Let There Be Singing for a Wednesday!

ACAPELLA MUSIC IS PRETTY HOT RIGHT NOW And I've got one of the hottest vocal only bands out there on the show today. FACE Vocal Band is world renowned and from Boulder! They are getting ready to perform a show with the Boulder Philharmonic (okay, so not TOTALLY vocal only on this one) and Mark Megibow and Ryan Driver from FACE are on today to talk about it. I'm nerdy excited. Buy your tickets by clicking here but don't wait, the concert is this weekend! Find out more about FACE by clicking here. Check out this video to get a taste.

Oooh, ooh, one more, I love this mashup.

BERNIE TAKES NEW HAMPSHIRE BUT MAYOR PETE STILL LEADS And again, this is NOT the biggest story. That is the total collapse of Liz Warren and Joe Biden, who came in fourth and fifth respectively. Is this the end of Joe Biden? Considering he's not even heading to the Nevada caucus, I'm guessing we'll know on Super Tuesday if Uncle Joe is out. And Amy Klobuchar came in THIRD. That's kinda big. Mayor Pete needs her to drop out if the Dems are going to get anyone but Bernie. Or maybe Amy needs Pete to drop out? I am not sure Mayor Pete is going to perform well in southern states. We'll see a lot on Super Tuesday.

SO WHAT WOULD PRESIDENT BERNIE DO FOR THE COUNTRY? Here is a reminder of some of his greatest policy plans. They are all insane and will immediately bankrupt the country. But I'm sure he doesn't care. We're going to go over these today and you will probably be shocked at least a couple of them because they are straight up insane.

MICHAEL BENNET FINALLY QUIT And on one knows why it took this long. Read more here if you want. I don't want.

MIKE BLOOMBERG WON'T LET THE ASPEN INSTITUTE RELEASE HIS COMMENTS After snippets were leaded yesterday about him defending "stop and frisk" in New York as a way to stop young minority men from killing each other. I actually think this is a mistake. It makes him seem like he's hiding some racist statements in this speech when in reality he can make the argument that he was trying to SAVE young stupid men not lock them up. We'll see how the other candidates handle this. Here is the entire speech with not great audio.

OUR ATTORNEY GENERAL JUST HIRED AN ANTI-OIL AND GAS GUY TO REPRESENT OIL AND GAS And when I say anti-oil and gas, I mean ANTI. He's a former Sierra Club attorney for goodness' sake. Read this. It's outrageous. Between this and Shoshana Lew's appointment, we've gone nuts in this state.

WANT TO KNOW WHAT THIS WHOLE ROGER STONE THING IS ABOUT? Read this. You have to understand what Roger Stone was accused of to understand why a seven to nine year sentence is insane. You also need to know who these people in the DoJ pursuing this ridiculous sentence are as well. Let them quit. It's good riddance to bad rubbish.

THE POPE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS BUT LET'S NOT PRETEND CELIBACY WORKS ALL THAT WELL The Catholic church, in a move to deal with significant priest shortages in South America, has been talking about letting church deacons who are already married become priests. The cardinals and bishops voted to endorse the plan even as conservatives balked. Now the Pope has spoken and said no. Because "celibacy" has been so successful over the years. Sure. Mmkay.

THIS IS THE BEST ARTICLE ABOUT HOW RADICALISM WORKS I'VE EVER READ And that's saying something because I read a lot of stuff on this particular subject. This was written by a former radical who has seen the fallacy in his earlier views. I have no idea what his views on things are currently but I strongly guess that they are based on evidence and fact instead of emotion. Read this, it's incredibly illuminating.

WANT TO LIVE TO BE OLD? JUST KEEP SMILING it seems to have worked for the world's oldest man, who lives in Japan and is 112 years old. He advises against getting angry and to keep smiling for a long life.

DO YOU NEED TO SPEND BIG ON A TOASTER? Probably not according to this article.

NOW JOHN STOSSEL ASSESSES THE PRESIDENCY OF DONALD TRUMP And this is the good, bad and ugly too, so don't freak out.

LOOKING FOR A DEPENDABLE CAR? I'VE GOT A LIST FOR YOU And much like toasters you don't need to overspend. Check the whole list here.

AS THE PARENT OF A CHILD WITH A WEIRD NAME, I PROMISE I HAD A GOOD REASON Not like those people who give their kids outlandish names SO THEY STAND OUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA. This actually lead to a really interesting conversation between Dave and me so we're going to talk about names.


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