Chris Matthews is Out and Super Tuesday is Here!

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CHRIS MATTHEWS GOT #METOO'ED Or did he get fired for saying the sorts of things about a Democratic candidate that many on MSNBC say about Republican candidates? Just kidding, he totally got fired for being creepy with female guests. Fired or retired that is. MSNBC says he was supposed to retire "in the near future" but you know he was going to be around for at least the election. He announced his retirement abruptly at the beginning of his show last night and then Steve Kornacki took over to gush about how "human" Chris is. The sob fest continued this morning on Morning Joe and JUST LISTEN to Mika talk about cancel culture when HER FRIEND is on the receiving end. It's gross.

I just want to know when the movie about the cesspool of sexual harassment at NBC comes out? Trick question, that won't happen.

COLORADO'S VACCINE BILL GOES TOO FAR And it would be nice if SOME Colorado Democrats decided that maybe there is a better way to convince parents to vaccinate their children than a bill that sends parents to "re-education modules" before they can opt their children out of vaccinations. To be clear, SB 163 does not force people to vaccinate their children, but IF THEY DON'T, they get added to a list at the state level and will certainly be monitored closely. Ari Armstrong makes a great point that we could solve this problem easily if we let parents decide where the state money used to educate their children actually went. Meaning that parents could take those funds to private schools if they wanted to, and those schools could set their own policy. Mostly though, if schools simply followed the procedures already outlined in existing law, we could do better than we are doing now in terms of how many kids are vaccinated.

THAT MEDITATION THING WE TALKED ABOUT YESTERDAY? IT CAN ACTUALLY CHANGE YOUR BRAIN! And thanks to listener Joe for sending this along. A new scientific study on one form of meditation called Transcendental Meditation showed that not only did it reduce stress and anxiety, it actually changed the physical makeup of the brains of practitioners! That's cool!

A VEGAN RUNNER OFFENDED BY THE SMELL OF MEAT ASKS PEOPLE TO CLOSE THEIR WINDOWS But only when cooking meat. My favorite part is when she asks if people can ONLY put veggies on the grill outside. Read it in all it's glory. Let's just say the responses were mostly not sympathetic.

WELCOME TO SUPER THURSDAY! And we've got more Joe being Joe. He has no clue where he is or what day it is.

WOODY ALLEN IS TELLING HIS SIDE OF THINGS In a new autobiography that is dropping in April. I have to say, I'm going to read it. I remain a huge fan of his early works and although I believed he was a creep when those accusations by his daughter were made, I've since come to question whether or not he got a raw deal because he fell in love with his step daughter.

OH MILLENNIALS, THIS IS JUST SAD It's fun to pick on Millennials but sometimes I read things that are just...well...sad. Like this new survey that says millennials are really, really incompetent when it comes to fixing basic things around the house. We're talking changing a lightbulb here folks. From the article:

Unbelievably, some respondents even admitted to simply leaving a dead light bulb in place for more than three weeks before finally mustering up the courage to ask for some help. Other simple fixes that respondents said they can’t accomplish alone included putting up wallpaper, draining a radiator, painting, tightening up a loose cabinet door, and fixing a loose screw.

Y'all. What the actual hell.

ISRAEL SUCKS AT BEING AN APARTHEID NATION And you can see this by the early election results from yesterday's election. There is no clear winner, meaning no party has enough seats to declare victory and there will be still more fighting between Netanyahu and his detractors, but the big story is here is that the Arab party won more seats in the Knesset than the formerly unbeatable Labor party. For an apartheid state Israel sure gives a lot of power to the Arabs.

PEOPLE ARE VOTING WITH THEIR FEET AND HIGH TAX STATES ARE LOSING In this Census year expect to hear a lot about this. Read this column to check out the estimates of how many people have up and relocated to states with no income taxes. And guess where they came from? You already know the answer.

I LOVE WHEN SECURITY CAMERAS CATCH PEOPLE DOING THE RIGHT THING WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING In Maine, it snows. A lot. A man whose home relies on propane was trying to get his tank refilled when he caught the propane guy doing the right thing when it came to a downed flag. This is just so nice. And makes me proud to be an American.

SOMETIMES YOU NEED SOME SUPPORT TO GET THROUGH TIME OUT And when three year old Peyton got in a bit of trouble and was sentenced to time out, his buddy Dash came to do his time with him. It's so sweet. His mom took a picture.

MARIE OSMOND ISN'T LEAVING ANY OF HER MONEY TO HER KIDS And her reasoning is very sound. She doesn't want to rob her kids of the value of work. I sort of love this. Not everyone agreed though. I think her examples of rich kids who have no sense of the connection between the work and the money is a good one, and many of them are now super progressives who want to take away the money OTHER people earned because they have no idea of the sacrifices that were made to get it.

WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IN AFGHANISTAN This column lays out the possible failures and other items that need to accompany our withdrawal from Afghanistan. You should read it.

AND HERE I THOUGHT CANDI CDEBACA WAS A DECENT, IF MISGUIDED, PERSON And now I get to see the real her, in the form of a tweet that expressed solidarity with another tweet saying that if someone gets coronavirus they should attend Trump rallies in order to infect Trump supporters. This is what's known in my circles as a d*ck move.


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