33 People in Colorado Test Positive for Corona Virus

Wednesday 3-11-2020

The Colorado Department of Health and Environment says 33 people have now tested positive for Coronavirus in Colorado. Six new cases were just reported out of Pitkin County. Earlier today, drive up testing was offered at the Colorado Health Department's Lowry facility .

The University of Colorado and MSU-Denver have announced plans to go to online learning later this month.

Governor Polis will have more at 5 p,m. today when he holds a news conference that will be carried lived on KOA NewRradio. KOA will also provide live coverage when President Trump addresses the nation at 7 p.m. tonight.

People who work in select industries that have close contact with customers are now eligible for four days of paid sick leave if they waiting for the results of a coronavirus test. Those industries include. leisure and hospitality, food service, education, school transportation and nursing homes and community living centers. Anyone who works with the ill, elderly or disabled are also eligible for the state leave program. The idea is to keep people in these critical work positions from coming to work when they are sick.

Tuesday 3-10-2020

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment will open a drive-thru testing lane at its offices in Lowry on Wednesday. Only people with a doctor's note can get a test. The state has 900 tests on hand and is expecting delivery of another 1,500 soon.

Meanwhile, a private company. Lab Corp, is able to give doctors the ability to test for the virus.

Governor Polis says testing is the key to containing the COVID-19 virus .

The Governor also says he will take steps to make sure people in the hospitality industry can take paid leave if they come down with the virus.

Colorado currently has 15 cases of Coronavirus. That count includes 3 cases that came back as presumptive positive in overnight testing. The case numbers are expected to rise as more testing becomes available.

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