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NO, BLANKET STAY AT HOME ORDERS ARE NOT CONSTITUTIONAL And Professor Rob Natelson joins us today to talk about this column from earlier this week that explains why. This doesn't mean staying at home might not be SMART, but it does mean the government can't make us with these overly broad orders.

MIKE ROSEN IS BACK AT 2 FOR ROSEN AT THE MOVIES! I made Dave watch Onward, he made me watch The Last Hurrah and Mike is watching something called Belgravia. We shall discuss at 2 assuming there are no pesky pressers during the show.

THIS IS THE RIDICULOUS JOE BIDEN CAMPAIGN BLUNDER I MENTIONED YESTERDAY And it's not even about the candidate himself. The campaign put out a personalizable avatar where you can insert your own photo to indicate that you are "with Joe". The internet had a blast with this. Here is one story on it. Enjoy.

PRESIDENT TRUMP LAID OUT HIS PLANS FOR OPENING UP THE ECONOMY YESTERDAY And there is nothing magical or surprising in any of them. Read the whole plan here. It's pretty much what we expected. Watch yesterday's briefing if you don't want to read.

YES, TRUMP DID SOME STUFF RIGHT WITH CORONAVIRUS And he did some stuff wrong (like relying on WHO for accurate info). The View's most shrieky bat Joy Behar tried to get Senator Lindsay Graham to say he did nothing right, but Graham didn't bite. Watch this.

LAND O LAKES HAS CHANGED IT'S PACKAGING AND I'M NOT SURE WHY IT WAS RACIST As they used an image of a Native American woman on the cover for 100 years. I'm also not sure why a native American woman was chosen to sell butter in the first place, but okay. So now it's gone and people who have too much time on their hands are happy.

A GROUNDHOG EATING PIZZA WAS CAUGHT ON CAMERA and I personally think the groundhog in question was just super stoned and thought he was watching tv by staring into the window at the dog while he ate his pizza.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS HAS GONE FULL TOTALITARIAN STATE And I mentioned it the other day when I got an email from the President of the Steamboat Institute about it. Here is a column outlining many of the outrageous and draconian measures the Routt County Commissioners decided to inflict on their subjects. It's nuts.

WANT TO UP YOUR NETFLIX GAME? Here are a bunch of hacks to make your Netflixing even more satisfying.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN FARMERS WATCH TIGER KING They end up painting cows (with cow safe paint) to look like tigers.

OPERA FANS, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU The Met Gala, which is always a very exclusive high society event for the Opera, is online this year and everyone is invited! Get the details for the April 25th event here.

NEED TO DESTRESS? GO FOR A WALK I did 2 miles this morning when it was 12 degrees. Why? I have a dog that has a LOT of energy if she doesn't get three walks a day (yes, THREE) and I like to be up and out early when no one else is. Here is an article about the calming effects of a good jaunt.

VON MILLER'S GOT THE RONA And he made his diagnosis public to let people know the Rona is an equal opportunity illness and anyone can get, even super fit professional athletes.

DENMARK IS RE OPENING SCHOOLS AND THIS MAY BE OUR MODEL Where students have to sit a certain number of feet apart and school playgrounds are marked by tape to separate students. I sure hope we can get back to something resembling normal soon.

A NEW DRUG IS SHOWING SOME PROMISE TREATING COVID 19 And it's from the same company which created Tamiflu and they work almost exclusively on viral bugs so hopefully this early good news about remdesivir, a drug for coronavirus. Doctors say early results are good, so maybe we're on the right track.

DOES THIS BODE WELL FOR THE ROCKIES THIS YEAR? Dodger's pitcher Joe Kelly was working on a change up at home. This is what happened.



REPUBLICANS ARE HAVING A BLAST WITH NANCY ANTOINETTE SHOWING OFF HER EXPENSIVE FRIDGE AND ICE CREAM as part of a segment on the James Corden Late Late Show. He asked her how she kept going and she showed of her TWO fridges and freezer full of $13 a pint ice cream. SHE'S JUST LIKE US!

THIS IS EXACTLY WHY WE NEED TO START PRODUCING THINGS SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN CHINA So New York City worked out a deal with a North Carolina based company which makes Covid antibody tests. These are the tests that will show us if people have already HAD coronavirus so they can get back to work. Great, right? Except when Cellex, the North Carolina company, went to fulfill it's order, it had the tests produced in China. And then the Chi Comms halted all exports of Covid related stuff. Even stuff that belonged to American companies. So now New York waits. Time to divest from China. Now.




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