Being the Best You Ever And Coronavirus is Going to Kill Us All

HOW TO BE THE BEST YOU WHILE YOU AGE With our friend Michelle Zellner. If you haven't bought her new book or you want to find Michelle to help you or your company with your wellness journey, click here! Find out more about the super cool event Michelle will be at tomorrow by clicking here!

JEFFCO PUBLIC SCHOOLS WILL NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT CLOSING THE SCHOOLS FOR A UNION ACTION And I'll explain with Dave what happened when we asked for an interview.

STOCKS ARE TAKING A DUMP AGAIN TODAY And this is bad. Not the worst thing ever, but bad. We'll see if cooler heads prevail or if coronavirus kills the economy before it kills us literally. I'm not sure today is the day to check your 401k.

I'M MORE CONCERNED ABOUT JINX GETTING THE VIRUS THAN I AM Because now it can apparently be spread to dogs. Can they spread it back? No one knows. But as my dog loves everyone and everything, she would definitely be more likely to get it than I would.

IS THIS OUTBREAK CHANGING YOUR PLANS? I am going to Costa Rica in 15 days. AND I AM GOING TO COSTA RICA IN FIFTEEN DAYS. However I have a friend who just cancelled her families Spring Break vacation to Disneyland because of the outbreak. When I asked her why she said because California is the entry point for so many Asian travellers, which isn't a bad reason, but they aren't going anywhere now because they don't want to "risk it". Have you changed your plans for travel?

I WONDER IF ANTI-SEMITES WILL TAKE A CORONAVIRUS VACCINE MADE BY JEWS? Because Jewish scientists in Israel say they may be just months away from an effective vaccine for the deadly flu. We'll see if it works, and here's hoping!

JINX MUST LOVE ME TO DEATH Because when dogs put their paws on you, it may be their way of saying "I love you". Think about it, we pet them to show them we love them, and this is just them doing the same to us. Awwwww....

SO ARE THOSE SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST NATIONS? Bernie Sanders would certainly want you to think so, but read this first. They are anything but.

FORCED GENDER NEUTRAL AISLES ARE SERIOUSLY THE DUMBEST THING EVER And California is actually considering FORCING retailer to create "gender neutral" aisles for toys and other things aimed at kids. Do you have ANY IDEA how annoying this is going to make the ALREADY ANNOYING activity of buying kid's birthday presents? If a boy wants a Barbie, go to the Barbie aisle, but don't force me to sort through a million dinosaurs to find her. This is just dumb.

AND NOW, AN INTERESTING LOOKING SQUID You decide what it looks like. It looks a lot like a "nope fish" to me.



THE END RESULT OF THE MARXISM BERNIE HAS LOVED HIS WHOLE LIFE Is now in Venezuela. This is a great article on just how bad things are in the formerly wealthy nation. The author does her dead level best to equate Chavez with Trump, while ignoring one big fact: the people in Venezuela are suffering because they have no means to fight back. They were disarmed in the name of curbing violence by Hugo Chavez. It did not work, but it did prevent the people from rising up against their corrupt government.

NIK WALLENDA IS CRAY CRAY And he's getting ready to walk a tightrope across a FREAKING VOLCANO for some reason. What the actual hell????

SEND IN THE DUCKS! China is preparing to unleash an army of 100,000 ducks on neighboring Pakistan to fight a horde of locusts which has been disrupting food supplies by stripping crops. I'm oddly stoked about this. I hope their is video.

THERE HAS BEEN A GINORMOUS EXPLOSION IN SPACE And I read this whole article and I'm still not sure what this means, if anything, for us. It's very, very far away, in a galaxy far, far away, but still sort of cool.

GUYS WHO DON'T WANT TO GET MARRIED, LOOK OUT TOMORROW! It's Leap Day tomorrow and there is an old Irish tradition that says women can pop the question to their sweeties on this day. I realize that women do propose now, but I think this is kind of cute. How many dudes are going to spend the day avoiding their girlfriends?

OLD SCHOOL BARBERSHOPS ARE COMING BACK AND THAT'S A GOOD THING In an era of increasing isolation and social media nonsense, the barbershop is emerging once again as a place for community and real human connection. This article tells more.

THIS IS A MUST READ: FAMILY STRUCTURE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO SCHOOL SUCCESS At least this is the conclusion reached in this article and I have to say, it's hard to argue with this guy's research. Read this and let's start talking to our kids (girls AND boys) about how important men are to their children. It's time to stem the tide of unwed births and this is an emergency.


FINALLY SOMEONE STICKS UP FOR THE POGO STICK RIDERS! And it's happening in the Colorado Legislature via Patrick Neville.

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