Some Fashion and Dershowitz Gets Crapped On for Thursday

IT'S A LIVING: FASHION DESIGNER EDITION! Duane Topping called the show the other day and mentioned that he was a fashion designer and a veteran. THIS guy I must know more about. Find his fashion and more by clicking here. He's on at 1pm.

SOME SLOBS IN OUR BUILDING RUINED OUR FREE SNACKS and though I vowed just yesterday to give up my daily M&M consumption, now I don't even have the chance to show my willpower because the snacks were taken away because people can't clean up after themselves. SERIOUSLY??? This reminds me of the jerks who don't clean the equipment after they use it at the gym. I HATE YOU IF YOU DO THAT YOU DISGUSTING JERK.

DON'T FORGET ABOUT FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY TOMORROW! the Big Stuff Food Truck will be here with all sorts of deliciousness. Find our more about them here. We'll be downstairs at 11 so come say hi! Find our address here.

COLORADO DEMOCRATS KILLED THE BILL TO GIVE MORE MONEY TO ROADS And we talked about this yesterday with House Minority leader Patrick Neville. The money would have allocated a portion of Colorado's sales taxes to transportation automatically each year, ensuring that transportation was being funded and doing so without a tax increase. Democrats said no because they were worried that the money would take away from 'other key services". I'd love to know what services are more important than transportation?

Y'ALL THIS IMPEACHMENT THING IS GETTING CRAZY Because now we have Senators calling for John Bolton to just have a press conference, video being unearthed of John Bolton (below) that shows him right after the call talking about how good it was, videos of Adam Schiff ripping apart the credibility of his now star witness, and Alan Dershowitz making an argument that is being bastardized by the very people who used to invite him to their parties. The world is upside down.

Here is Alan Dershowitz talking to the intellectual giants of The View. I don't see how Joy and Whoopie can watch this back and not feel stupid. If you choose to watch it, your IQ is going to drop at least six points. Maybe more. It's godawful.

This is bringing out the worst in people. I sure hope it's over tomorrow.

THE DEMOCRATS DON'T REALLY WANT TO CALL WITNESSES And this column lays out all the reasons why. Most of them I've already shared on the show. Witnesses are far more dangerous for Democrats than Chuck Schumer would like us to believe. I would love for McConnell to call his bluff.

SOUTH DAKOTA WILL KEEP IT'S STRAWS AND BAGS, THANK YOU And the legislature just passed a ban on bans on such things as plastic straws and bags. Why? Because South Dakota is like a "spread out small town" and it's unreasonable to expect people who already have to drive far to figure out what the policies of each place might be. Read more here.

PETA NEES TO SHUT IT'S PIEHOLE ABOUT PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL We all know Punsxutawney Phil as the adorable groundhog who is supposed to indicate if we're going to have six more weeks of winter or an early spring based on his shadow. It's a big celebration for a small Pennsylvania town and now PETA has to crap all over it. Of course they do.

BEING FAT AND ON DRUGS IS HOLDING THE US BACK When it comes to life expectancy anyway. Our overall life expectancy went up, but we still lag behind other developed nations and it's mostly because of drug overdoses and obesity related causes. Both things can be fixed BUT IT'S HARD.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS A PROBLEM FOR THEE, BUT NOT FOR ME So it seems to be for Prince Charles and other high flying climate change alarmist hypocrites. Here's a fun story about how much carbon these scolds use as they lecture us.

SPEAKING OF CLIMATE SCIENCE, HOW'S THAT GOING ANYWAY? This column talks about climate science and what the actual scientists are reporting these days and that is right now, if things go as they are going, the temperature rise might not be that bad. Read it here. Even though it wasn't written by a prince or an actor since they totally know best.

THIS WILL GET YOU IN THE FEELS A Nebraska teacher had his favorite pair of sneakers stolen so the kids in his class got together and bought him so more. It's lovely.

HATE IRONING? GET STEAMED INSTEAD! This column tested three travel steamers so your clothes can pick one and never look wrinkled again.

YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS SLEW OF NEW WORDS But be warned, it's funny and yet totally depressing. Someone made up words to describe the heightened nonsense surrounding identity politics these days and some of them are EPIC. But again, depressing.


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