REP. JASON CROW: COVID-19 Update And Information

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Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) held a COVID-19 telephone Townhall on Friday night, March 27. (Photo: Senate Television via Getty Images)

Friday night, Colorado 6th District Congressman Jason Crow (D) held a telephone Townhall regarding COVID-19 in Colorado.

Dr. Eric France, the Chief Medical Officer for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment joined the Congressman on the call.

Topics covered included (in order):

--Cong. Crow on the COVID-19 stimulus package (around 1:30)

--COVID-19 cases in Colorado (as of Friday, 1734 overall...31 deaths...157 cases in Arapahoe county...68 in Douglas County...65 in Adams County) (1:45)

--Stimulus numbers, who gets what (2:00)

--Dr. France (5:45)...COVID-19 spreading quickly, state actions aimed at trying to slow the spread of the virus

--Reducing transmission (7:30)

--Lower pace of spread (8:00)

--Working with health care industry (8:45)

--Engage manufacturing (9:40)

--Testing (10:00)

--Think have it, stay home (11:20)

--Most get over it, but timetable if ill (12:00)

--More patients but social distancing helping (13:05)


NAME / TOPIC (in order)

--Christian/protecting military and also keeping it mission-ready

--Susan/small in-home day care...what do with child whose mom might have been exposed?

--Sharon/national response, PPE

--Kenny/Denver VA and PPE need there

--Pamela/Is it ok to take ibuprofen/Advil if think you have COVID-19 or is that detrimental? (Dr. France says it seems to be fine to take it, which goes against much of what we see on social media)

--Gina/What do if a person in your family might have it?

--Jose/stimulus if you don't have a SSN

--Dale/will Small Busines Association relax loan standards (answer, yes it should be doing that)

--Max/are there past earning requirements to receive stimulus check?

--Cashmere/clarify timeline of how long quarantine and isolation timetables are

--Jane (online question)/satisfied with protections for workers in the stimulus vs. the monetary benfits for large corporations?

Listen to the full Townhall here:

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