So What Can We Expect From the Colorado Legislature This Year?

HOUSE MINORITY LEADER PATRICK NEVILLE IS ON TODAY And before you get all "you never have the other side on" we INVITE them and they REFUSE. I can't do anything about that. However, Patrick Neville gladly accepted so we'll be able to at least find out what the hopelessly outnumbered Republicans are all about this year. He joins me at 2.

THE NEW GALLUP NUMBERS ARE INCREDIBLE FOR TRUMP And if he could just stop being so...well...Trumpy he'd probably be one of the most popular presidents in history. Check out the whole story here, we're gonna go over it in detail. Skip down to the numbers from the beginning of the Trump Presidency vs. now for the good stuff.

THIS IS THE PODCAST ABOUT POLITICS I MENTIONED LAST WEEK And it's SO GOOD because on the Ladies Chit Chat Club Show we have a very diverse group of women politically and we had a really great conversation about the impeachment and politics and issues AND NO ONE DIED. Find it wherever you consume podcast like on IHeart or our website which you can find by clicking here.

MITCH MCCONNELL CAN'T BLOCK WITNESSES Because there are enough Republicans who want to hear from John Bolton that it's going to happen. I sure hope that if we're going to hear from Bolton, which I think at this point we MUST, we will also hear from some of the other people involved in this. *coughHunterBidencough* Although now that the initial panic from the Bolton revelation is subsiding, things may go his way after all.

THE PALESTINIANS DON'T LOVE TRUMP'S PLAN And they predictably took the streets to burn stuff and yell stuff and burn pictures of Donald Trump. Whatever. This whole thing is never going to end.

AW, THERE'S A RETIREMENT HOME FOR MONKEYS IN FLORIDA And not just ANY apes, these are a lot of FAMOUS apes. From chimpanzees to orangutans, they've got it all. And they get to live out their lives in comfort doing things like painting and hanging out. I want to retire here.

TTHIS IS THE GREATEST ANTIQUES ROADSHOW EVER And I love this guy and I hope he retires in comfort.

I AM PRETTY SURE I HAVE A FAMILY INFERIORITY COMPLEX NOW After watching how this family does a sing along.

NO OFFENSE TO THE URBAN OUTDOORSMAN, BUT 26 GRAND PER PERSON IS ENOUGH The homeless advocates in Denver are getting ready to ask people to raise their own taxes to give more money to support the homeless. According to this article, we currently spend about $140 million a year between government spending and private services. That equates to a little over $26,000 a year PER HOMELESS PERSON. And they are looking to add another $50 million to take us to over $36,000 PER HOMELESS PERSON. Is this where we want to go? I would vote no. Sorry, but no.

DON LEMON ET AL GAVE THE RNC A REALLY GREAT AD I had the video yesterday, and now Don Lemon says he was just laughing at a joke, not the PEOPLE who were the butt of the joke. Watch this.

WHO OWNS A MEME? That is a legit question. We've all shared funny memes on the internet without a single thought about who, if anyone, owns them. Now the mom of a toddler in a very popular meme known as Success Kid sent a cease and desist notice to a politician using the meme without her permission. She says she owns the meme. And she has a copyright to prove it, apparently. Who copyrights a meme? This lady, that's who.

CONSERVATIVE SOLUTIONS TO CLIMATE CHANGE ARE A THING NOW And this is a great story about how younger conservatives, concerned about climate change, are proposing free market solutions to the problem that don't include bigger and more intrusive government. Imagine that!

APPARENTLY AMERICANS WANT OTHERS TO MAKE THEIR DECISIONS FOR THEM NOW At least according to a new poll that shows over 50% of AMERICANS say they are unhappy with democracy. Okay then, what would you prefer? Because I don't want someone else other than me making my life decisions. Idiots.

THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION IS A FIRM AND TOTAL NO The question is "is it ever okay to go barefoot on a plane". NO. The answer is NO. You may remove your shoes if you have socks on, but know this: airplanes are flying petri dishes that get minimal cleaning and are full of nasty germs. NO.

AND NOW A MINNESOTA COLLEGE HAS A PROGRAM FOR WHITE PEOPLE TO DEAL WITH THE NASTY LITTLE RACIST INSIDE And I'm only using the language from the language describing the session put out by the wonderful folks at Concordia College. Yep, this whites only session will help all students recognize thei nasty little racist we all have.

PREGNANT WITH TWINS? TRY TO GIVE BIRTH DURING THE SUPER BOWL Because Pizza Hut is going to give the family whose twins are born first AFTER kickoff 22 grand and a whole bunch of other stuff.

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