Would You Want to See a Dead Relative Virtually?

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SOUTH KOREA HAS A SHOW THAT I FIND PROFOUNDLY DISTURBING And Dave made me see it yesterday. I debated on whether or not to share it because it honestly made me feel awful yesterday so I'm not going to embed it here, but you can click here to find the article and see the clip. It's a clip of a Korean mother whose child has died getting to "see" her child again in a virtual reality setting. Her pain is unbearable to watch for me. Is this something you you would want to do? I would never judge how a grieving parent wants to grieve but this doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

TO RECLINE OR NOT TO RECLINE, THAT IS THE QUESTION This video has divide the internet

the bigger backstory is that the woman did accommodate him while he ate but then when the meal service was over she reclined her seat. I do not think she is wrong. Fight me about it.

IF AMY WANTS THE NOMINATION SHE BETTER DO BETTER THAN THIS Amy Klobuchar probably thought she was getting another softball interview from The View but this happened instead.

STEVE MOORE SAYS IT'S NOT TAXES, IT'S SPENDING. HE'S RIGHT. Did you see that we just collected RECORD tax revenues? While still running a TRILLION dollar deficit? Steve Moore did and he wrote about it here. Read it, it's good.

HOW DID WE NOT TEACH OUR KIDS TO DO BETTER THAN THIS IN THE WORKPLACE? If you haven't heard of ghosting, let me fill you in. It's usually when someone is dating and they don't want to date someone anymore so they just stop replying to calls or texts or messages. It's awful and terribly rude by very common. Now millennials and Gen Zers are ghosting EMPLOYERS. And not just a little bit, but a LOT. Read this. We shall discuss.

WILL THE LEGISLATURE DO ANYTHING ABOUT TRANSPORTATION THIS YEAR? Apparently legislators have gotten the message that people are sick of money for roads being diverted to other crap and not fixing our traffic nightmares so they are working on a bill. Surprise, surprise Democrats are trying to raise the gas tax. One idea that has been shot down by the Governor is allowing local municipalities to create special districts to fix some stuff. Oddly the Governor, who is all about local control with oil and gas, hates the idea of local control for roads. Huh.

DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO MAKE SURE WE END UP LIKE SAN FRAN At least when it comes to the chronically homeless campers downtown. There is a bill being bandied about that would legalize camping in most public spaces except where there are "adequate" services available. From the Denver Post:

The bill would allow people to occupy public spaces — including for sleep purposes — except in places where the local government offers adequate shelter. “Adequate” is the operative word there: ” It can’t just be a building. It has to be a place where people can live out their basic life functions,” Melton said. “Say you’re working a swing shift, but the shelter says we stop taking people at 5 p.m. Well, that’s not adequate. That doesn’t meet that person’s needs.”

So many questions here, not the least of which is, who defines "adequate"? What's adequate to me may not be to the chronically homeless who say things like:

People experiencing homelessness in various Colorado cities consistently say that shelters are inadequate in a variety of ways. They can have strict curfews, prohibit storage of certain personal belongings and separate couples by allowing only men or only women. Some say shelters feel unsafe or cramped.

This is a bad, bad idea. This is exactly why we need to constantly remind people that the intention of the people you vote for matters very much, and we have a bunch of Democrats who are more invested in proving they "care" about the homeless than doing anything significant to address the problem.

IF YOU SUFFER WITH TYPE 1 DIABETES YOU SHOULD READ THIS AND GET A POOCH Because the right dog can help significantly. Read this cool story about diabetes dogs here.

WE MAY GET TO SEE A HUGE STAR EXPLODE! and I'm kind of stoked about the possibility of getting to watch Betelgeuse blow up and achieve supernova status. It's been dimming as of late and if it does explode it will be a MASSIVE explosion and really cool. As long as it doesn't blow us up or something.


ONE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA STUDENT WANTS WHITE PEOPLE TO KNOW SHE'S UNCOMFORTABLE And this is the kind of thing that she had her friends record and post because I'm sure she thought she would be celebrated for her bravery for telling white people there were too many of them at the Multicultural Student Center. Watch.

ZERO TOLERANCE IS OFTEN TIMES THE STUPIDEST THING EVER and this story about a SIX YEAR OLD student with Down's Syndrome having the cops called on her for pointing her fingers at the teacher. The problem was her hand was shaped like a gun when she did it. AND THEY CALLED THE COPS. Guns don't kill people, people's using their hands like guns is what apparently kills people.


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