Let's Talk Fancy Bidet Seats and The Upside of Coronavirus This Wednesday!

AFTER THE OTHER DAY'S LENGTHY DISCUSSION ABOUT BIDETS I decided to bring in a professional. I'll have Sarah from My Luxury Loo on to talk about fancy bidet toilet seats so you don't have to worry about toilet paper shortages ever again. Find out more about their bidet seats by clicking here! IF YOU ORDER ONE USE THE PROMO CODE: KOA50

BIDEN HAD A BIG EFFIN DAY As he won a bunch more delegates and continued to build his lead against Bernie Sanders.

BUT BERNIE IS STAYING IN! He had a presser today to declare that he was going nowhere and to share the "gotcha" questions he was going to "got" Joe Biden with at the debate Sunday night. Nice that he gave Joe a chance to get some answer so he doesn't get got.

APPARENTLY CORONAVIRUS IS GOOD FOR CHILDREN And children will be back in school (I think, but am not sure about that) because the Colorado Education Association (aka "the teachers union") has decided to cancel it's school-cancelling protest Day of Action at the Capitol. They say a large gathering is not a great idea because it could make teachers sick. Whatever it takes to keep the children in school.

JON CALDARA INTERVIEW MOI AND YOU CAN WATCH IT HERE It was a great privilege to sit down with Jon Caldara for a rambling interview about radio and stuff.

HARVEY WEINSTEIN GOT 23 YEARS FOR BEING A TOTAL SCUMBAG And it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. The severe sentence will hopefully be a real turning point in the #metoo movement. I hope he dies in jail.

ODDLY NBC EDITED OUT JOE BIDEN THREATENING A CONSTRUCTION WORKER i realize it's shocking to think a news organizations would edit something to make a candidate look better than they actually are, but here we are. NBC edited things to leave out the parts where Joe Biden really turned into the Cranky Old Man character. Read the whole unsurprising story here.

YES LADIES, WE SHOULD PROBABLY NOT SHOP WHILE DRUNK If you've ever been to a charity event, the alcohol is flowing because they know when people are well "lubricated" they will spend more money. Now we know that 1 in five women ADMITS to shopping while drunk. I put ADMIT in all caps because I think this number is higher. As I look back on my life, I can say with complete authority that most of the worst decisions I've ever made in my life have been made while drinking.

YOUNG PEOPLE SEE A TRAVELING OPPORTUNITY IN CORONAVIRUS As airline prices are collapsing and hotels are slashing rates because Coronavirus has people panicking, young adults are taking the opportunity to snag some cheap travel. Their attitude is, if they are meant to get it, they will they can at least be in a fabulous location while they recover.

LET'S ORGANIZE OUR OWN DANG PARADE Dave is still mad that the Governor is going to sign the bill to end Columbus Day in Denver. Dave has declared he's going to organize his OWN Columbus Day parade to honor the fine Italians who have made such a difference in this country.

HOW MUCH WOULD IT TAKE FOR YOU GET THE CORONAVIRUS ON PURPOSE? Scientists in the UK are looking for some volunteers who will be infected with the Coronavirus ON PURPOSE as they search for a reliable vaccine. Okay, it's not Covid-19, but a less serious version of Coronavirus. Would you do it for $4500? That's what they are offering. What's your number?


HAVE YOU BEEN WONDERING WHAT COMMON WORDS ARE NOW RACIST? CBS IS HERE TO HELP. and they did an entire story about what words you are supposed to remember are now racist even though they have never been racist before. If you use them, you might be seen as racist, even if you have never thought of them in racial terms ever at all.

I AM PUTTING MY FOOT DOWN ON SQUATTING You may have seen the articles that sitting is the new smoking. Now you can see an article that actually suggests we should replace sitting with squatting. Y'all, I can squat for about 30 seconds before my feet start to fall asleep. The thought of being forced to squat more than that makes me slightly woozy. This article says based on what hunter-gatherers did to pass the time back in the day, squatting is where it's at. They squatted. You know why? THERE WERE NO CHAIRS. Just saying.

GERMANS HATE WIND TURBINES and they hate them so much most regions are passing lots of restrictions on new turbines, even though Germany gets 23% of it's energy from wind. Why do they hate them?

Bavaria decided back in 2014 that the distance between a wind turbine and the nearest housing must be 10 times the height of the mast, which, given the density of dwellings, makes it hard to find a spot anywhere. Wind energy development is practically stalled in the state now. Brandenburg, the state surrounding Berlin, passed a law this year demanding that wind-farm operators pay 10,000 euros ($11,100) per turbine each year to communities within 3 kilometers of the windmills.
Wind projects are also often rejected or stalled because they’re deemed to interfere with military communications, air traffic control or broadcast radio stations.
Besides, local opponents of the wind farms often go to court to stall new developments or even have existing towers dismantled. According to the wind-industry lobby BWE,325turbine installations with a total capacity of more than 1 gigawatt (some 2% of the country’s total installed capacity) are tied up in litigation. The irony is that the litigants are often just as “green” as the wind-energy proponents — one is the large conservation organization NABU, whichsaysit’s not against wind energy as such but merely demands that installations are planned with preserving nature in mind. Almost half of the complaints are meant to protect various bird and bat species; others claim the turbines make too much noise or emit too much low-frequency infrasound. Regardless of the validity of such claims, projects get tied up in the courts even after jumping through the many hoops necessary to get a permit.
Another reason for local resistance to the wind farms is a form of Nimbyism: People hate the way the wind towers change landscapes. There’s even a German word for it, Verspargelung, roughly translated aspollution with giant asparagus sticks. In Thuringia, locals wereappalledby a plan of the outgoing state government (which includes the Greens) to carve two areas for the turbines from a beloved forest. There are 40 citizens’ groups working against more windmills in the small state of 2 million people, and they appear to be getting results: Only six towers have been erected so far this year, compared with 51 in 2017. Even though most of the initiatives are environmentally motivated and the activists want nothing to do with the AfD, ordinary voters who want to see fewer windmills built go with the party that promises to stop the projects.

So let's build more here!

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