Lockdown Star Date 97844.6 Or Why Does This Monday Feel Like Saturday?

WE'RE CHECKING IN WITH MAYOR MIKE COFFMAN AT 1 As he locked down Aurora before the Governor did. He's on at 1 to talk about what's next and whether or not people in Aurora are paying attention to the Stay at Home order.

DR. LEO GALLAND IS A NEW YORK CITY PHYSICIAN And I've got an interview with him today at 1:30. We're talking numbers and the WHY behind social distancing and how New York is faring as the US epicenter of this illness.

BUSINESS PIVOT ROLLS ON WITH A GYM DOING ONLINE TRAINING And this is Angie's gym so it's near and dear to her heart. Find out more about the gym and maybe take some classes by clicking here. Professor Cody Donovan joins us at 2pm.

WE'LL ALL BE SOCIAL DISTANCING BIT LONGER As President Trump has extended the recommendation to remain physically apart to April 30th.

DID YOU SEE GOVERNOR POLIS PRESS CONFERENCE ON FRIDAY? I know we aired it here, but you needed to see this one. He had graphs galore! It was very comprehensive and he not only explained why he was doing what he was doing, he explained in detail how he came to his conclusions and that he was taking responsibility for these choices. It was honestly a really great press conference. It's time to put partisanship aside and pay attention to the details. We can argue about the politics of it all later. Watch it.

DID YOU JUST LISTEN TO GOVERNOR JARED POLIS PRESS CONFERENCE TODAY? I haven't heard it yet, but I will post it here when I get it.

WHEN WILL YOU GET YOUR CHECK? AND YOU KNOW IT'S JUST AN ADVANCE, RIGHT? The checks for the American people should be arriving in your bank account in the next three weeks, if you have direct deposit set up with the IRS. If not, it could be months. But I want to point out, this is just an advance against your next tax return. You did know that, right?

TELLURIDE COULD BE GROUND ZERO FOR US GETTING BACK TO WORK And this comes after yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning a doctor made the point that we need to find an antibody test so we can find out exactly how many of us are ALREADY positive for Covid 19. Now a company is going to Telluride to test EVERYONE in town to find out how prevalent the virus really is. If the test shows that people already have the antibody, it could mean we could be released from this lockdown sooner rather than later. That is a gross oversimplification, by the way, but just so you get the idea.

LOCKDOWN SEEMS TO BE WORKING IN SEATTLE And of course it's early, but the numbers right now in the city where it all began are encouraging. They seem to have slowed the spread of the virus considerably, although they are still not out of the woods.

SO HOW IS WORKING FROM HOME GOING FOR YOU? To say last week was a learning curve is a total understatement. Also on CBS Sunday Morning, this fun story about the rules of working from home. It was entertaining and still had good info.

CHINA'S LYING ABOUT CORONAVIRUS HAS TICKED OFF BORIS JOHNSON And it should tick off EVERYONE because if the Chinese communists had been HONEST about the contagiousness and deadliness of this virus it may have changed the way governments around the world responded. I still think they are lying about current cases. UK PM Boris Johnson, who recently tested positive for the virus though he is well, is FURIOUS and it threatening action when this is all over. I hope Trump supports him on this. China has the death of thousands on their hands. Here is a story about what the REAL numbers might look like.

PLEASE DON'T BELIEVE CORONAVIRUS "CURES" YOU SEE ON SOCIAL MEDIA Boy have I gotten a LOT of "cures" or "just do this" to prevent Coronavirus from people asking me if what they saw on social media is accurate. The answer is NO. It's is NOT. Do NOT believe that crap. Just don't. Here is an article about it just to be sure.

PARTY ON, BELARUS! Not every leader believes that Coronavirus is a threat. The former Soviet bloc nation of Belarus is going about their business as usual, including their football championship. The President believes the world is in psychosis over the virus. He says plowing the fields will cure all ills. I'm actually interested to see how this works out for him.

THE 2020 SUMMER GAMES HAVE OFFICIALLY BEEN MOVED TO 2021 And the IOC has set the dates as July 23rd through August 8th. I feel terribly for the athletes who are currently at the very top of their game right now, but at least the Games will happen.

HERE'S HOW TO SAFELY GET STUFF DELIVERED TO YOUR HOUSE Last night we got take out. When the takeout arrived, I carefully transferred everything to clean plates, threw away the containers then scrubbed up like a surgeon before we ate. And I still felt like I was taking my life into my own hands. Read this if you have someone in your home especially vulnerable, or just to be safe.

ADOPT A DOG, GET FREE BEER! At least that's the offer from one Midwest animal shelter which has to close it's doors to the public right now. A-B stepped in and offered three months of Busch beer if you adopt a dog. They couldn't even go with Budweiser? Just saying.

STEP AWAY FROM THE CLIPPERS AND PUT ON A HAT People are sharing their horrific attempts at cutting their own hair. It's just as bad as you might imagine. 9News' Kyle Clark even tried to do the same. Stop it. This is Kyle's head.

Kyle Clark's hair

GREAT OLD MOVIES TO WATCH DURING A PANDEMIC Here is a list with some classics. I've only seen a couple so now I have goals.


BOSCO UNDERSTANDS SOCIAL DISTANCING THOUGH Just check him out with his big ass sticks


BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT ABOUT THAT 200,000 DEATHS NUMBER, WATCH THE WHOLE INTERVIEW Jake Tapper interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci and the ONE THING CNN and other news media outlets grabbed was that he said there could be 200,000 deaths. Watch this.

THIS IS YESTERDAY'S WHITE HOUSE CORONAVIRUS BRIEFING. And there is another one today at 3pm which we will air on KOA.

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