What Would Make Us Feel Better for Tuesday?

I WILL ADMIT, I AM STUMPED Because Dave and I have been working really, really hard to find news that is positive or uplifting and not about Covid 19 but it is getting IMPOSSIBLE at this point. I'm taking my role as the Bringer of Calm and Sanity very seriously, but this is awful. So here are the things I'm currently considering:

SHOULD WE DO A BAD JOKE DAY? I personally LOVE a bad joke day, although Dave the Intrepid is not a fan. Is it appropriate to tell really bad jokes during a pandemic? I feel like we're breaking new ground here and I'm not sure what the protocol should be.

IS ANYONE LEARNING A NEW SKILL RIGHT NOW? A Twitter friend just ordered a ukelele in order to teach himself how to play during the pandemic. Have you decided to do something you've been meaning to do? Finally dusted off a project from years ago? Today may be your day to shine.

IS THERE MUSIC YOU'RE TURNING TO DURING THIS TIME? I'm telling you people, we are digging deep here.



AND TERI CADY, HEAD OF SCHOOL AT THE DESTINATIONS CAREER ACADEMY talking about the new educational reality we're now facing.

AND OUR BUSINESS PIVOT Which is about physical therapy of all things. Gretchen Sewczak-Claude - Physical Therapist joins me at 2 to talk about telemedicine in the age of Covid. Find Gretchen by clicking here!

THE NATIVES WANT THEIR JOBS BACK AS THEY BEGIN TO GET RESTLESS I saw a Tweet the other day that said the people who were advocating for a long term shutdown were the ones with jobs they could do from home who won't lose anything but the commute. This might be true TODAY, but as the economy collapses...and it will collapse, many of those people who think they are indispensable will go to work one day to find out their customers have gone out of business and therefore THEY are out of a job. At that point, I think we see a LOT more columns like this one. This man just wants his jobs back. It's heartbreaking.

HOW BOUT A JACK BLACK TIK TOK? As I typed those words I knew Dave was going to stare at me with the dull stare of the dairy cow. The kids today love the tiktok and making fun videos and now crazy man Jack Black has jumped in. And I'm totally jealous of his back yard with the trampoline AND the half pipe.

THIS IS ODDLY SATISFYING IN AN ULTRA VIOLENT SORT OF WAY I don't condone hitting people in the face IN REAL LIFE although sometimes I talk a good game HOWEVER, this ahole spit on a pile of oranges and the shopkeeper was having NONE of it.

HOW ABOUT SOME MOTIVATION FOR THE DAY? Angie found this and I think I'm going to task her with finding a great motivational video for each day. This one is a good one. How will you become stronger?

THIS IS A LOVELY THING BY ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER He played the piano and asked people to send videos of themselves singing along and then stitched it all together to make a lovely video.

WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S OPEN RIGHT NOW IN COLORADO? The Denver Channel is making a pretty comprehensive list, which you can find here. To get YOUR business ON the list, go their Facebook page by clicking here.

INTROVERTS AND EXTROVERTS BOTH HAVE THEIR ISSUES WITH QUARANTINE But I will say, for me, as an introvert (and yes I am a natural introvert) this really isn't that big a deal. For extroverts though, it's really tough. This article tries to say both personality types are suffering equally but I know that's not true.

EVERYONE KNOWS YOU TEACH YOUR DOG TO DRIVE IN AN EMPTY PARKING LOT Not speeding down the highway like this moron.

I PICKED A TERRIBLE TIME TO GET ALLERGIES And if I weren't locked in my home right now I'd be worried about sneezing in public. I am sneezing because things are getting green. Don't get caught out without SOMETHING TO SNEEZE INTO, PEOPLE.

THIS GUY SHOWS EVERY GUY HOW TO WOO A WOMAN DURING THE COVID ERA And he did so using a drone to ask her out, then a giant bubble to meet her face to face. Brilliant!

IF THIS LASTS UNTIL MOTHER'S DAY PLANTING SEASON IT WILL DEFINITELY HELP ME We don't get to garden now, or you can and then have everything die with that last huge snow on or around Mother's Day, but this article gives me something to look forward to. I love to garden on my deck every year and this year will be no exception, I just have to get to May!

THIS IS A GREAT ARTICLE ABOUT WHAT EXACTLY THE STIMULUS BILL COULD MEAN FOR YOU And thanks to Carrie from the CPA firm Latino and Associates in Lafayette for sending this link.

THERE IS A NEW BLOOD TEST THAT CAN FIND 50 KINDS OF CANCER WITH ONE TEST and it's not ready for general release but very encouraging nonetheless. The test does a much better job at detecting late stage cancer than early stage cancer, but this could be the beginning of refinements that could change that. It would be good to just be able to get a blood test every year that gave you an idea of what you might be looking at.

BILL BENNETT WANTS US TO USE OUR HEADS And I think he is correct. As the data comes in, pay attention, but not to the terrifying headlines. READ the information and sort it for yourself. Read this column to feel more level headed.

THIS COUPLE KNOWS NO BORDERS And I love this story about an elderly couple who still meet at the border of Germany and Denmark every day to visit from a safe distance.

NO, YOU DON'T NEED TO WEAR GLOVES AT THE GROCERY STORE Because you will still pick up viruses and germs and may have a false sense of security if you're wearing gloves instead of washing your hands constantly.


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