It's AMA Friday, plus being the best you ever and The Wine Yogi!

AMA MEANS "ASK ME ANYTHING" WHEN THE KIDS TODAY SAY IT And this week has been a really good one but now I'm stuck, (and I mean that 100% literally) at Southern Command so I thought I'd let you do my work today. You can ask me anything about anything, within reason, and I'll answer unless you're rude.

MICHELLE ZELLNER IS BACK TO HELP YOU BE THE BEST YOU POSSIBLE And you really should buy her book for all the goods. If you'd like her to come to your workplace for a healthier living series or buy a book, click here!

LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT WINE FOR YOUR VALENTINE? THE WINE YOGI HAS GOT YOU And she'll be at Southern Command with me with a bunch of cool local wines for tasting. Find out more about The Wine Yogi by clicking here!

WE HAVE A WINNER! And it seems to be Pete Buttiegeg by a hair in Iowa! Though DNC Chair Tom Perez wanted a recount, an actual campaign has to ask for a recount and no one seems remotely interested in doing that right now, so expect this to stand. And Tom Perez may not be standing when all is said and done, as the Democratic Party was responsible for running the Iowa Caucus. Whoops.

HOLY JOBS NUMBERS, BATMAN! January job creation BLEW BY expectations by about 70,000 jobs, which is even BETTER news for President Trump this week. Also devastating for Democrats, wages rose nicely too. There are going to be a lot of really, really drunk Dems drowning their sorrows after this week of excessively good news for Donald Trump.


BLESS HIS HEART The lone Bennet fan in Iowa did his best. He failed miserably. The Colorado Sun has the whole sad, sad story here.

DUDE, THIS DAME JUST MADE WHEEL OF FORTUNE HER YOU-KNOW-WHAT And with only FOUR letters she managed to figure out "Buying a Juicer" WHAT???Watch it here.


MY SON AND ANGIE'S MAN WOULD BOTH DO THIS And I'm not saying I wouldn't try it.

GOOGLE NOT ONLY CONTROLS OUR LIVES THEY WANT TO CONTROL OUR DIETS But this is something I could actually get behind. Though I think it's ridiculous that restaurants have to post calorie counts by government edict, I'm glad they do. It helps me make better choices. I just wish restaurants would have done it voluntarily. But this article about how Google has been using it's own employee cafeteria system (which is considerable and very impressive) to test how they can get their employees to make better food choices is really interesting. They are simply using the techniques garbage food companies have been using for year AGAINST them. But would you want your company to monkey around with your choices?

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