Anyone Else Glad They Missed the Oscars Last Night?

OSCARS SO WOKE IT'S ALMOST LIKE THEY DIDN'T LEAVE OUT BLACK AND BROWN PEOPLE And boy howdy am I glad I didn't watch this shlock. From Brad Pitt making a snide comment about John Bolton not testifying last week (just wait Brad, his book will be out in time for the election) and Joaquin Phoenix (a longtime vegan) chiding people for using cream in their coffee, it was SO WOKE THAT IT WAS NOT ENTERTAINING at least according to the critics and I'm guessing the ratings today.

CHRISTIAN TOTO IS ON AT 2 TO BREAK DOWN ALL THE STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE OSCARS Read his pithy commentary on a regular basis at his website by clicking here.

BUT I ALREADY TALKED ABOUT HOW USELESS THE OSCARS ARE In this podcast with Lori Lynn and Susan and our friend Dahlia and you should listen or at least download it to help us out by clicking here. But here's the full list if you want it.

DR. GARY IS ON TODAY TO TALK REGENERATIVE MEDICINE And some of the stuff that is happening now (although not all is happening at Downtown's Healthcare) is really amazing. This is a cool article on some of the stuff happening with stem cells and what we can expect in the next few years. Find Downtown's Healthcare if you want to make an appointment by clicking here.

CALIFORNIA IS A DYING STATE, WHY DO OUR POLITICIANS WANT US TO BE LIKE THEM? This article is AMAZING. It compares Red states to Blue states and guess what kids? By SO MANY metrics the Red states are WINNING. Including population loss/gain, business investment, housing prices and more. So why does our legislature and our former Governor so desperately want US to be like THEM? We're talking about this today.

IS SOMETHING OUT THERE? Astronomers have noticed a radio pulse coming from a galaxy far away. Why does this matter? Because it's coming in a pattern. From the article:

A new study by an international team of scientists led by astronomers at the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment Fast Radio Burst Project (CHIME/FRB) in British Columbia has discovered that a mystery radio source in a galaxy some 500 million lightyears from our solar system is sending out fast radio bursts like clockwork in 16.35 day cycles, including 1-2 bursts per hour over a four day period and then 12 days of silence before starting up again.

Could it be aliens? Maybe. Maybe not. But this is the first time we've grabbed a signal so steady and been able to trace it back to the galaxy from which is was sent.

IS THIS REALLY A YANG UBI SUCCESS STORY? Remember when Andrew Yang wanted to test out his Universal Basic Income by giving $1,000 a month to some random families? Well one family is talking about what they did with the money. It boils down to student loans, car repairs, nights out and an improv class. It's fine when it's one guy's money, but I am not interested in working as hard as I work to pay for someone else's improv class. It's that simple. But it did buy Yang the votes of these nice people.

COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE SO ANTI-TRUMP AND ACCIDENTALLY ANTI-DEMOCRAT As Campus Reform took to campus telling students quotes from Democrats and telling them they were Trump quotes.

ONE OF THE STEM SHOOTERS HAS PLEAD GUILTY And will be sentenced in May for his role in the shooting that killed Kendrick Castillo.


THE SLOW MOTION TRAIN WRECK THAT IS JOE BIDEN'S CAMPAIGN MAY BE COMING TO AN END. As this past weekend he was caught on camera in a bizarre moment calling a voter a "lying dog-faced pony soldier" when answering a question about his electability after Iowa. He was NOT attacking her, as was described by some outlets, but the whole exchange was just so....weird. And now Amy Klobuchar is polling ahead of him in New Hampshire.

COULD MIKE BLOOMBERG'S TRUMP-LIKE COMMENTS KILL HIS CHANCES? Apparently when you're a billionaire, women are just things a lot of the time. Michael Bloomberg, who is running as the Democrats own billionaire, has some very troubling comments in his own history to worry about. It will be hard to continue to hate on Trump for his ways if Bloomberg is the nominee. Read the greatest hits here.

BAD LIP READING DOES THE NFL SEASON and it the normal magic, just more of it. I had no idea Tom Brady hated cats for using a litter box.

WE'RE JUST TRYING TO GET OUR PANCAKES, LADY. Watch the excitement as Liz Warren pops into a diner in New Hampshire. It's palpable!

ONE NEW YORK CITY DELI IS HELPING PEOPLE BE BETTER AT MATH AND SAVE SOME MONEY This is just a really nice story about a young college student doing something nice for his community. He's letting people answer simple math questions to get something for free. He DOES pay for the items out of his own pocket, which really makes the entire thing praiseworthy.

THIS IS THE BUDGET I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR and it has zero percent of being passed by a Democratically controlled House, which may be another sneaky smart move by President Trump. If he can make this election about cutting the budget while being able to PROVE that Democrats are not serious about reigning in spending, it may be a winning strategy. Unfortunately most Americans don't realize that overspending is what is going to destroy us, so maybe it will just be geeks like me who will be excited about this. IF and I mean IF he can reign in spending, expect a very positive impact on the economy overall. The less money being burned by government inefficiently means more money to fire up the economy. Watch what happened after WWII when government spending dropped dramatically.

I WONDER IF THE BRIDE WORE CRYSTALS As a woman is engaged to...wait for it...a chandelier. That is not a misspelling, she is ENGAGED TO MARRY A CHANDELIER. The woman identifies as 'objectum sexual" and is attracted to objects. She spotted the 91 year old German chandelier on Ebay and had to have it. She's named her fiancee Lumiere. She is also bat sh*t crazy.

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