Joe Biden Thinks You're Full of Something for Tuesday!

JOE BIDEN IS MAKING FRIENDS AND INFLUENCING PEOPLE! Y'all. The "safe choice" Joe Biden is TEARING IT UP on the campaign trail! While working the floor of some union shop he got into it with a guy about his gun control plans. In the first video, he asks the 2nd Amendment enthusiast if he has an AR-14.

But that's not all! In this clip you can clearly here him tell the concerned worker that he is "Full of sh*t". NSFW LANGUAGE IN THIS CLIP.


WHAT SHOULD THE GOVERNMENT DO ABOUT THE MARKET? HERE IS THE CASE FOR NOTHING And it's what I said yesterday only this is much smarter.

THIS IS A GREAT EMAIL ABOUT HOW WE ALL NEED TO CHILL OUT ABOUT THIS VIRUS Ken took the time to write and I thought I'd share it because he makes some really good points!

I listen to your podcast and encourage you to do what you can to reverse the alarming trend we have recently been experiencing. I think the fear of Covid-19 (C) is far greater than the actual danger of C but it seems like I am surrounded by those who believe they are going to die, soon, from C. So, either they are insane or I am. You have a microphone and an audience and a network of others with the same. Since our leaders can’t seem to calm the waters, it seems to me we need a grassroots movement to bring sanity and you could start it. In general the reactions to this new disease make little sense. This is not an acute issue; it is chronic, so short term fixes (e.g. cancel all public events, don’t touch your face, etc.) may feel good but will ultimately fail. C, and its mutant successors, are here for the long haul. We will develop a series of vaccines, but at the most they will be 25% effective with the general population (they will be 50% effective for those who take them and 50% will take them). Not dissimilar to flu, the vast majority of us will live with C just fine. 
At the moment it appears that C is more contagious with a higher mortality rate than lovable old flu. However, I suspect that long term these differences will diminish as we develop natural immunity, better diagnostic and treatment programs and vaccines. I also suspect that the current mortality rate for C is being overstated because certainly the number of infected people is being understated and fatalities due to C are probably being overstated. Even so, the mortality rate is relatively low. I am a two time cancer survivor and if my oncologist told me each time I was diagnosed that I had a 96+% chance of full recovery after a short term, modest treatment program, I would have jumped with joy.
The media, both traditional and social, make their living by overstating problems like this - nothing boosts rating like implying that everyone is going to die. Right now probably the most healthy thing most of us could do is turn off the news. The repetition of the threat without context and perspective is destructive and irresponsible but predictable. We can’t stop living in order to stay alive. The general over reaction to C is far more damaging than C itself and somehow this message has to get out. Our personal and economic health depends on it. It seems to me the message that the public should be getting is:
C is here to stay and we will learn to live with it just fine
If you get it, it will be about like getting the flu
Long term C will probably be about as dangerous as the flu and, like flu, those with compromised immune systems and underlying health issues will be most at risk
We can slow but not stop its spread so let’s not isolate ourselves even more than social media already promotes to avoid contact
Let’s not exacerbate the problem by doing ignorant things (e.g. hoard toilet paper even though there is and will be no shortage other than the short term shortage from hoarding)
Do the common sense things we should be doing anyway - wash your hands, stay home if you are not feeling well, avoid people who are not feeling well, etc.
I enjoy your show and appreciate you insight.

And now, an example of how stupid we've gotten about Covid-19:

LESTER HOLT WANTS YOU TO BLOW OUT CANDLES A NEW WAY SO YOU DON'T DIE and I can't even believe this is a thing. You have to read the comments on this story on FoxNews.

GOVERNOR POLIS DECLARED A STATE OF EMERGENCY BUT DON'T PANIC JUST YET A lot of this is just to allow them to get money from the Feds. So far anyway. I am always suspect about this because things that happen during an emergency declaration aren't ALWAYS in the best interest of the people, but more of those in charge. I have a feeling Polis is using this to promote the value of Paid Leave and that will make an appearance in the next election cycle. I'll keep you posted.

THIS ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER COULD BE MAKING YOU FATTER AND SICKER And it is sucralose, the sweetener also known as Splenda. It's the sweetener I've used for YEARS. I am trying very hard to kick my artificial sweetener habit (although I've moved on to stevia-monk fruit sweeteners) and it's HARD. This article may help you and me ditch the fake sweet for good. Here's hoping. A new study showed the sucralose, when consumed with carbohydrates, can actually make you insulin resistant and raise blood sugar. Yikes.

A STUDENT WHO CORRECTLY POINTED OUT AN INCONVENIENT FACT GETS DEATH THREATS What did Evita Duffy do to get the death threats? She participated in a video where she posted on a white board: “I vote because the coronavirus won’t destroy America, but socialism will.” It was in response to the question, "why do you vote" for her political science class. It caused quite the outrage, even if it is 100% factual. Read the story here.

WALMART IS NO OFFERING PRONOUN PINS FOR IT'S EMPLOYEES TO WEAR And good for them and I don't care at all what someone's pronouns are. So good luck with this.

DAVE SENT THIS TO ME AND NOW I'M MAKING YOU KNOW IT TOO It's a mutant piglet with a human face. Click here, but you've been warned.

TULSI GABBARD IS SHOWING JUST HOW SEXIST THE DNC REALLY IS Because they have shut her out with a rules change for the last debate. She's got a point. She is not happy.

WHAT DO PEOPLE LEAVE IN UBERS? There is a lengthy list here but I'm guessing it's pretty much the same as stuff left in taxis since the beginning of time.



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