Mandy's Tues Blog: The Mayor is On Deck!

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK IS ON TODAY We shall talk about how and when Denver gets back to business, how things are going with our homeless population and what Denverites can expect next. He's on at 1.

WE CAN LEAVE OUR HOMES NOW, BUT WE PROBABLY SHOULDN'T At least that was the message yesterday from the Governor. Our Mike Rice did a good job summarizing what the Governor said needed to happen to re open the state here. So what does this mean for you? I keep asking, but no one is telling me whether or not they will just jump into life again. Me? Probably not. But isolation agrees with me.

ARE WE OKAY WITH FACEBOOK DECIDING WHICH PROTESTS ARE OKAY? Because the social media giant is now censoring posts about protests that don't follow the government mandated rules of social distancing. To be clear, if you are trying to set up a protest, and Facebook decides it isn't government-ruled enough, they just won't show it to anyone. Is this okay? I feel like this is not okay. It's why things like the are so necessary.

RESTAURANTS ARE PREPARING FOR SOCIAL DISTANCING And one restaurant is practicing. This made me laugh today.

THIS IS A GOOD OVERVIEW OF WORLD COVID NEWS If you're so inclined to read about what the virus is doing elsewhere. It's pretty comprehensive.

KIM JONG UN MAY BE ON HIS WAY OUT As intelligence reports are saying that he is not doing well after surgery. Intelligence in North Korea is notoriously hard to get, but here we are. Don't get excited, his sister is in line to take over and she is no picnic either. I would imagine if he is fine, he will make an appearance soon.

NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR A DUTCH OVEN Some doctors Down Under (and I mean Australia) are suggesting that Coronavirus could be spread by passing gas. So he who smelt it spread it. No bare bottomed farting anytime soon, k?

THE APPEAL IS NOT PUZZLING And people are turning to jigsaw puzzles in droves as they are bored to tears with everything else. Jigsaw puzzles are having a moment and this author says this is a good for families and their brains.

A VIOLINIST PLAYS ON A HOSPITAL ROOF IN ITALY And it's lovely and haunting and quite the contrast to the tents of patients below and the medical staff attending to them.

TRUMP IS SUSPENDING IMMIGRATION TO THE US And oddly, I am not hearing any cries of racism or xenophobia about this right now. He announced the ban yesterday and it covers ALL immigration from ALL nations. Any word on how busy the southern border is right now?

WHY ARE PEOPLE BUYING GUNS RIGHT NOW? It's a question I already know the answer to, but this intrepid reporter went to a gun store and talked to people buying their FIRST firearms. March was the busiest month EVER for gun sales. You know why? People know they need to protect themselves and their families.



ONE PHOTOGRAPHER IS MEETING PEOPLE WHERE THEY LIVE To take what he is calling "porchtraits" of people during lockdown. Families gather on their porches and he shoots them from a safe distance. I love this! Is anyone doing this in Denver?

YES, YOU CAN STILL BOO ONLINE DURING THE NFL DRAFT And your boo will be counted! An enterprising college student wrote a program to quickly quantify how fans of a certain team feel about their draft pick. The only catch is, to be counted, you have to vent your spleen on reddit. Get booing, kids!

IF DESPERATE TP TIMES CALL FOR DESPERATE TP MEASURES Here is one way to steal toilet paper if you must (although please don't take this as an endorsement of stealing)

IT NOW TAKES AN ENTIRE JURY TO CONVICT NATIONWIDE I am genuinely surprised that this was still a thing. The Supreme Court overturned the conviction of a Louisiana man who was serving life in prison for murder. Why? Because he was sent to prison on a 10-2 jury vote. Only Louisiana and Oregon allowed convictions without a unanimous jury verdict. Now that has been stopped by the Supreme Court.

WHEN VOICE OF AMERICA ISN'T President Trump put the Voice of America radio network in the crosshairs last week. Why? Because they seem be very comfortable spouting the propaganda of China. This is a great article on why we have the VOA in the first place and why it needs to be brought back under control.

THIS IS THE KIND OF THING THAT WILL MAKE PEOPLE REBEL AGAINST THE LOCKDOWN The New Jersey Governor shut down a tulip farm for visitors. But wait, it gets better. IT'S A DRIVE THRU ATTRACTION. Where people STAY IN THEIR CARS. This is the kind of stupidity that makes people do dumb things.

HEY KIDS, EVEN IF YOU THINK THE GOVERNMENT IS WRONG The virus is still real. A man in Ohio who had been very vocal about the coronavirus being a hoax used by government to suppress us has died of the virus. That's some hoax.

I HAVE TO GIVE THE TRUMP TEAM CREDIT FOR THIS ONE And when I saw Nancy Pelosi doing one of those "look how relatable" I am interviews from her kitchen I knew it was the gift that keeps on giving. Check out this ad.


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