GOV. POLIS: Moving Forward Toward Reopening On April 26

Governor Jared Polis speaks on Friday, April 17, 2020.

While Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has not firmly committed to lifting the state's COVID-19 stay-at-home order on April 26, the current deadline date, he says he they are "moving forward" with that date in mind.

"That doesn't mean a return to life before coronavirus," Gov. Polis said Friday. "It does mean that we're moving in the direction of more people being able to support themselves and go to work and have a sustainable way of social distancing."

The governor was clear that the goal is not making sure everyone is safe before the state reopens.

"I don't have, no governor has, the President doesn't have the capacity to make everyone safe. I just want to make sure that's not the expectation. If any state, if any country were to wait until we could keep everybody safe, we would have to be closed forever."

While the date of reopening is important, the measures in place for the following several months are just as critical.

"What matters even more is what we're doing over the next 30 days and 60 days and as long as this virus is with us in a sustainable way."

While April 26 draws closer by the day, the governor also spoke of several other notable items on Friday:

--In effort to try to protect the elderly, the governor is requiring all senior homes and nursing homes to submit a plan of isolation and quarantine by May 1 for instances when people show symptoms of COVID-19.

--Workers in critical jobs, such as long-term care facilities and grocery workers, will be required to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth.

--Staring Monday, April 20, contract and gig workers in Colorado can begin to apply for unemployment benefits.

The governor's full remarks are below.

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Full remarks from Gov. Polis.

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