REP. JASON CROW: COVID-19 Telephone Town Hall

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Colorado Congressman Jason Crow. (Photo: Senate Television via Getty Images)

Rep. Jason Crow (D), Colorado's 6th District Congressman, held another telephone town hall with constituents on Tuesday, April 7.

Many questions focused on small business and medical topics during the hour-long call.

Rep. Crow had Colorado Gov. Jared Polis on the call along with Dr. Richard Zane, the Chief Innovation Officer for UCHealth and Professor and Chair of Emergency Medicine at the CU School of Medicine.

Full audio is below.


--Gov. Jared Polis with remarks

--Opening thoughts from Dr. Zane: why the coronavirus is such a threat and how we can best protect ourselves

--Opening remarks from Rep. Crow: stimulus updates, small business funding update


--Celeste - Can Dr. Zane elaborate on younger people getting COVID-19?

--Damon - What about getting unemployment funds if you are already on unemployment? Rep. Crow

--Karen - Is is ok to donate blood? Dr. Zane

--Elliott - What can you tell frustrated small business owners about getting assistance? Rep. Crow

--Reggie - How safe are hospitals? Dr. Zane

--Cynthia - Can a small business owner with no emplyoees get financial help? Rep. Crow

--Norman - Does the virus live on various materials like plastic and metal? Dr. Zane

--Demetria - Is there help for the homeless? Rep. Crow

--Mary - Can pets transfer the virus? Dr. Zane

--Annette - Is it alright to visit family members? Dr. Zane

--Lupe - If you are on a payment plan with the IRS, will you still get a stimulus check? Rep. Crow

--Linda - Will masks be available for purchase? Dr. Zane

--Rhonda - Works in a nursing home. What should she do if she comes in contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19? Dr. Zane

--Emilio - Stimulus checks if you do not have a social security number or if someone in your family has an ITIN number? Rep. Crow

--Laurie - How long should she stay away from her grandchildren if a relative has been exposed? Dr. Zane

--Wanda - What about stimulus relief for healthcare workers and those with student loans? Rep. Crow

--Michael - What are hospitals doing for those who need procedures so the patients do not pose a risk to others after? Dr. Zane

--Robert - When will testing be more available? Dr. Zane and Rep. Crow

--Mark - Applying for PPP loan through a bank. How long should it take and do you have to an account at that bank? Rep. Crow

--Scott - What can a retail clerk do to protect himself? Dr. Zane

--Nicole - Daughter works part-time and filed her own taxes. Is she eligible for a stimulus check? Rep. Crow

--Shalee - How can their family which has been hit hard by the virus protect a baby that is due soon? Dr. Zane

--Francesca - How will we know if it is safe to go about our lives again once the stay-at-home order is lifted? Rep. Crow

--Brandon - He is young but has diabetes. Is he in the high risk group? Dr. Zane

--Ava - What assistance is there for someone who does not not qualify for unemployment and did not file a tax return last year? Rep. Crow

--Final words from Dr. Zane and Rep. Crow.

The complete audio of the telephone town hall:

4-7-20 Rep. Jason Crow Telephone Town Hall

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