The Budget, The Virus and Valentine's Day for a Friday!

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SORRY GUYS, THIS ISN'T A HALLMARK HOLIDAY The history of Valentine's Day, or St. Valentine's Day as it was so named at the end of the 5th century, is very interesting. It started out as a pagan fertility festival until the day was commandeered by the Catholic Church and made to honor Saint Valentine's Day to celebrate love. So just make a tiny effort today, k? Read more here.

STEVE MOORE IS A SUPER SMART ECONOMIST And he was also on Trump's economic advisory team. He's on today to discuss Trump's budget proposal, our gross overspending problem and more. And he's funny. Check him out at 1.

THIS VIRUS SEEMS TO BE MORE THAN INITIALLY ASSUMED BY SOME When the story of the Wuhan Coronavirus broke I said on the air that I thought it was way worse than it was being portrayed based on the government's reaction to it. Now it's getting really bad. Over 60,000 cases have now been reported with about 1380 people being reported dead from the flu. I frankly don't necessarily trust the Chinese government to be completely forthcoming. Could you imagine if during a normal flu season the US government shut down ALL activity? That stores would be bare and people fighting for what little food remains there? And yet, it's happening in China. And then, there are things like this when citizen journalists try to report what's actually happening, they get "disappeared".

THIS IS A PRETTY INCREDIBLE HISTORY OF THE LIGHT RAIL BOONDOGGLE IN DENVER And I didn't know half of this because it happened before I got here, but DAMN we got SUCKERED. If you don't understand how stupid, expensive and useless light rail has always been you need to read this.

SHOULD CHILDREN DO CHORES? SHORT ANSWER: YES I believe in this 1000 times yes. If your kids do nothing around the house expect them to grow up into entitled jerks. Read this.

A BIOLOGICAL MALE IS COMPETING IN THE WOMEN'S TRACK OLYMPIC TRIALS And I have a feeling if she (who was born he) kills the other competitors it may force a reckoning on how to protect women who can't compete against someone born male in athletics.

DUDE This video is HARSH

BILL BARR STAKES HIS INDEPENDENCE FROM TRUMP And I like Bill Barr, so I want to believe that this is genuine and he really means what he says. BUT, this is such a strong statement to which the President, who does not take criticism well, responded with the equivalent of "whatever". I can see where people who hate Trump would not trust this. I just don't think Bill Barr is THAT guy though.

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