A Clarence Thomas Documentary for a Thursday!

THERE IS A NEW DOCUMENTARY ABOUT JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMAS And I've got Michael Pack, the director of Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in his Own Words on today to talk about it. Find out more about upcoming screenings by clicking here. This is a great clip featuring Joe Biden:

MAKE PLANS FOR LUNCH THIS FRIDAY WITH HOLY CREPE! AND US! Food Truck Friday rolls on (see what I did there) with Holy Crepe! I can personally vouch for how outstanding these crepes are so meet us out front of our building at 11 for lunch with the crew. Find out more and RSVP by clicking here.

CHINA IS TRYING TO GET AHOLD OF WHAT LOOKS LIKE AN EPIDEMIC And this new illness is antibiotic resistant and has already killed about 20 people. China is shutting down entire cities to try to stop the spread of this and we already have one case in Washington state. China has shut down entire cities to get this under control. Here's hoping it doesn't take hold here.

HOW MANY STREAMING SERVICES ARE TOO MANY? We are about to hit peak streaming services. I saw an ad for Picard, which I really want to see, but I can only see it if I get CBS All Access, the streaming service. I already have Netflix and Prime and I'm not buying anymore. How about you?


DEAR MINNESOTA, YOU'VE GOT BETTER OPTIONS THAN ILHAN OMAR And this column introduces us to another immigrant challenging Rep. Ilhan Omar for her seat in Congress. Read this article about Dalia al-Aqidi and what she brings to the table. She's an Iraqi born woman who loves America and says Omar gives support to those who hate America. She is right. From the article:

Dalia offered a scathing response when I asked her to hypothesize on the source of Omar’s warped approach to U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. “Ilhan Omar’s positions on the Middle East are not complicated or very sophisticated: Everywhere she supports Islamists and enemies of America and Israel, and there are no exceptions.”

OUR SUSPICIONS ARE CORRECT, NO ONE IS WATCHING THE IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS And a measly 11 million people tuned in to opening day. Sunday Night Football usually gets about 19 million. This has to have the Democrats a bit nervous.

FINALLY SOMETHING IS BEING DONE ABOUT BIRTH TOURISM I found out about this years ago from a friend whose condo had become ground zero for birth tourism. Birth tourism works like this. A pregnant woman from a country like China (or in the Miami case, a middle eastern country) comes to stay in the US until she gives birth so her baby is an American! It's garbage. And now visas are being restricted for pregnant women hoping to give birth to an anchor baby.

THE DENVER POST RELEASED A COMPLETELY UNSATISFYING NOTE ON THE FIRING OF JON CALDARA And I haven't seen a more unsatisfying note since...well...last week when my company sent out a very unsatisfying press release. Here is a link, you can read it and be unsatisfied yourself.

HOW DO YOU SLEEP? And I don't mean how WELL do you sleep, I mean HOW do you sleep? Twitter erupted when someone posted a picture and asked which position you sleep in. Like this:

I'm a #4/2 combo sleeper.

HEY, THERE'S A NEW LADIES CHIT CHAT CLUB PODCAST UP NOW! And you can listen here or even on the IHeart radio app or here online! It's on doing things for the last time without realizing it and why we judge when a person moves on after losing their spouse. It's a good one!

DE BLASIO MAKES GRAFFITI GREAT AGAIN! Bill DeBlasio is taking New York City right back to the dregs of the 1970's and now even subway graffiti is on the rise. Well done, Mayor!

WELL WHAT'LL IT BE? MILK OR WATER? That's that question for Senators as they hear the impeachment proceedings because only milk and water are allowed on the Senate floor. Why? Uh, I read this and am still not sure.

THE NEW YORK TIMES IS BEING CALLED OUT FOR THE MANY SIGNIFICANT MISTAKES IN THEIR 1619 PROJECT and the people who are calling them out are dumbdumbs from idiot places like Princeton and stuff. How has the Times responded? Why, not at all, really.


ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE COMEDY LEGEND MONTY PYTHON IS DEAD And the other members of the troupe have been giving accolades and fond memories. Word was he wanted to be buried by a shrubbery.

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