Black Americans May Help Re Elect Trump for Tuesday!

COULD BLACK AMERICANS BE THE KEY TO TRUMP'S RE ELECTION? That is the assertion made by the new book AComing Home: How Black Americans Will Re-Elect Trump and I've got one of the authors Vernon Robinson III on today at 1 to discuss. Buy the very good book by clicking here.

HERE'S HOPING THEY STRAIGHTEN OUT THE IOWA CAUCUS BY SHOWTIME Because as of right now we have no clue who won. The caucus is a mess.

A LOVE STORY FROM THE HOLOCAUST I happened to see this today and it moved me to tears. So many horrible things in the Holocaust and then this bit of loveliness, even if the last two paragraphs gutted me. Read it here.

THIS HAS TO BE THE WORST WEEK FOR THE DEMOCRATS IN A LONG TIME Dave the Intrepid just pointed out that between the disastrous Iowa Caucus and losing the impeachment and now President Donald Trump's poll numbers rising and beating Obama's at the same time in his presidency, this has been tough. Heh.

UNAFFORDABLE HOUSING IS A GOVERNMENT CREATED PROBLEM And Randal O'Toole explains why the problem governments want more of your money to fix is a problem created by government itself. It's a nerdy read but an important one. I'm going to see if Randal can come on the show to discuss.

SHOULD WE KEEP THE DEATH PENALTY? It's being debated at the Legislature and in newspaper editorial pages. The Gazette argues to keep it, while the Chieftan says it's time to go. Though I have great compassion for the people hurt by those three individuals sitting on Colorado's death row, I am in the time to go camp. I'll explain today.

DO YOU HAVE AN INTERNAL DIALOGUE? You know, that voice in your head that talks to you throughout life? Well some people DON'T. WHAT??? This article explains one man's discovery of this fact and how it ruined his day and the day of others, although it did lead to a pretty entertaining article you can read here.

THOSE WHO DON'T REMEMBER HISTORY ARE CONDEMNED TO REPEAT IT And for Americans, our lack of historical knowledge about the founding of this nation and all that entailed will bring us right back to slavery (government slavery first, then a dictator) because we are too stupid to recognize the greatness of the nation and work to protect opportunity for ALL rather than demand someone else make our decisions for us. That's what this column says anyway. I happen to agree.

A RACIST LIBERAL WOMAN FOOL AND HER MONEY ARE SOON PARTED I am super embarrassed this happens in Denver. Two women have created quite the racket under the guise of helping race relations. It works like this: rich (and they must be rich as you'll soon see) liberal women are PAYING $2500 a pop to go to a dinner to be harassed and harangued by two women of color about their inherent and secret racism. Insert eye roll here. Read it and be amazed you haven't figured out a way to get people to pay you to shame them.

DISNEY GOES AFTER AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FOR SHOWING THE LION KING At a Parent's Night Out event (where you can drop your kids off for the evening and have a nice night out without kids for a reasonable cost) they showed the kids The Lion King. Two months later, they got a letter demanding $250 for the "illegal screening" of the movie from the company that handles all of Disney's licensing agreements. Seriously? Way to make friends and influence people, Disney.


OH, AND HERE IS JASON MOMOA'S COMMERCIAL FROM THE SUPER BOWL Proving that not only is he super hot, he has a great sense of humor.

BOSSES TAKE NOTE, YOU'VE GOT TO MAKE SURE YOUR PEOPLE AREN'T KILLING THEMSELVES And I'm talking about mental health in the workplace. This is a really good article that focuses mostly on the high pressure Asian culture (as if the US work culture isn't high pressure as well) but gives some good advice on how making a mentally healthy workplace goes a long way towards productivity and other positives.

I NEED TO KNOW WHO THE 64% WHO NEED A RECIPE TO MAKE A GRILLED CHEESE ARE I love to cook and am a total foodie. I can follow a recipe and totally wing it with ingredients from my house. But it wasn't always this way. When I first started cooking I had some DISASTERS. Now a new poll shows my experience wasn't unique. It also shows that WAY too many people are incapable of making even the simplest dishes without a recipe. HOW DO Y'ALL EAT?

LOOKING FOR A LITTLE LIGHT BOOK LISTENING? HOW ABOUT THE ODYSSEY? I had no idea it was available on Audible but I just may check it out after reading this article about it.


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