spread because of air conditioning. This is going to be a real problem. Restaurants, I sure hope you guys are investing in air cleaners! We want to come back!

A WAR OVER CUTLERY HAS STARTED ON THE WEB And I blame coronavirus for us having enough time to argue about how we put our cutlery in a drawer. But yet, here we are. By the way, in my drawer it's large forks, small forks, large spoons and knives, then small spoons across the bottom. Like a civilized human.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT AN OLD GUY IN CHARGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA And this might be my favorite story of the day. #Hashtagthecowboy

IF SWEDEN IS RIGHT, OUR POLITICIANS MAY ALL BE IN TROUBLE I've been watching Sweden very closely the past few weeks, as they did NOT shut down their economy because of Coronavirus. They asked people to work from home, but restaurants and bars are open and elementary schools are too. Now they say that they are close to reaching herd immunity in the country, which means enough people have had it that another outbreak would be unlikely. We'll see if they are right. If they are, our entire government has a LOT to answer for. If not, pray for the people of Sweden!



A SMALL STUDY IN A VA HOSPITAL WAS NOT GOOD FOR HYDROXYCHLORIQUINE But keep in mind a couple of things about this story. We don't know if it was given as a drug of last resort. We do know that overall, veterans have worse health and worse health outcomes than the civilian population. I think the jury is still out on this drug, but it is not a miracle cure. I think this is one of things where it will work well for some, work some for some, and not work for others. But just because Trump talked about it doesn't make it crap.

THAT SUPREME COURT DECISION ABOUT UNANIMOUS JURIES COULD AFFECT ABORTION And I didn't read the opinion so I didn't see this, but in the dissent written by three liberals is telling. They used the concept of stare decisis to explain why they voted to allow laws based in racism to stand. This column explains all you need to know about what this could mean for a challenge to Roe v. Wade.

NO, YOUR GYM IS NOT GOING TO RE OPEN ON APRIL 27TH If you were hoping you'd be able to head back the gym hold your horses. Not quite yet. No word on how that's going to look or when it's going to happen, but it's NOT happening on the 27th.

DO YOU THINK YOU'VE HAD THE RONA? National Jewish Health is now offering an antibody test for ANYONE and you don't need to have a doctor's referral if you have $94 cash money. I think I'm going to get one. Just to see. Stay tuned...


THE BLOG IS SHORT TODAY BECAUSE WE'VE GOT GUEST AND THE GOVERNOR'S PRESSER. But I've already got a bunch of stuff for tomorrow!

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