A Sub Shop Owner, A Rabbi and A Comedian on the Show for Wednesday!

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WANT TO FEED SOME HEALTH CARE WORKERS? We talked to Ross about this last week, but I'm trying to keep it going. I've got Roy Vanderhoef, Subway sandwich shop owner, on at 12:30 to talk about his program to feed healthcare workers and keep his staff employed. Here are the details, but it's EASY to donate five bucks and feed a whole lot of people. I'm going to match up to $400 bucks worth of orders today! From Ross Kaminsky's page:

One of my listeners and his wife own the Subway at 12155 Lioness Way in Parker, CO. They got in touch with me with a great offer that I hope a lot of you will help with.
Whether you go to the store or call the store (preferred), if you buy a sandwich to be donated to health care workers, they will match your sandwich donation with a second sandwich. In other words, you donate a sandwich, and those people who are working so hard every day to take care of our fellow Coloradans will get two sandwiches. (And you have the added benefit of helping to keep a local small business open and their workers getting paychecks...it's like two gifts in one.)
The store is open 8 AM to 8 PM every day. Here are the ways you can contact them...again phone is preferred for obvious reasons.
Also, if you know a place not too far from Parker where folks are working hard to keep the rest of us healthy and safe, and whose workers might enjoy getting some free Subway subs, please call the store.
Go to the store (map link):https://goo.gl/maps/M5qjXXrny2EGfFR89
(Again, the address is 12155 Lioness Way, Parker, CO 80134)

HAPPY PESACH TO MY JEWISH FRIENDS! Passover is one of the BIG holidays in the Jewish faith and it has a rich tradition and history. I'll talk with Rabbi Raphael Leban today about Passover and what it means to Jews. He joins me at 1.

HOW ABOUT A LITTLE COMEDY TO GO WITH YOUR PANDEMIC? Local comedians have teamed up to do some online comedy shows and I've got Kelly Brewer on to talk about Voodoo Comedy happening online. Find out more by clicking here!

BERNIE IS OUT So it's all over but the fat lady singing virtually and now the Democrats have a candidate who has been nowhere during the biggest crisis since 9/11 and can barely remember his own name at this point. Sorry Bernie fans, your man is never going to be President. And when you see JUST HOW moderate Biden is about to get, you are going to be very, very unhappy.

THIS MAY BE THE BEST COLUMN JON CALDARA EVER WROTE And it's about how important the Constitution is...until people get afraid. Because as he lays out here, we are all very happy to watch our freedoms evaporate when we are collectively scared of what freedom may bring at that moment. Read it here. He is 100% correct.

COULD THE MALARIA DRUG BE WORKING FOR SOME PATIENTS? The anecdotal evidence is coming in and the news, at least in some camps, is really good. Watch this from a Democrat State Rep from Michigan, whose Democratic Governor initially BANNED the use of the drug in her state, about the drug curing her illness

Read the rest of the anecdotal evidence here.

THEY ARE TESTING HYDROXYCHOROQUINE IN A TEXAS NURSING HOME Where there has been a significant outbreak. I say go ahead. My best friend recently left her job in a Long Island nursing home (before the virus outbreak) and the people in that facility are dying to the tune of six or ten a DAY. If I were a relative of any of these elderly patients I'd say full steam ahead, give it a try.

LIFE GOES ON DURING A PANDEMIC And kids lose teeth and can't wait to tell Dad, even though he's hosting the Tonight Show from the other room.

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO KILL THE TIME? HOW ABOUT CLEANING THESE NASTY PLACES IN YOUR HOUSE? Because these are NASTY and many of us don't think about cleaning things like our computer keyboard. Which I will be cleaning with alcohol during the show, btw.

WELLS FARGO REALLY SCREWED OVER BUSINESS OWNERS, IMO I got MULTIPLE emails from ticked off small business owners who told the same story. They got an email Friday about the PPP Program that the government put out to provide SBA loans to businesses so they could keep paying their employees. They were told the program wasn't ready yet. Monday morning, the business owners applied, only to be told Wells Fargo hit it's loan cap over the weekend. What the hell? Wells Fargo has a MUCH lower loan cap than other banks because of shady dealings in the past. They did NOT tell customers that in advance. Read this for the details, but as of today, the feds have agreed to NOT count the PPP money against Wells Fargo's total loan cap. So try again, Wells Fargo customers, but don't forget this going forward.

THERE ARE NEEDED TWEAKS TO THE PPP PROGRAM And Charles Payne explains them here.

GUESS WHAT'S BACK? PLASTIC BAGS! Who knew that Coronavirus could point out one of the serious flaws with re usable bags...they spread germs hella bad. And now cities that had banned plastic are now reversing those bans to keep people from getting sick.

LET'S JUST SAY INITIAL REACTIONS TO BASEBALL IN ARIZONA ONLY ARE NOT POSITIVE At least when it comes to managers and players,who balked at the idea of leaving their families completely behind for the next four and half months.

FROM THE OLYMPICS TO FOOD BANKS A HUGE donation of food was just made to the food banks in Colorado. It was going to feed Olympic athletes at the OTC but obviously since the Games have been postponed there is no need.

DON'T DYE YOUR HAIR BEFORE YOU READ THIS This will be known as the Season of the Roots. Here is an article you need to read before you decide to take up your beauty maintenance yourself.




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