Rosen at the Movies Maybe Today But the World Is Ending Anyway.

WE SHOULD HAVE MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES AT 2 But there is a White House Press Briefing at 1 and they've been long so it's a crap shoot. If there is time, Mike joins us to talk movies!

ACCORDING TO THE DRUDGE REPORT, THIS IS APOCALYPSE This is going to be a dissertation on WHAT the HELL has happened to Drudge. Let me just grab some of today's headlines:

Giant Asian hornets that 'kill with single sting' to invade USA...

New York burying victims in mass graves...

Record Bankruptcies Predicted as Unemployment Soars...

World faces new 'Great Depression' as virus toll mounts...

Awakening volcanic region in Iceland 'could cause disruption for centuries'...

New, larger wave of locusts threatens millions in Africa...

So if we don't die of Coronavirus, we're going to get stung by a hornet, fall victim to the new Depression, get buried by a volcano or have all the food eaten by locusts. Are you kidding me? I am officially leaving Drudge in the dust, I just removed it from my bookmarks bar just to make a point.

HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE! And listener Joe sent this meme and it made me laugh this morning.

Pillsbury passover

AT ONE LAB, MORE PEOPLE ARE TESTING POSITIVE FOR ANTIBODIES THAN ACTIVE VIRUS And be clear here, this is anecdotal from a lab tech doing the tests, but if accurate, this is good news that may allow us to get back to work sooner rather than later.

IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS VIDEO OF GEORGE W BUSH WARNING AGAINST PANDEMIC You should probably do it. For those who think that IF ONLY Obama was in charge right now, you need to realize that the Obama Administration essentially STOPPED the plans begun three years prior during the Bush Administration. The Obama administration also oversaw the depletion of the National Stockpile of medical equipment and NEVER restocked it. Here's a fun fact check for you non-believers.

THERE APPEARS TO BE A HUGE SPIKE IN THE NUMBERS HERE IN COLORADO BUT DON'T PANIC This is just the result in a lag on reporting test results to the state, not a huge spike in one day. Check them here if you want, but here is the tweet they sent out about the spike:

REMEMBER THOSE HEADLINES ABOUT CALIFORNIA GETTING "BROKEN" VENTILATORS And how Trump would have blood on his hands when slews of Californians died for lack of ventilators? Well not only has it NOT happened (the ventilators needed new batteries after sitting so long) but read this from NBC News:

California sees first daily decrease in ICU hospitalizations
California saw its first daily decrease in intensive care hospitalizations during the coronavirus outbreak, a key indicator of how many health care workers and medical supplies the state needs, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Thursday.
The rate of all virus hospitalizations has slowed this week. Those in the ICU need the highest level of care, and so it was particularly encouraging that the number of patients in those rooms actually dropped 1.9 percent on Wednesday to 1,132.
The virus can cause severe breathing problems, and ventilators are a key tool in keeping the sickest patients alive.
Newsom has been building the state’s stockpile and earlier this week was confident enough of the supply to send 500 to other states.
California hospitals have more than 11,000 ventilators, and two-thirds aren’t being used, he said.

Imagine that. So does this mean Trump's hands are blood free?

AND NOW, HERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU'RE MISSING ON YOUR STREAMING SERVICES And I'm going to print out this list and work my way through it.

JOE BIDEN IS SUCH A GREAT CANDIDATE DEMOCRATS WANT TO DUMP HIM FOR ANDREW CUOMO And I have to give it to the Club for Growth, a conservative outfit, for polling this question. There is really no way to make this happen without creating a HUGE uproar within the party, but a clear majority of Dems want to dump their presumptive nominee. Heh.

SWEDEN IS STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS And I think this will be very interesting to watch as their death rate is on a pretty straight line up right now. The country is open for business, schools are in session and the government is asking vulnerable populations to quarantine themselves instead of locking everyone in their homes like we have here. We'll see what happens.

A BUNCH OF RUBES FELL FOR A FAKE COLIN KAEPERNICK TWEET And the usual suspects could not WAIT to congratulate the NY Jets for allegedly signing the former pro and rabble rouser. To be clear, they did NOT sign the man.


MORE SIMON SINEK ON HOW TO ADAPT IN TIMES LIKE THIS And it's good info to have right now.

LET'S NOT FORGET THE DURHAM INVESTIGATION INTO THE FBI Attorney General Bill Barr said to Laura Ingraham that John Durham is not looking to create a "report" on FBI malfeasance, he's looking for indictments. Watch this!

THIS DAD ROCKS QUARANTINE By recreating Splash Mountain for his son.

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