Free Speech is Kind of a Big Deal for Monday

IT'S FUNNY WHEN AN ATHEIST REFERENCES THE DEVIL And noted Scientific Humanist (that's a fancy word for atheist) Michael Shermer has a new book out called Giving the Devil His Due: Reflections of a Scientific Humanist about free speech and it's EXCELLENT. Simply excellent. I've got Mr. Shermer on today at 1 to discuss why we all need to protect the speech we hate lest we not have the chance to utter our controversial opinions. Buy the book here.

BERNIE TAKES NEVADA AND MATTHEWS INVOKES THE NAZIS And I have to say, this is getting super fun to watch. Watch Chris Matthews compare Bernie's rise TO THE RISE OF HITLER. It's magical. I guess he doesn't feel a shiver down his leg with this guy.

Now people are calling for Chris Matthews to be fired (shocking) and even gnarly Bernie speechwriter and hate speech hurler David Sirota says it's NOT OKAY. Funny how he went and scrubbed all HIS tweets referencing those dirty opponents he likened to Hitler. Funny.

YES, DEMOCRATS WANT US TO BE MISERABLE IN OUR CARS IN COLORADO Just like they wanted us to be miserable with Obamacare so we'd demand a public option, they want us to be SO UNHAPPY with the crappy situation around transportation in this state we will vote for a tax increase. Krista Kafer lays the case out in a column in yesterday's Denver Post.



FLAT EARTHER DIES TRYING TO PROVE THE EARTH IS NOT ROUND. GRAVITY WINS. And I find it a little creepy that the video, which you can see below is being shown so freely BECAUSE THE GUY DIES. I guess he died what he loved doing? Which was being an idiot apparently.

BIGOT TRUMP GIVES GAY GUY HIGHEST POSITION EVER HELD BY A GAY GUY And of course I'm being sarcastic when I say Bigot Trump. It sure does make it hard to call him a homophobe when Richard Grenell just became the first openly gay person to hold the position of Acting Director of National Intelligence. Surely Trump doesn't know Grenell is gay? Sorry, he does, he just doesn't care. Just imagine if Obama made this appointment!

ANDERSON COOPER JUST NOTICED THAT BERNIE LOVES DICTATORS And rather than ask a simple follow up question, which is, why did Castro turn a socialist utopia into a dictatorship? He did not. Watch this exchange.

COULD THE XFL ACTUALLY WORK? So far, so good. The second week ratings weren't horrible, and that is a victory for the fledgling league. Football fans tuned in with good numbers week 2, so we'll see what happens week 3.

ALL THESE LYING LIARS ON JOB APPLICATIONS MAKE ME MAD I am horrified to know that only 1 in SIX job seekers is totally honest on their job applications and resumes. SERIOUSLY??? I get that in a world where everything is not online and you have to come up with some way to stand out people may be increasingly desperate, but DAMN PEOPLE. Read this and be horrified. I think when I interview someone next time I'm bringing this up just to see how they react.

MORE OF US HAVE ROAD RAGE THAN WE CARE TO ADMIT And I blame giving acting like an ahole on the roads a cutesy name like "road rage" for the issue. This survey shows that men are more likely to have road rage but a lot of us do it. Do you? That's not nice. Be nicer, jerks.

A NINETY FOUR FOOT PUTT FOR A NEW CAR? NO BIG WHOOP At least for this dame at the Ole Miss game.

CORONAVIRUS KNOCKS OUT THE STOCK MARKET At least today as the Chinese economy is taking a huge hit as quarantines have still shut down large cities in China. Today the stock market got sick. Very, very sick. Just don't check your 401k today, alright?

WE LIVE IN A DEADLY, DANGEROUS STATE. SPREAD THE WORD! Two people on snowmobiles triggered an avalanche that swept one of them down the mountain. I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been to be that guy. He ended up with his head above the snow, so there's that.

ANYONE INVOLVED WITH THIS SO-CALLED "HISTORY" LESSON SHOULD BE FIRED FOR INCOMPETENCE And I don't bust out the "so and so should be fired" very often, but when an alleged history teacher teaches that Donald Trump is akin to the Nazis and Soviet Russia, they are so stupid they don't need to be in front of, let alone teaching, students.

WORST. ESCAPE. EVER. Just click on this to watch the worst jail break in history. For real. It's beyond description.

NEIL DE ASSE TYSON PROVES WHAT A TOOL HE IS AGAIN This time by talking about the size of cartoon princess Elsa's eyes. This guy sucks so bad. No one asked, Neil. No one.

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