Is the Media Hoping for a Coronavirus Outbreak??? Welcome to Thursday.

HAS ANYONE ELSE NOTICED HOW THE MEDIA SEEMS TO BE ROOTING FOR A CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK? I was watching some news this morning and I swear on MSNBC there was GLEE in their voices as they talked about how a coronavirus outbreak could create a recession and that Trump would be held responsible for gutting the Health services. This is insane.

ARE WE GOING TO SHUT DOWN SCHOOLS TO PREVENT CORONAVIRUS? I'm genuinely curious about how the US is going to handle an outbreak. Japan has now shut down schools to stop the spread of the disease. Are we willing to do it? Are we willing to shut down entire areas of commerce? Some people have already cleaned out Costco.

SOCIAL MEDIA DOESN'T HAVE TO BE SO HATE FILLED And I've got Matt Knoedler on today from to talk about why they created a platform for conservatives to discuss things WITHOUT being called names by some unknown troll. Get your free account by clicking here!

YOU NEED TO SHAVE YOUR BEARD TO AVOID DYING FROM CORONAVIRUS And though Chuck did just shave his super bushy winter beard, he kept his goatee. I'll nurse him back to health rather than have him shave off the goatee. I like it that much. but the CDC says if you want to be safe, you need to shave.

WE ARE FATTER THAN EVER Now 40% of Americans are now obese. This is the health crisis that we need to be worried about, way more than coronavirus. And the government is not helping by promoting garbage "calories in, calories out" strategies that blame the overweight people for not losing weight on a plan that doesn't work. Read this book instead.

MILLENNIAL MEN ARE EMBRACING EQUALITY IN SPIRIT BUT DEFINITELY NOT IN PRACTICE I've long thought that a LOT of the dudes who profess to be feminists are doing it for two reasons. One, to get laid. Two, they don't want to be targeted by angry feminists. Now a new study seems to prove that they profess to like the IDEA of equality but only when it means they don't have to do more housework.



IF YOU DRIVE A FANCY CAR, YOU MAY BE A JERK A new study showed that people who drive fancy cars are generally more rude than those who don't. As one who drives a fancy car, I'm proud to say I am not one of these people. Most of the time anyway.

INCOME BASED PARKING TICKETS MIGHT BE A THING IN BOSTON and this is OUTRAGEOUS. Talk about a total lack of equality under the eyes of the law. Boston is considering using a sliding scale for parking tickets, so if you make a lot of money, you get a higher fine. This is a firm NO from me.

DOG CLONING IS NOW A THING but I'm not sure I'd do it. One family in California was so broken up by the death of their beloved pooch they had it cloned. I paid a lot for Jinx, but I'm not paying 50 grand to clone her and that's what it cost.

I AM TERRIBLY DISAPPOINTED TO READ THIS HISTORY OF HOW ARBY'S GOT IT'S NAME My ENTIRE life I've been told that Arby's stood for "America's Roast Beef, Yeah!" and now I find out that it's just a stupid play on the founder's names. My entire life is a lie.

OLD MAN STEVE IS A HIT ON TIK TOK With ridiculous cooking videos, the 81 year old guy is a huge hit on the social media platform dominated by Gen Z. I sort of love this guy. Especially because he has no grandkids to lead him to this thing, he just found it on his own. Never stop learning, people!

FINALLY, MEAT BASED VEGGIES THAT LOOK DELICIOUS A bit tired about non-meat food made to look like meat, a British butcher made some pork-based carrots and they look divine.

BIDEN'S STORY ABOUT BEING ARRESTED VISITING NELSON MANDELA HAS BEEN LABELED A LIE By both Snopes and WaPo, who both say there is NO evidence this latest tall tale is true. You don't say.

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