Food Truck and Free for All Friday!

IT'S FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY! And The Big Stuff Food Truck is out front to serve you until 2pm and then they will pop up to be in the show for a hot minute. Check out their menu here!

DON'T LET MONEY RUIN YOUR RELATIONSHIP Denisa Tova is back with some advice about how to manage your finances so it doesn't cause conflict in your relationship. Think of this as a pre-Valentine's Day relationship tune up! Find out more or get Denisa's help by clicking here. She's on at 1pm

I BELIEVE IT'S TIME FOR A PROPER FREE FOR ALL so you can do all my work. I feel like there is a LOT of stuff to talk about but this time you can pick.

WHO ARE YOU ROOTING FOR THIS WEEKEND? Dave and I are in total conflict on this. I'm rooting for KC and I'll explain why so save the hate mail for now.

DO PEOPLE CALL IN SICK ON MONDAY IN THIS TIME ZONE TOO? Living on the East coast, the Super Bowl is problematic. It doesn't start until like 6:30 and it's not over until really late. So the Monday after it can be...uh...challenging to get up and go to work. Do we have workers among the millions who are expected to call in sick on Monday among us?

THE IMPEACHMENT MAY BE OVER TODAY AND THERE COULD BE A BIPARTISAN ACQUITTAL Which I think would make heads explode on the Left side of the aisle, but there are four Senators from states that are Trump friendly and they are up for re election. Joe Manchin from West Virginia is the one I'd be most likely to suspect would vote for an acquittal, but Doug Jones has said he may vote against the obstruction of Congress charge. From the NYtimes article:

They are focusing on four Democrats from states won by Mr. Trump: Senators Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, Doug Jones of Alabama and Gary Peters of Michigan. Should one or more vote to clear the president on either of the charges he faces, it would hand him a coveted talking point during an election year — and deliver a blow to Democrats, who lost two votes in the House when Mr. Trump was impeached in December.

AND NOW, A PARODY SONG ABOUT THE DEADLY CORONAVIRUS Because it's gonna be that kind of party today.

DAVE'S GONE SOFT ON ME AND SENT ME A VIDEO OF A MAMA PANDA WITH HER BABIES and it's so cute I can't stop watching it.

THE SUPER BOWL HAS REJECTED A PRO LIFE AD And the organization behind the ad featuring abortion survivors say that they have been working with Fox for six months to get their ad cleared. Fox says there is simply no more space in the show BUT they added more spots just last week and didn't ad this one. Fox's explanation is entirely plausible. But it does seem odd that they take a hummus ad with drag queens but can't make space for this one. Here is the ad in question.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ EXPLAINS HIMSELF TO THE DIM BULBS WHO ARE MISCHARACTERIZING WHAT HE SAID And it's exactly what I said it was yesterday, which is that when a President's electoral interests are THE SAME as the public interest, you can't impeach because it ALSO benefits the electoral interests. It's not rocket science people.

COULD THE ANSWER TO AN ANGRY AMERICA BE MORE COMPASSION? This article makes the case that was made by my favorite Democrat candidate for President Marianne Williamson that compassion is needed to heal America's ills. It sounds grossly overly simplistic but I think it's right. I call it "grace", you can call it whatever you want, but trying to take a minute to understand what someone else is going through goes a long way to ratcheting back the vitriol and hate that seems to be so rampant now.

MIKE POMPEO APPEARS IN UKRAINE TODAY WITH PRESIDENT ZELENSKY And they had a press conference where they stood shoulder to shoulder to talk about American aid. Of course it was timed on purpose, but you know the weird thing? I did a search on Google for "ukraine aid press conference" and had to go to the third page of results to get a story from TODAY about it.

SHOULD WE DECRIMINALIZE SEX WORK? A majority of Americans think so, and another large chunk says sort of maybe. This could go a long way towards preventing things like human trafficking where women and men are forced into sex work by others. As a libertarian type, I think yes.

GOT A BIG MEDICAL BILL? THIS ARTICLE CAN HELP YOU NEGOTIATE IT Read how to approach your medical provider to bring that bill down here.

MILLENNIALS ARE DOING RETIREMENT RIGHT And a quarter of millennials have $100,000 set aside for retirement ALREADY!! That is OUTSTANDING because all their Gen X parents are going to come live with them because we're all broke.

THIS RED FLAG STORY IS TRAGIC the story of a woman in Fort Collins whose mentally ill son was shot and killed by a police officer (a shooting that was cleared as justifiable from body cam footage) is now facing charges herself for filing a false report using the new Red Flag bill and trying to disarm the officer. She's obviously not mentally well herself and now she has to pay for abusing the system. The whole things is terribly sad.

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