Oh What a Debate Night! I'm Back for a Thursday!

HOLY DEMOCRATIC DEBATE, BATMAN! I'm not saying this was the most entertaining debate ever, but if it isn't it's got to be a close second. From nearly the first moment Liz Warren came out swinging and she landed a lot of really solid punches. Mike Bloomberg was terrible. And I mean TERRIBLE. We'll talk about this in the first hour but here is the entire debate and you really should watch at least until the first commercial break. It's THAT good.

THE NEW YORK POST SAYS IT WAS THE BEST DEBATE EVER and I can't argue with their logic in this column.

MAKE PLANS TO HAVE LUNCH WITH US TOMORROW! Food Truck Friday rolls on with VX-3 the Vietnamese food truck. Check their menu here.

THOMAS KRANAWITTER IS ON TODAY TO TALK PART TWO OF TRAGEDY AND TRIUMPH It's part 2 of his monthly series working to counterbalance the misinformation and wrongheaded 1619 Project. Part 2 of the lecture series is coming up next week at the the Soiled Dove and If you want to go and participate just click here. USE THE PROMO CODE "MANDY" TO GET 15% OFF YOU TOTAL ORDER!

CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER IS HERE TO TELL YOU IF YOU'RE RIGHT Our Word Nerd is back to help you understand what and why you're getting wrong when it comes to grammar and words. Get your questions ready for Charles at 2! Find out more about Charles by clicking here.

AND NOW, PIGEONS WEARING MAGA HATS And I am not making that up. A group calling themselves P.U.T.I.N. (Pigeons, United To Interfere Now) released the trained birds wearing tiny MAGA hats in Vegas just in time for the debates.

HEY GUYS, GET CONSENT FIRST. OH WAIT, THAT MAKES YOU LOOK GUILTY In the never ending moving target of what men are supposed to do before they have sex with someone to avoid we've got new rules. The new/old rules say that before you engage in sexual activity you must get some sort of written confirmation that the woman actually consents to having sex. Okay. Now the new/new rules say THAT MAKES YOU LOOK MORE GUILTY. I have no idea what to say about this other than the human race may die out when men realize that porn is much easier than dealing with all these changing rules.

USE TRANS PRONOUNS OR LOSE YOUR JOB? That is the message one professor got when he refused to call a male who identifies as female by female pronouns. And he lost in court. Read the whole story here.

DOG IS LOVE And I agree wholeheartedly that what makes our relationship with dogs so special is that they LOVE us. I see it from my pooch every day. She slept by my bed all day yesterday and even tried to keep me from watching the Democratic debate. That is love.

SOMEONE SHOULD ASK BLOOMBERG WHY SO MANY PEOPLE ARE FLEEING NEW YORK And their neighbors New Jersey. A new study says people are leaving these high tax, gun control, sanctuary city nanny states for greener and freer pastures. I mean, if they're so great and all. The bad news is New Yorkers and New Jerseyites are some of the biggest pain-in-the-ass transplants around. They ruined my home state of Florida.

ONE LOCAL BUSINESSMAN IS JUST SAYING NO TO CLEANING UP POO And I don't blame him. We've talked about Jawaid Bazyar and the fact he was fined by Denver for not cleaning up the needles and human waste left behind on sidewalks and alleys outside his business. Now he's going to court accusing the city of not enforcing it's own laws. If I were him, I would call the police to have them enforce the laws against open drug use and public defecation until the homeless folks took themselves somewhere else.

THE WESTERN DIET MAKES US DUMBER And there is nothing surprising about this. Now a study shows that one week of a so-called "Western diet" which is high fat and high sugar actually makes us hungrier and dumber.

WE HAVE A NEW CONTRACTOR FOR THE AIRPORT PROJECT And at least the Great Hall will allegedly be finished in 2021. Uh-huh. I'll believe it when I see it. I have zero confidence in anyone related to this project at this point. And why should I?

WISCONSIN SCHOOLS KEEP IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM PARENTS BUT IT'S ABOUT TRANSGENDERISM SO IT'S FINE This story is OUTRAGEOUS on so many levels. The Madison Wisconsin School System has a policy that says:

“School staff shall not disclose any information that may reveal a student’s gender identity to others, including parents or guardians and other school staff, unless legally required to do so or unless the student has authorized such disclosure.”

Got that? They won't TELL PARENTS. Of the children in question. THEY WON'T TELL PARENTS. ABOUT THEIR OWN CHILDREN. All while continuing to indoctrinate young children about transgenderism at school. There is no effing way I would send Q to a school system that has ANY policy about not telling parents about something so monumental. Period. Now parents are suing. Good.


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