Here Comes Mayor Mike! And He's Got Some Baggage and Stuff for Tuesday!

BLOOMBERG IS ON THE MOVE! He's qualified for the next debate by surpassing Joe Biden in pretty much every poll. Hollywood is all atwitter with excitement about maybe having a Democrat who doesn't want to take all their money. So Mayor Mike is on the move! Except now more stuff is popping up that could cause him problems, like that story about his "Wit and Wisdom of Michael Bloomberg" which includes a link to the booklet created by someone who liked the Mayor and worked for him but wanted to make sure everyone could enjoy his racist, sexist and misogynistic comments themselves. I think if Bloomberg makes progress and overturns Bernie, who has some significant momentum right now, it will set up and interesting race between Trump and Bloomberg. And the Bernie Bros will not participate. Because why is one billionaire any better than another when you're invested in taking away both of their moneys? Oh, and if you saw the comments about farmers and factory workers, this article says it will give the proper context to that clip, but it doesn't really help at all.

YES, I AM GUILTY OF TAKING MORE PICTURES OF MY DOG THAN MY KID And I'm not sorry because my dog is SO CUTE and she always smiles and never complains when I want to take a picture! I'm not alone, according to this.

HAVE YOU EVER EATEN AN APPETIZER FROM ANOTHER TABLE AT A RESTAURANT? I totally did this weekend and now someone told me that is super weird and now I feel awkward for making new friends at a restaurant and taking their food THAT THEY OFFERED ME from the appetizer plate. It was delicious, by the way.

I LOVE THOMAS MASSIE AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHY Rep. Thomas Massie represents Kentucky's 4th District in Congress but he's not your average Congressperson. Watch this cool documentary to understand why I love him so. I especially love the fact he calls the Congressional pin "Precious".

I'D LIKE TO TAKE BACK MY DEFENSE OF THE WOMAN IN THE SEAT PUNCHING CASE that happened on an American Airlines regional carrier flight. Now the woman, whose seat was repeatedly punched by the man behind her, is not only wanting to press charges against the man, she also wants the flight attendant fired. She has gone too far and now I am in his corner. Sit down and shut up, lady. You got recline. Just shut up now.

OF COURSE PEOPLE OVER 55 ARE LESS STRESSED THAN MILLENNIALS and I'm not even sure we needed a study for this. People over 55 are more financially stable, most of the time their kids are grown, they are careers they probably like or could tolerate and they generally don't care about the stupid crap life throws at them. This study is dumb.

THIS WAITER IS VERY, VERY TALENTED Because after nearly wiping out, he saves four dinners from being lost and says he only lost one sausage and a few peas. Watch it for yourself!

YOU KNOW HOW PEOPLE SAY IT "TERRIFYING" HOW TRUMP COZIES UP TO DICTATORS? I don't think it's completely off the mark, by the way, but will they say the same about Bernie praising dictators over and over again?

THE FONZ IS A SUPER NICE GUY And now he's been named one of the Nicest People in Hollywood. Good for him! He says he's honored by the honor.

ABOUT THE CORONAVIRUS, YEAH, IT'S WAY MORE DEADLY THAN THE NORMAL FLU About 20 times more deadly based on the number of people who have died after contracting the disease. The head physician in Wuhan who has been at the epicenter of the outbreak just died from it.

IS THERE ANY ROOM IN NEW YORK FOR A NEW KIND OF PIZZA? There better be because the Pinsa Pie has come to NYC! It's lighter and thinner and more of a Roman style pie. I'd try it.

SOME TOPLESS CHICKS DISRUPTED A BERNIE RALLY And I have no idea what they are protesting nor do I care but watching Bernie trying to figure out what to do here is pretty entertaining.

SOME OREGON RESIDENTS WANT TO JOIN IDAHO Because they are fed up with the progressive idiocy spewing forth from Portland. They want to join Idaho and create a whole new state that will allow them to be governed in a way they like. It has no chance of working but good for them for trying!


WYOMING LEADS THE WAY ON FOOD FREEDOM LAWS And what the heck are food freedom laws? Laws that allow small producers of certain kinds of food items to do so without onerous and overreaching government regulations. Now Wyoming is leading the way with even more expansive food freedom laws to allow someone to sell jelly at a grocery store or serve it in a restaurant even if it were produced at home. This is about time.

THIS IS A NERDY LONG ARTICLE ON HOW POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS BRINGING DOWN THE LEFT IN EUROPE and the same could apply here in the states too, as Democrats are firmly in favor of giving illegal immigrants whatever they can while ignoring the poor, white workers who are being displaced by cheap labor from migrants. The argument is the same. Read it here.

NO, 10,000 STEPS A DAY WON'T KEEP YOU FROM GETTING FAT And this is another "fact" that just appeared out of thin air and everyone just ran with it (or walked with it). Now researchers have actually tested the theory and found that no, 10,000 steps a day isn't some magic health and weight loss number. If you want to lose weight, it is so much more WHAT YOU EAT rather than how you exercise. Trust me on this, I've tested this theory for years.

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