Killer's Mistress Gets 3 Years For her Role in Kelsey Berreth Murder Case

A judge in Teller County has sentenced Krystal Lee Kenney to 3 years in prison and one year of parole for her role in the murder of Woodland Park mom, Kelsey Berreth. Kenney was a mistress of convicted killer Patrick Frazee. Under sentencing guidelines it was the maximum penalty the judge coukld hand down.

As part of a plea deal, Kenney testified against Patrick Frazee and said he told her he beat his fiance to death with a baseball bat. She cleaned up the bloody murder scene and disposed of Berreth's cell phone.

Prosecutors needed her testimony to make their case and said they had made a deal with the devil in order to convict Frazee.

Frazee is serving a life sentence in prison and recently filed to appeal his conviction. Kelsey Berreth's body has never been found

Krystal Lee Kenney

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