Activists Call for Micromobility Network in Denver

Now that Denver B-cycle program is coming to an end, what's next ? Local activists say Denver needs a citywide, micromobility network of bicycles, e-bikes and electric scooters. They're urging the city to think big as it looks at proposals from private operators. CO-PIRG's Danny Katz says a public/private partnership could be the way to go to get the scale that is needed to bring these transit alternatives to all Denver neighborhoods. He says depending on public funding, bikes and scooters could be a low cost or free option.

Katz says a citywide network is key to reducing traffic congestion and pollution. 19 percent of car trips in Denver are a mile or less. The activists say, you could take those cars off the road, if people has access to simple transportation alternatives.

Katz says the micromobility network should also include places to rent and leave bikes and scooters so they aren't randomly left all over the city.

Denver is expected to look at proposals this Spring

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