Mandy's Wed BLOG: Not Giving WHO Another Dime.

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CLIFF MAY THINKS WHO IS NOT WORTH OUR MONEY RIGHT NOW And he joins me to talk about why it was the right thing to do for Trump to pull back our funding of this China-compromised organization. Cliff joins me at 1.

NO, THOSE STAY AT HOME ORDERS ARE NOT CONSTITUTIONAL And our friend Rob Natelson lays out the myriad of reasons why they aren't here. One of the cases he references is the Kentucky case I referenced the other day, and it's sort of magical. It's being criticized by some for reading like a "campaign speech" but I tell you it's a delight. Read the Kentucky case here and Rob's column here.

HERE IS A PRETTY CLEAR VIOLATION OF CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS In North Carolina a protest took place, but most of the protesters did so from a safe distance in their cars. However, police took it upon themselves to break up the protest, which is clearly a violation of free assembly protections. Expect more of this, more civil disobedience and more challenges as police do things like this on the orders of politicians.

ARE YOU STRESS BAKING? That seems to be a thing now and between that and Easter, we have put some pressure on our egg suppliers to keep up. If you've tried to find yeast as well, good luck with that. So what are you baking?

THE RETURN OF FORTUNA What is fortuna? The easiest definition is "luck" or "fate" and this columnist uses the word to point out that we are finding out with coronavirus that we do NOT control our world and that there are things that happen and will continue to happen that are well beyond our control. He also ends up by pointing out that we have put a LOT of our production and supply chain into the hands of an untrustworthy geopolitical foe. It's a good column, but put your thinking cap on for this one.

THE LATEST NEWS ON COVID FOR COLORADO SEEMS HOPEFUL Check out the graphs and whatnot in this link. And still a VAST majority of the deaths are elderly people.

NOW OTHER NEWS ORGANIZATIONS ARE BEGINNING TO ASK IF CHINA LIED ABOUT THE VIRUS. If you didn't watch the documentary on yesterday's blog here because you thought it was stupid propaganda by a pro Trump outlet, hold your hats. Now MORE news outlets are beginning to question the Chinese narrative. This article is VERY damning and well researched. The AP is on the bandwagon although careful to give the Chinese an out by calling things "mistakes". China has a LOT to answer for as this virus continues to kill thousands.

DOES IT MATTER THAT HUNTER BIDEN LIED ABOUT STEPPING DOWN FROM THE CHINESE EQUITY FIRM BOARD? I would think this is not a good look for Joe Biden right about now as we are beginning to grapple with how much China helped create our current virus situation. He said he would step down from the board role he created just 13 days after traveling to China with his then-Vice President father Joe by October 31st of last year. According to recent reports, he's still on the board.

MORE SIMON SINEK ON LEADING THROUGH A CRISIS I'm currently obsessed but if you watch this you'll understand why.

AT LEAST YOU DIDN'T ACCIDENTALLY EJECT YOURSELF FROM A FIGHTER PLANE LAST WEEK A French businessman was given a treat, which was the chance to fly with the French version of the Blue Angels. Cool, right? Except this terrified the man so much HE ACCIDENTALLY EJECTED HIMSELF FROM THE PLANE.

TWO MORE MOUTHS TO FEED. ON ONE GOAT. Yes, a two headed goat. Because why not.

NO KIDS ARE FAILING THIS YEAR IN LA because the LA Unified School District has announced no students will be given F's even if they do nothing for the rest of the year. I have to say, even if you adopt this policy, I think you don't ANNOUNCE it because there are a good chunk of students that will just STOP doing what little they were doing because they know they won't fail. We haven't even talked about what this is going to mean for our kids this year in terms of lost learning.

TRUMP HALTS FUNDING TO WHO AND I'M COOL WITH THAT And he's paused funding until an investigation into WHO's protection of the Chinese virus narrative is complete. CNN reports it. The world and Democrats erupted over the news, but if the EU is so upset, why don't they just replace the lost funding? Or China? Every nation is jumping up to say they won't cut their meager donations to the WHO but NOT ONE has offered to replace the cash we just withheld. NOT ONE. So how important is it really that WHO is properly funded?

THOSE ANTIBODY TESTS ARE NOT QUITE READY FOR PRIME TIME And in the rush to get a test out, there are a lot of tests that DON'T work. We are further away than I would hope it seems. Here's hoping the scientists can make this work soon.


AND A NEW MILTON FRIEDMAN VIDEO! Okay, not "new" but new to me. I've watched so many of them and haven't seen this one. The freedom NOT to act is on deck.


I AM PRETTY SURE I'M GOING TO HELL AFTER LAUGHING AT THIS VIDEO Of children trying to get through a glass maze. .


ANOTHER PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHY THE NEW YORK TIMES IS UTTER GARBAGE If you haven't paid attention to the uninterested lip service coverage the New York Times gave what many are saying are credible sexual assault accusations about Joe Biden, just read this SCATHING column in National Review that provides abundant evidence of the Times hopeless bias. It's beyond damning. No wonder New Yorkers are so smart yet so uninformed.

WHEN FLIGHT ATTENDANTS WORK FROM HOME I so feel this. The cookies at the end is FIRE!

SPEAKING OF TRAVEL, HOW WILL THE INDUSTRY SURVIVE? This article breaks down the devastation of the travel industry and it's DEPRESSING as hell.

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