So Who Is Watching the Impeachment Proceedings this Wednesday?

APPARENTLY THE HEARINGS WENT ON UNTIL MIDNIGHT LAST NIGHT And I didn't even think to tune in to C-Span because I just don't care. Does anyone? Is anyone watching? We already know the outcome so it's taken on a WWE sort of feeling, where we can cheer and cheer but the die has already been cast and no one cares so it's all just an enormous waste of time. How about you?

JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS SCOLDED THE POLITICIANS FOR BEING NASTY And you'd think they would tighten up but I doubt it. Read about pettifogging here.

WOULD YOU PAY FOR SOCIAL MEDIA? I had this story yesterday and I think it's a very interesting topic. I don't think I would pay for Twitter. But Facebook? Maybe. Insta? Eh. But if they did make them pay sites I'd be able to expense them on my taxes, so there's that. How about you? This column says it's time to bust up the Big Tech monopoly by making people pay.

ADAM SCHIFF LIED ABOUT WHAT WAS IN LEV PARNAS TEXT MESSAGES And oddly, he lied to make the POTUS look bad. That was sarcasm, of course he did it to make the President look bad. The text messages in question can be explained here and I only include them because Adam Schiff is a serial liar and I want to remind you of that whenever I can. Here are a few more example here and here and here. He's a liar.

THE WHISTLEBLOWER WAS HEARD DISCUSSING HOW TO REMOVE TRUMP FROM OFFICE...IN 2017 And though Eric Ciaramella has not officially been named the whistleblower we all know who he is. Now we know that he was heard discussing how to removed Trump from office TWO WEEKS after the INAUGURATION. But it gets better. He was having that convo with another Obama era holdover who then left the White House to work for...wait for it...Rep. Adam Schiff. Read the whole article here.

THIS IS HOW TO USE NFL CELEBRITY FOR GOOD And it doesn't involve taking a knee. Patriots player Benjamin Watson is a pro-life kind of guy and he's putting the finishing touches on a documentary about abortion now. Read this and wonder why he doesn't get more coverage?

POP THE POPCORN, TULSI GABBARD IS SUING HILLARY CLINTON I could not make this up if I tried. Read the release here.

YES THEY HAVE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE IN THE NETHERLANDS But it costs a fortune overall. This glowing article from the Netherlands says that they have universal healthcare and it's only about $1400 a year! How cool! We should do that! But the government subsidizes the rest of the costs and the tax brackets in the Netherland are as follows:

The brackets in 2019 are 36.65%, 38.10%, 38.10% and 51.75%

Are we will to go there?



COULD THIS BE THE END OF CANCER? Some early trials look promising that this new therapy will be a one-size-fits-all cure for cancer. Read up here.


THIS DIET IS FOR THE DOGS and I mean that literally. A man who makes dog food for a living decided to put his belly where his business is and eat ONLY his dog food for 30 days. So far the only side effect is that he constantly rolls over for belly rubs.

STRESSED AT WORK? GET A LITTLE GREEN FRIEND A new study shows that having a houseplant on your desk can actually relieve stress. I'm going to test this with Dave.

CALIFORNIA WANTS TO SAVE YOU FROM TYLENOL NOW by putting it on their list of things that might give you cancer. I say might because there isn't any definitive proof that Tylenol gives anyone cancer, but that never stopped California from doing something.

WE SUCK AT DRIVING and now we know for sure because we've been named 6th Worst Drivers in the country! In the WHOLE US, we suck sixth best. I'm sure we can work our way up the ladder, amiright?

LUCKILY JIM IS USED TO BEING IGNORED BY WOMEN So when Ivanka Trump breezed on by the reporter without even acknowledging his presence, he was used to the sick burn.

BREAKING NEWS: SOMETIMES BERNIE SANDERS WIFE LIKES HIM That was Senator Sanders response when he was asked about Hillary Clinton's comments about no one liking him. I sure hope he's right!


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