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EL PASO COUNTY COMMISSIONER STAN VANDERWERF JOINS ME TO TALK PANDEMIC AND PLANNING I did not realize until very recently (thanks Jon Caldara) that El Paso County Commissioner VanderWerf was a pandemics expert for the military. And now he's tasked with helping El Paso county work it's way through this pandemic. We'll talk to him about both today at 1. Watch his interview with Caldara by clicking here.

THERE WAS A HUMDINGER OF A PROTEST DOWNTOWN THIS WEEKEND And I appreciate each and every one of you who took the time to head down and demand that people be allowed to work. But I am genuinely concerned that we are going to see many of these people who were wandering around the parks mixing and mingling get the coronavirus, which would not help their cause. And by the way, if ONE person gets Covid 19 and admits they were at this protest, we will NEVER hear the end of it. What I'm trying to say is I'm all for opening things up, but let's not just be dumb about it, and walking around with a bunch of people feels kind of dumb right now. You drivers and honkers, I'm on your team.

FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE, PLEASE READ THIS COLUMN About the many failures of the giant bureaucratic state in this pandemic. I think everyone trying to blame Trump needs to recognize that bureaucracies they love have slowed down and muddied the waters throughout this entire pandemic.

AND NOW, FOR ALL THE ESSENTIAL PEOPLE OUT THERE it's the Essential Workers Anthem. He did not include talk show hosts in this. There are some CURSE WORDS at the end.

THIS HARVARD DAME THINKS WE SHOULD OUTLAW HOMESCHOOLING Because the thought of parents actually raising their own children is just too frightening. She uses a severe outlier experience to damn the lot of homeschoolers, and chooses to ignore that homeschoolers, even though they make up a tiny fraction of total students, dominate the National Spelling Bee. She also ignores article like this one from USA Today:

Research shows that home-schooled students are certainly capable of adjusting to the college curriculum academically – home-schooled students generally score slightly above the national average on both the SAT and the ACT and often enter college with more college credits. Studies have also shown that on average home-schooled students have higher grade point averages in their freshman years and have higher graduation rates than their peers.
In addition to academic competence, research also asserts that home-schooled students are able to cope well with the emotional transition to college.
A Texas A&M study found that home-schooled students face the same degree of communication apprehension as do their peers, while another study from the Journal of College Student Development discovered that the transitional experiences of college students are comparable, regardless of whether the students were educated at home or in traditional schools.
Common to all students were “transitional issues such as loneliness, meeting others with different values, and dealing with greater independence.”

Remember, academics don't think you are good enough to raise your own children. She DOES think that parents have the "very significant rights" to raise their children with their values as long as they send their students to government schools to get the OTHER side of the story for 7 or eight hours a day. Read this:

Bartholet maintains that parents should have “very significant rights to raise their children with the beliefs and religious convictions that the parents hold.” But requiring children to attend schools outside the home for six or seven hours a day, she argues, does not unduly limit parents’ influence on a child’s views and ideas. “The issue is, do we think that parents should have 24/7, essentially authoritarian control over their children from ages zero to 18? I think that’s dangerous,” Bartholet says. “I think it’s always dangerous to put powerful people in charge of the powerless, and to give the powerful ones total authority.”

Get that? Being with your kids 24/7 is "dangerous".

DO YOU THINK I COULD BUILD A STORAGE TANK WITHOUT GOING TO THE STORE? And I'm talking about an oil storage tank, as oil prices are at a historic collapse because we are running out of storage space and oil producers are still pumping away.


WANT TO A GREAT GUIDE TO TREATING COVID AT HOME? This column is a must read. It's written by a nurse who nursed her oncologist husband back to health at home. She gives a great overview of what you can do to stay at home unless ABSOLUTELY necessary and it's very comprehensive.

HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS? I'm actually writing what I hope will be a column about this election. What a nightmare. National Review wrote about it here.

THE AP BRINGING SOME GOOD NEWS TOO And I had not seen this series of good news stories by the Associated Press, but I'm going to check on them regularly now. Enjoy this recap.

THAT'S SOME PIG! This pig did not want to get busted and lead police on a 45 minute chase. Y'all, it was FUNNY. These were obviously city slicker cops.

NEWSPAPERS AND RADIO STATIONS MAY GET A HAND OUT And if they give NPR money, they better dang well give money to commercial radio and tv. Read the details here and yes, it's a bipartisan bill.

I MAY HAVE ACCIDENTALLY GONE TOO FAST IN I-25 But it was not on purpose. There was NO ONE on the road and I wasn't paying attention and I looked down and startled myself with my no-to-be-disclosed-speed. I slowed down immediately but it was kind of like WOW. Apparently I'm not alone.




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