Quarantine Log, Day Whatever. And a Wednesday Blog!

THE STIMULUS BILL PASSED LATE LAST NIGHT And I've got Congressman Ken Buck on today to discuss what's in it. Along with lots of aid for people out of work right now and companies that are teetering on the edge, I'm sure it's absolutely chock full of pork from both sides of the aisle because that's what politicians do. He's on at 1:30.

OUR BUSINESS PIVOT TODAY IS ALL ABOUT MAKING BEAUTIFUL MUSIC We want to feature businesses who are finding a way to get things done in this awful environment, and today is Parker Music Academy. What do you do when your students must stay home? Virtual lessons to the rescue! Bill Engels joins me at 2 to discuss. If you want your business featured just email me at mandy@koanewsradio.com and tell me how you are pivoting to get through this. Find out more about Parker Music Academy by clicking here!

SO WHAT'S IN THE BILL? A LOT is in the bill. Money for businesses so they can keep paying employees, money for unemployment benefits that will be extended to workers in the gig economy, money for hospitals, money for transit systems, money for all kinds of crap. This bailout is bigger than the last TWO bailouts combined, but I have a feeling this one will be more popular because a lot more money will coming directly to the people instead of "shovel ready" projects that only benefited certain demographics. Can we afford this? Firm no. Can we afford not to do this? I don't think so. More details from another source here.

NANCY DOESN'T SEEN TOO EXCITED ABOUT THE BILL THOUGH And this could hold things up in the Democrat controlled House. Rep. Pelosi offered "tepid" endorsement of the stimulus bill. One thing I think is interesting is how many people on Facebook are MAD AS HELL at Congress for not getting this done and they don't care which party is the problem.

WELL, ABOUT 2 MILLION OF US ARE GOING TO BE AT HOME FOR A LONG, LONG TIME STARTING THURSDAY As new Stay at Home orders are pouring in from the metro area. And this is until April 17th. Ugh.

GOVERNMENT BONDS ARE NOW IN A NEGATIVE YIELD SITUATION As people flee the markets looking for safer options for their money, government bonds are often where they go. And now so many people are buying bonds that they have entered what's known as negative yield territory, which means investors are now PAYING the government to loan money. It seems counterintuitive but when losses look to be much worse elsewhere, as it could be now, investors are willing to take the hit because it's largely a predictable hit.

COME FLY WITH US AND WE'LL PAY YOU IF YOU GET SICK That's the pitch of a Vietnamese airline. They are promising a payout of just under $8300 if you get sick on one of their flights. The airline has a history of stunts in their advertising, but this one is a big one. How are they supposed to PROVE you got it on their plane or didn't?

WORKING FROM HOME? ALEXA MAY BE LISTENING We've talked about how home assistants like Alexa are always listening, but now that you're working from home you really need to be aware of that. One attorney is recommending that we turn our devices completely OFF while working from home, lest confidential information be overheard. Good advice on this one.

CUTEST QUARANTINE EVER Two little boys talk about being in quarantine.

THE WORST OF THE SUPERMARKET STORM MAY BE OVER As one supermarket executive says the supply chain has caught up and people have stopped being jerks and buying everything in sight.

PRINCE CHARLES BETTER NOT GIVE THE QUEEN THE RONA Because he's tested positive for the coronavirus. Here's hoping the Queen remains in good health. So far the Prince is fine and asymptomatic.

NO THE VIRUS WAS NOT CREATED IN A LAB And scientists who study such things just released a study of the Covid-19 explaining how the differences in this virus are naturally occurring modifications and were not created in a lab, as I have previously believed.

TO MASK OR NOT TO MASK, THAT IS THE QUESTION Do you need a wear a mask? There is a lot of conflicting opinion on this from medical professionals, but this is the important part of this article:

If you're out for a walk — in essence, going to a setting where you can be at least 6 feet (1.8 meters) from other people, "then I think that not having a mask is fine and that fits the CDC recommendations," Yang said.
But, in his opinion, "If you have to be in a crowded situation, perhaps on a plane or waiting in line at the airport, it might make sense to wear a mask," Yang told Live Science. 

Not that much of this matters as masks are not to be found anywhere and should really be reserved for health care workers and we're all locked at home anyway.

YOU NEKKID SLEEPERS MAY BE IN TROUBLE This article tackles the important question of whether or not nude sleepers are less hygienic than people who sleep clothed. I'm just including it for the names of the people interviewed. How did they find Mr. Grosshandler and Mr. Wang for an article about sleeping naked?


RTD IS CUTTING ROUTES Because no one is going anywhere. Read the details here.

AND NOW, SOME STUFFED ANIMAL THEATER FROM MY HOUSE This is what we do at night in our house. Yes, I hear voices in my head.

HERE ARE 17 COMPANIES HIRING RIGHT NOW For those of you dislocated by this mess. Check them out in this article.

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