Food Truck Friday and Eating Your Feelings

COME HAVE LUNCH WITH US AND HOLY CREPE! The Holy Crepe food truck will be in the front parking lot until 2pm today, and I'll talk to owner and Frenchman Eric about his crepe food truck journey and it's a good one! Find out more about Holy Crepe! by clicking here! Follow them on Facebook here.

ARE YOU EATING YOUR FEELINGS? Our fit friend Michelle Zellner is back at 1 to talk about emotional eating. This is a BIG ONE for both men and women. Find out more about Michelle, have her come to your company to help your employees be Better Beings and buy her awesome book by clicking here. She is also doing another Vision Board event if you missed that last sold out one, so click here for that.


AND THE RATINGS KEEP GOING DOWN.... For Impeachapalooza. A mere nine million watched opening arguments, down two million from opening day. This can't make Dems feel good.

THIS ISN'T TOTALLY CREEPY AT ALL Scientists have recreated the larynx and voicebox of a mummy and now have recreated what they think he sounded like. I'm not very impressed.

TRUTH IN ADVERTISING JUST MIGHT GET THIS JERK CAT ADOPTED And it's really funny although I bet it's 100% true.

CAN WE JUST DECIDE TO LEAVE TEENAGERS ALONE ABOUT THEIR HAIR? I am sick to death of stories about school districts drawing some line in the sand about hair and then having it blow up into a national story like this one. A kid who has had dreadlocks for the entire time he's been in school is now being told he can't graduate unless he cuts them shorter than they are now. This is stupid. Dreadlocks are not an "artificial" hairstyle. I get banning weird colors (although again, I think it's stupid) and hair that can be dangerous (like a shellacked mohawk that is capable of putting an eye out) but fighting over hair is really, really stupid. We as adults need to choose our battles much more carefully.

IF ONLY SHE'D BEEN HOMELESS IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A-OKAY TO POOP IN A PARKING LOT But since Andrea Grocer was a nanny driving a Lincoln apparently repeatedly pooping in the parking lot of a local grocery store was NOT okay and she's been arrested.

OF COURSE THEY HAD TO HAVE THE FEMALE ASTRONAUTS BAKE COOKIES The first food ever baked in space is five chocolate chip cookies, baked by a female astronaut, of course. I'm being sarcastic pointing that out but it IS kind of funny. The cookies were returned to Earth to be tested by food safety scientists to find out if they are safe to eat. And you thought having to wait until they cooled was hard.

NOW A LITTLE DAVE RAMSEY FOR A FRIDAY Because I watched this and think it's very interesting.

DENVER TEACHERS NOW HAVE TO REMEMBER PRONOUNS TOO One of the many reasons I couldn't be a teacher is I can't remember people's names. Now Denver teachers are going to be required to remember names AND pronouns for all their students. The Denver School Board also voted to make all schools provide gender neutral bathrooms This should go well.

I DON'T CARE ABOUT A BEAUTY CONTESTANTS SEXUAL ORIENTATION But we have a big news story about how Miss Utah has come out as bisexual and I still don't care.

FROM SPAM TO UNSUBSCRIBING James Veitch is hilarious.

IF YOU THINK THE CANADIAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM ROCKS, PLEASE READ THIS Because it clearly demonstrates that if you want socialized medicine, get ready to wait. And wait, and wait for care.

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