Could A "I Had Covid 19" Card Be the Key to Reopening the Economy?

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SO HOW ARE YOU MANAGING? Today we have no guests until at least 2pm and no scheduled Governor's press briefing so we're gonna do some checking in on you, peeps. I want to hear how things are going, how you've adapted, any cool stuff you're doing to not lose your mind and stuff like that.

COULD AN ANTIBODY TEST BE THE KEY TO RELEASING US FROM OUR HOMES? And I can't help but think of the unintended consequences of this policy, but it does seem to be the best option we have so far. This article from a couple of economist type dudes and they make the case that with new antibody tests coming on line, we may be able to let people who have HAD Covid 19 go back to work. Of course I then see people TRYING to infect themselves with Covid 19 JUST to get it over with if they aren't in the high risk categories. Would you sign up for this? I sure as heck would. I am beginning to wonder the awful cough and sickness I had in January was Covid.

HAVE YOU RECOVERED FROM COVID 19? Children's Hospital Colorado is looking for you. They are looking for people with confirmed cases of Covid 19 who have recovered who would be willing to donate plasma to potentially help others suffering with the disease. If you've recovered from a confirmed case, please check here!

ARE WE DELUDING OURSELVES ABOUT HOW LONG THIS SHUTDOWN IS GOING TO GO ON? If you are all hopeful and excited because you really believe that we are going to go back to normal at the end of 30 days, skip this article. Health care types are worried that Americans have a false sense of how long this lockdown is going to continue. I'd say this might be right.

GOVERNOR POLIS IS GOING TO HAVE A TOWN HALL ON TUESDAY NIGHT And maybe this means he will stop interrupting MY show three days a week? Maybe not, and again, you need to listen to the Governor when he does speak. You can submit questions via video on the 9News website.

THE GOVERNORS EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM HAS COME UP WITH THE WHO LIVES AND WHO DIES CHART And that is a stark way to put it, but when hospitals may be faced with overwhelming numbers of new patients, they have to come up with a plan. They did, and you can read about it here. They have prioritized the young and healthy for the most treatment options. If you are older and have a serious underlying comorbidity, you really don't want to leave your house because if you get this at the wrong time, you are not going to get treated.

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE FOR THE LATEST COLORADO DATA And take note of the actual statistics behind the deaths in Colorado. Out of the 140 deaths, 126 were people over 60. And many of them are from nursing homes or care facilities that saw an outbreak. I don't know what that means, but is should matter somehow. The page is here.

NO, YOU DON'T NEED TO WASH YOUR GROCERIES And in some cases you may be making things worse. Do NOT wash your edible produce with soap. Repeat, do NOT use soap on your produce. It can leave a residue that can make you and your family REALLY sick and there is no known transmission of Covid from food to person. Read this for more. They also say you don't have to wipe down your groceries, but if that makes you feel better go right ahead, you won't hurt anything.


THESE ARE MY PEOPLE And they are wearing their best fancy dresses to do life's mundane tasks.

AND NOW, A TINY BICYCLE That's it, just a tiny bicycle.

ALLSTATE IS GIVING CAR OWNERS A BREAK ON THEIR AUTO INSURANCE And it comes in the form of a 15% reduction for April and May because of the reduced driving because of the lockdown orders. Hmmmm, my driving has been cut by about 98% but okay, it's better than nothing.


THE TRUE TEST COMES AFTER THE CRISIS And my friend Larry Reed is doing his dead level best to remind us all that the restrictions being forced upon us DAMN WELL BETTER BE TEMPORARY and that we should judge our government not but how they handled the crisis, but how they return us to normal when it's done. Only he said it nicer.

THE NEW INSPECTOR GENERAL'S REPORT ABOUT THE FBI HAS FLOWN UNDER THE COVID RADAR But HOLY COW is it BAD. You can read the whole thing here and I'd strongly recommend you do. National Review put out a few stories about it, but NO ONE else is covering it AT ALL. Read this story from NR. Now when you're done with that, go watch The Scheme on HBO about how the FBI basically entrapped a guy who was paying players in college basketball to pay coaches so they could arrest some big time basketball coaches (who they never arrested, at least not yet) and then threw the guy they entrapped in jail. The FBI is not having a good day.

AND NOW, THE WORLD'S OLDEST RECORDED F WORD HAS BEEN FOUND And of course it was jotted by a bored Scottish student sometime who was in lockdown because of the plague in 1568.

HERE'S HOW TO BUY USED BOOKS ONLINE In case you want REAL books and not just kindle books. Click here.

I REALIZE I RISK CREATING A RUN ON THESE FOODS BUT These are supposed to boost your immune system. With the exception of bell peppers, which repeat on me terribly, and strawberries because blech I eat most of this already.

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