So We're All At Home...Now What for a Tuesday?

SO AT HOME IS THE NEW NORMAL As Mayor Hancock, who is on with us at 1pm today, issued a stay at home order yesterday for Denverites until April 10th. I'll ask him some follow up questions about this today but we don't have time to take calls on it so email me your follow up questions to

NOW THAT YOU'RE STUCK AT HOME, WHAT? I have to tell you, as an introvert, I've been training for this my entire life. We will be sharing some great ideas for you today as you're stuck at home. Also, we may take your calls on what home improvement projects you have been putting off that you are going to accomplish while we're all stuck at home. IT'S ABOUT ACCOUNTABILITY, PEOPLE.

I'M DIVIDING THE BLOG INTO TWO SECTIONS TODAY One with all the Coronavirus news that isn't unnecessarily terrifying, including a link to the latest Coronavirus Task Force briefing from the day before so you can watch it. The second section will be all the good news and fun stuff for the day. You can skip the first stuff if you are pandemic weary.

LIQUOR AND POT STORES WERE GONNA CLOSE, AND NOW THEY'RE NOT We aired Mayor Michael Hancock's presser yesterday where he announced Shelter In Place orders for the City and County of Denver until April 10th. He also announced the closing of "non-essential" businesses, including liquor and pot stores. As I was listening to the press conference I actually started laughing when a THIRD reporter asked "so liquor stores are closed too?" An hour later, they were back open as people SWARMED to both types of stores before they could close. Dave said it best when he said, "they can't take away the bread and circuses at a time like this". He is 100% correct.

BOULDER JOINS THE SHELTER IN PLACE EDICT And they did so right after Denver. Read it here.

ASPEN SHUTS DOWN But doesn't issue an actual Shelter in Place order. They just want everyone to leave.

AURORA, YOU MAY BE NEXT So get ready, as Mayor Coffman is working on that now.

IS CORONAVIRUS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR AN EDUCATION REVOLUTION? DA George Brauchler has a great column that appeared a few days ago in the Denver Post about why we need to focus less on buildings and infrastructure for education and more on broadband and online educational opportunities. I agree with this wholeheartedly! Read it here.

NOW MAY BE THE BEST TIME TO BE LOOKING FOR A PART TIME GIG If you've been thrown out a job, take heart, there are LOTS of jobs available to tide you over until the dust settles on Coronavirus. We're not talking long term career stuff, more gig economy and Amazon and Walmart type work, but they PAY. Read the story here. And let me say this. People who sit at home and mourn the loss of their current job will go nowhere and be miserable. Be adaptable. Be ready to try something new. Just keep repeating, it's only temporary, it's only temporary.

CONGRESSMAN KEN BUCK WARNS AGAINST DECISION MAKING BY FEAR And he is 100% correct, but I'm guessing this column will fall on deaf ears in Washington and in Colorado.

IN THE MIDST OF ALL THIS, THE GOVERNOR JUST COMMUTED THREE DEATH SENTENCES And he did so without following the established procedures of the State of Colorado. DA George Brauchler is NOT happy with this. He wrote about it on his Facebook page.

PLEASE STOP CALLING THE COPS IF YOU RUN OUT OF TOILET PAPER That is the message from cops in Oregon who are tired of telling people that this is NOT an emergency. Take a shower if you must, people. It's not that hard. We are truly helpless and pathetic.

HERE'S HOW TO NOT END UP FAT AS A COW BY THE TIME THIS IS ALL OVER And we just had to implement a policy in our house about snacking. Otherwise we will be out of food in five minutes, and also fat as cows in a month. This article has some great tips on how to manage being at home ALL DAY EVERY DAY.



BUSINESSES ARE ADAPTING! We would like to feature business owners who are figuring out ways to stay in business during this shutdown. Today we are talking to Karli Millspaugh owns Curate and Makers Market and she has made a very quick pivot to allow customers to shop online for gifts and whatnot. She joins me at 2:05 to discuss how she's making it work. Find out more or order by clicking here!

THANK YOU CASTLE ROCK, FOR BRINGING SOMETHING LOVELY BACK And Chuck is SUPER excited, as he never took our Christmas lights down this year. Now he can just turn the on in solidarity.

SO FAR THIS VIRUS IS BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER A new study from the UK says the virus is having some unexpected good effects. People are checking in on their neighbors, offering help to those who need it and are generally being rather nice. Couples also say that the together time is going to bring them closer. Uh-huh. We'll see about that last part.

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO WATCH WHILE AT HOME? Here is a great article with a WHOLE bunch of options for you, from theater to comedy to fitness classes, there are lots of links here.

MAKE SOME BOARD GAMES You can make some classics or be inspired to create your own family game. I'm a huge fan of playing games as a family and if you haven't done this lately I highly recommend it. Of course in our family Uno is a blood sport.

NEED A SPORTS FIX? WATCH SOME VIDEO GAME SPORTS And I think this is really an opportunity for online gamers to get some serious fans. Since sports is cancelled, some broadcast companies are bringing virtual sports to life on the screen in the hopes that it will give sports nuts something to do. Most of the sports nuts I know are watching old games. But whatever.


Watch less news. Interview and opinion shows on TV, and talk-radio shows that add to one’s understanding of the situation, can be valuable. But watching depressing, panic-inducing news about COVID-19 24/7 will only make you jittery, anxious, and depressed. It’s good for the news networks’ ratings, but it’s bad for your mental health.

i I can't stress enough this part. Stay informed, but don't watch the 24/7 news cycle, it will make you insane. Just check here for what you need to know. Read the whole thing and use this time wisely!

HERE ARE SOME COOL WAYS TO ENGAGE WITH DENVER ARTS Through virtual tours and even virtual classes. Check them out here.

STUDIOS ARE RELEASING MOVIES FOR STREAMING EARLY BECAUSE OF CORONAVIRUS And some releases are skipping the theater altogether. This is a pretty good list.


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