Food Truck Friday and Do You Have Any Savings?

SO I LISTENED TO THE TRUMP RALLY LAST NIGHT At least most of it. What I heard (I listened on our sister station Freedom 93.7) was actually surprising to me. I wasn't surprised by the fact he was funny and just seemed to riff for 90 minutes. I was surprised at the level of specificity he used about issues directly pertaining to us here in Colorado. He was very impressive. We'll talk about it a bit today. Watch it here!

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DO YOU HAVE ANY SAVINGS? OR AN EMERGENCY FUND? IF NOT, YOU'RE NOT ALONE I heard a story on this today and thought it was interesting. Many people think having an emergency fund is more important than paying down debt. That's not a bad theory, but you have to get serious about both, and quick. We shall discuss.

WE LOVE AMERICA! Satisfaction with the way things are going in the United States hit the highest levels since 2005 in a recent Gallup survey. Trump's approval is also riding high for him, and Independents are increasingly happy with the President. Uh-oh. This is not good news for the Democrats.

I LOVE THIS NEW BASEBALL RULE And I'm not opposed to pitching specialists but I do hate when I see three pitchers in one inning. It's stupid, it slows down the game A LOT and now it won't happen. MLB has not adopted a rule that says pitchers must face at least three batters per inning, or pitch the end of the inning. I think this is a great idea, even though Rockies manager loves to switch up pitchers late. Even Dave the Intrepid approves of this change.

SQUATTERS SUCK AND I WISH THERE WAS A BETTER WAY TO DEAL WITH THEM One Denver woman found out the hard way what happens when scumbags take up residence in a home or rental property. She spent time and money to have them evicted only to find out they left behind a mess of sex toys, underwear and a snake. I had to double check to make sure this didn't happen in Florida.

SO WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ACTUALLY GET THE CORONAVIRUS? One man tells the tale of what happened when he came down with the virus on vacation. He's survived so far.

IN LIGHT OF YESTERDAY'S CONVERSATION WITH DR. KRANNAWITTER, WHY DON'T THEY TEACH HISTORY ANYMORE? This column asks they question we all ask all the time, which is why aren't kids learning history anymore? It's worth a read here.


Burger King is taking a shot at McDonald's, who have been plagued with stories of food that doesn't decompose, by showing they aren't using any more preservatives in their food. This has not worked for Dave, who finds it totally disgusting.

SPEAKING OF FOOD THAT SHOULD DISGUST ME...HOW ABOUT A DONUT-FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH And I'm just gonna leave this right here and pack my bags for LA.

SORRY ZUCK, THERE ISN'T ENOUGH MONEY TO MAKE ME DO THIS A former Facebook executive was tasked with blow drying Mark Zuckerberg's pits before an interview. He was wearing a gray t shirt (shocker there) and was worried that pit stains would make him look bad in the interview. This from a new book purporting to share all sorts of insider secrets. I wonder if that executive was given the title of Right Guard?

WHY DOESN'T LOCAL CONTROL EXTEND TO GAMING LIMITS? There may be an initiative to allow gambling towns to set their own gaming limits. This is a great idea, as the state sure isn't going to be on the hook for any large losses that take place. Read more here.

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