More Daylight Saving Time Nonsense and Letting Kids Vote Is a Bad Idea

SCOTT YATES IS MY NEW HERO And as Greg Brophy mentioned yesterday he is the man behind the Lock the Clock movement. What is this? It's a genius idea to end the nonsense of the time change by choosing one time, either standard or Daylight Saving time, and STAYING THERE. He's on at 1pm to discuss what we can all do to support this wonderful genius life-saving idea. Find out more by clicking here.


But many health experts say the switch should be to permanent standard time and are calling for an end to daylight-saving time. Studies have compared the rate of heart attacks and strokes immediately after switching to daylight-saving time to other times of the year. Such studies are retrospective so they show an association between daylight-saving time and certain health conditions but don’t prove that it causes them. Comparison studies haven’t been done in countries that don’t observe the time change, such as Colombia.
Clock changes affect our internal circadian clocks, which are located in every cell in our body and influence our biological workings, from hormone levels to blood pressure. All our biological functions oscillate daily with our circadian rhythm and disrupting this internal clock can affect our health.
The Society for Research on Biological Rhythms published a study last year calling for abolishing daylight-saving time. Till Roenneberg, professor emeritus at the University of Munich in Germany and president of the World Federation of Societies for Chronobiology, was lead author of the article and a follow-up study published in the journal Frontiers of Psychology. “Most of our physiology is governed by a circadian clock,” Dr. Roenneberg said. “This body clock synchronizes to the sun time.”

See??? This madness must be stopped.

THERE ARE JUST TWO OLD WHITE GUYS LEFT AS LIZ WARREN IS OUT She is expected to drop out sometime today but there is no word on who, if anyone, she is going to throw her support behind. We'll keep you posted.

NO, SIXTEEN YEAR OLDS SHOULD NOT VOTE IN SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS And this is actually being considered in Colorado. Let me outline the NUMEROUS ways that this is a crap idea. #1, the only reason it's being seriously considered by Democrats right now is that they know kids will vote how their teachers tell them to vote. I can't stress this enough. Teachers have gotten really, really good at using their students as pawns (see the JeffCo student walkouts from years ago) and they would simply bring MORE politics into the classroom than is already there. #2 students are not paying the bills. They are not responsible for the taxes that are paid and frankly don't have the understanding of what voting for more money for education actually means to a family budget. #3, they are children. If they were adults, they could sign contracts and be responsible for a myriad of things they are currently not responsible for. This is garbage.

MORE SCHOOL DISTRICTS ARE SHUTTING DOWN BECAUSE THE UNION TOLD THEM TO And I welcome any Superintendent or any school board members to come on the show and explain to me that I am wrong. The teachers unions run the schools, or their Day of Action at the Capitol would not be preventing 265,467 students from attending a day of learning in their various districts. You read that right. From the article about which districts are now being shuttered by the teachers union:

Denver Public Schools, serving 92,100 students
Jeffco Public Schools, serving 84,000 students
Adams 12 Five Star Schools, serving 39,000 students
School District 27J in Brighton, serving 19,200 students
Littleton Public Schools, serving 15,000 students
Mapleton Public Schools, serving 9,150 students
Englewood Schools, serving 2,600 students
Weld Re-8 School District, serving 2,400 students
Sheridan School District, serving 1,300 students
Clear Creek School District, serving 717 students

I sure hope all these professionals feel good about this. I think they should be ashamed personally, but they probably won't give it a second thought during their extensive summer break.

NO, GENTRIFICATION DOESN'T CAUSE VIOLENT CRIME And this article does a great job explaining several studies that have demonstrated that mostly, gentrification is GOOD for the original residents (most of whom stay) when an area is gentrified. I don't understand the backlash against making a neighborhood nicer, safer, and with better educational and employment opportunities.

THOSE FBI AGENTS WHO LIED TO THE FISA COURT WILL FACE SOME CONSEQUENCES Not enough, imo, but some. The FISA court will no longer accept applications from the FBI agents who lied about the Carter Page FISA application. From the New York Times:

A secretive federal court on Wednesday effectively barred F.B.I. officials involved in the wiretapping of a former Trump campaign adviser from appearing before it in other cases at least temporarily, the latest fallout from an internal inquiry into the bureau’s surveillance of the aide.
A 19-page opinion and order by James E. Boasberg, the chief judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, also largely accepted changes the F.B.I. has said it will make to its process for seeking national-security wiretaps following a damning inspector general report about errors and omissions in applications to monitor the adviser, Carter Page.
But Judge Boasberg ordered law enforcement officials to specifically swear in future cases that the applications to the court contain “all information that might reasonably call into question the accuracy of the information or the reasonableness of any F.B.I. assessment in the application, or otherwise raise doubts about the requested findings.”

What I find most fascinating about this story is the way the New York Times is presenting these FISA abuses as things that were "botched". That's their headline. The word botched means "carried out badly or carelessly". I find it hard to believe that multiple FISA warrants that didn't include information that would have undermined them was just a job carried out badly or carelessly. I think the FISA court judge agrees and this is the best he can do with his limited authority. Every American should be outraged at these abuses, even though they were directed at Trump.

STOP SPENDING MONEY ON USELESS CRAP SO YOU RETIRE EARLIER And this guy retired at 35 so you may want to pay attention. Here are his tips on what to stop wasting money on.

THIS FAT PUPPY IS AN INSPIRATION I totally just cried watching this

CORONAVIRUS COULD KILL THE TRAVEL INDUSTRY At least temporarily. I would expect to see some bankruptcies if this thing doesn't settle down by summer. The upside, it's a great time to get a deal on airline tickets and cruises!

HOW DO WE STOP TOUCHING OUR FACES? This article has some helpful tips. This is SO MUCH harder than I realized it would be! But we don't want the coronavirus, so STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE.

DID BERNIE JUST SEAL HIS OWN FATE? Bernie has been very vocal that he thinks the person who has the most delegates, even if they don't have a majority, when the convention starts wins. Now he's being faced with being the runner up instead of the front runner he was forced to double down on those comments. We'll see if they come back to bite him.

THIS GIRL JUST QUIT IN EPIC FASHION And the only reason I'm not dragging on her hard is because even though she's young, she didn't want to leave her managers who were not being very nice to her with extra work.

GOD FORBID SOMEONE HEAR ABOUT GOD ON ABC And when they did a story on Alex Trebek making it to the one year mark after a pancreatic cancer diagnosis, they conveniently cut away before Alex talked about his faith in God. This is just really pathetic.


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