Biden Wins Big But Bernie Isn't Out

SUPER TUESDAY WAS MORE SUPER FOR SOME THAN OTHERS Joe Biden had a very good day and Bernie won California and EVEN MIKE BLOOMBERG GOT HIS FIRST PRIMARY VICTORY (Thanks American Samoa!) but it was a very, very bad day for Liz Warren, who I fully expect to drop out any minute now. She came in third in her home state. Ouch. CNN is using the phrase "Biden Scores Stunning Wins on Super Tuesday" but I must tell you, they are not stunning to me. Pretty much every map I had seen leading up to Super Tuesday had Biden doing very well East of the Mississippi and Bernie doing well West of the Mississippi, most of which hasn't voted yet. We already know Bernie is NOT going to drop out of this race, because he sure didn't last time. And he's essentially running against the male, less scandal plagued candidate he did last time. This is going to get GOOD.

BERNIE WINS COLORADO And there is nothing surprising about this one because he won Colorado in 2016. Bernie Bros are all excited. Good for them.

AND BLOOMBERG IS OUT I guess he decided throwing another crap ton of money at the race didn't make any sense since 700 million just bought him American Samoa. The good news is this may prevent the next billionaire from thinking he can swoop in and buy an election. Read about his failure here.

IT'S A LIVING: ANNOUNCER GUY EDITION WITH ALAN ROACH! I am very excited to have Alan Roach on today to talk about his career as the Voice of God for so many sporting events. He's on at 1!

GREG BROPHY IS TRYING TO SAVE YOU SOME SLEEP And he's running an initiative to keep Colorado on Daylight Saving Time. You guys know how much I HATE the time change. HATE. IT. Just freaking pick one and stick with it. He's on at 2 with an update.

DID CHRIS MATTHEWS GET FIRED BECAUSE HE PICKED ON THE WRONG LEFTIES? I said yesterday that Matthews got #metooed but this columnists says not so fast. He makes the case that Matthews got fired because he didn't play nice with left wing women like Hillary and Liz and it got him ousted. Interesting. Sad, if true, but interesting as well. One could say Shepherd Smith was forced out for the same reasons.

THE COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF TAXES AND FEES IS TRYING TO RAISE YOUR TAXES WITHOUT ASKING And this one will hit millennials hard, as they LOVE to buy and stream things on the internet. Now the Dept of Taxes is working on what they call a "rules change" which would tax anything you buy or stream to watch or listen to online. Is this cool? Because I think it's a direct attack on TABOR and they can't do it without asking us, amiright?

THE UNIONS OWN OUR SCHOOLS, PART 2 And I fully expect Littleton Public Schools to cow to the demands of the teachers union and close schools for the so-called Day of Action at the Capitol in March. Denver Public Schools has. If there were any doubt the unions own the schools in the Denver metro, let this put that notion to rest. Children will NOT be learning that day because the unions don't want them to. Full Stop.

DO THESE DAIRY PROTESTERS THINK THEY ARE CHANGING ANYONE'S MIND? Last night as Joe Biden took the stage to give a victory speech protesters waving signs that said "LET DAIRY DIE" rushed the stage. They were promptly removed. As I sit here today drinking cream in my coffee and thinking about going for ice cream, I must they think this is effective? Because frankly it's just annoying. And makes me want cheese. So well done, idiots.


THIS IS AN INTERESTING TAKE ON THE HOMOPHOBIA OF THE LEFT In the form of an analysis of how Mayor Pete was treated by progressives in the media. Apparently you must be as flamboyant as a member of the Village People to satisfy some corners of the Left. When you're not, they will tear you down, which is exactly what they did.

PEOPLE WANT THEIR PETS AT WORK NOW And though I have an adorable furry beast I love dearly, I don't think I'd get much done if people brought their pets to work. Although I don't get much done now at the office. Maybe I should just bring Jinx to work with me. Apparently job seekers are looking for "pet perks" as they shop for jobs.

AND NOW ANOTHER STORY ABOUT HOW AWESOME DOGS ARE Because they are. This one is about a dog pushing his owners wheelchair along to assist.

HIGHER TAXES ON E-CIGS MEAN HIGHER RATES OF SMOKING Which is exactly what we don't want. From the article:

This study provides some of the first rigorous evidence on how taxing e-cigs impacts smoking cessation among adults. It finds strong evidence that higher e-cig taxes increase adult smoking rates and reduce quits. This conclusion implies that e-cigs are a likely substitute for conventional cigarettes among current smokers.
Specifically, the 95 percent e-cig tax in Minnesota, the first such tax increase in the nation, led to adecreasein cigarette smoking cessation by about 1.14 percentage points -- approximately a 5 percent increase in relative smoking participation. In fact, virtually all of the increase in current smoking prevalence in Minnesota is associated with the e-cig tax and the associated decrease in successful quits.

This means we do NOT need to tax e-cigs, we need to encourage current cigarette smokers to switch with the ultimate goal of quitting. To be clear, E-cigs HELP PEOPLE QUIT SMOKING.

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