Joe Wins Big and the Race Narrows Plus Some Cool Meditation Stuff


LET'S TALK THE ZEN LIFE WITH LIAM MCCLINTOCK In my effort to help people live their best lives I've got a meditation master from Fit Mind to talk about using meditation to help our brains and our lives work better. He's on at 1 and if you'd like to follow up with him, just find his website by clicking here.

BIG GOINGS ON IN THE DEM RACE FOR THE NOMINATION Joe Biden wins BIG in South Carolina and it injected some new juice into his campaign. Unfortunately he was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and was asked about his many gaffes. Just head to the 7:30 mark to get to the part where Wallace presses him and things come off the rails at the very end.

MAYOR PETE IS TAKING HIS EARNEST PITCH AND GOING HOME Tom Steyer is out too after spending the equivalent of 3,373 bucks for each vote in South Carolina. Mayor Pete dropped out yesterday after not showing well in South Carolina. Liz Warren's showing in South Carolina was so bad the case can be made that her campaign is effectively over. We'll see who is left after Super Tuesday.

AND JUST LIKE THAT, AMY KLOBUCHAR IS OUT TOO she just suspended her campaign for President.

WE ARE CUTTING A DEAL WITH THE TALIBAN I have very mixed emotions about this. On Saturday the framework was laid for an end to the war in Afghanistan. Not one of those fake ends where a bunch of Americans and contractors stay behind, but an actual, everybody gets the hell out sort of end. The deal has been negotiated between the Taliban and the US Government, NOT with the American backed Afghan government. The deal asks very little of the Taliban except that they cut ties with terror groups who want to hurt the US. On the one hand, the Taliban is awful. They subjugate women, they blow up holy sites, they are horrible. But on the other hand, this is not our problem. And thus I become more of an isolationist than before. Sign the deal.

LOOKS LIKE CHRIS MATTHEWS MAY HAVE SOME #METOO STUFF TO WORRY ABOUT And he's apparently got some new accusations of inappropriate and weird flirting with female guests that perhaps may be looked into. Poor Chris.


SHOULD YOU WORRY ABOUT CORONAVIRUS KILLING YOU? Read this, it does a great job of outlining who is most at risk of potentially dying and why a vast majority of us don't need to worry about this thing killing us.

IF YOU'RE PANICKING ABOUT CORONAVIRUS? WATCH THIS. HHS Secretary Alex Azar was on Fox News Sunday to discuss the facts about coronavirus. It's worth watching the entire thing.

THE CITY OF AURORA WANTS TO TELL YOU HOW TO FEED YOUR KIDS And they are going to legislate them into health, dang it. They want to legislate what kind of beverages restaurants make the "default" with bundled kids meals. Because they don't trust you to say, "she'll have a water" instead of a soda.

BRITS ARE KEEPING A STIFF UPPER LIP AT THE OFFICE Because they hide their feelings while on the job, at least 1 in 3 does anyway. I think this is good. I frankly don't want to see your emotions at work. I'm not joking. I want everyone to give the appearance of happiness at work. Is that so wrong?

IF A DREAM WEDDING COSTS 42 GRAND I DIDN'T DREAM BIG ENOUGH This blows my mind. Why would you spend SO MUCH MONEY on ONE DAY when you could take that and do something useful to start your marriage? It's the open bar that gets people, but DANG tell your guests to bring a flask. This story shows what Americans SAY they want for their wedding, it doesn't necessarily mean they will DO this for their wedding.

WANT A NEW DOG? ORDER A PIZZA! A New York pizza shop is doing some unwanted dogs a nice favor by putting their faces on Pizza boxes.

HATS OFF TO THE FORT COLLINS POLICE FOR TAKING CARE OF AN ADORABLE CALL FOR HELP A little girl called 911 because someone was hurt. It was her stuffed bunny, but Fort Collins Police Department handled it like a champ. It's super cute.

DON'T WAIT UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE TO ASK YOUR PARENTS And I mean asking them the questions that help you understand who they were as people and not just who they were are parents. There are companies you can find that help you figure out what questions to ask before your parents die or develop conditions that prevent them from being able to answer. DO IT.

WE'VE LOST ONE OF THE GREAT INTERVIEWERS OF OUR TIME In James Lipton. He was the long time host of Inside the Actor's Studio and he was a wonderful interviewer because he genuinely LISTENED to his guests and never for one moment tried to be the star himself (Jimmy Fallon, I'm talking to you). I wonder if God will meet him at the pearly gates with Ten Questions?

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