We've Got Oscars Talk and Franchise Talk for Wednesday!

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF BUYING A FRANCHISE? If you have an entrepreneurial itch but need a tried and true plan franchising may be for you. My guest is a Franchise Matchmaker and you are gonna LOVE CareyAnn Golliver. She helps people figure out if buying a franchise is a good move and helps match them up with a franchise that is right for them. She joins me at 2pm to talk about the advantages of this form of business. Find her and get her help by clicking here!

THE OSCAR NOMINATIONS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED And once again Hollywood proves it's racism and misogyny by nominating almost all white dudes. JK, I don't care. Christian Toto is popping in at 1 to talk about the nominations and whatnot. Find his really great blog by clicking here!

NOTED LIBERAL STEPHEN KING MUST BE CANCELLED NOW For daring to say that art should be judged by quality and not some fake diversity standard. He then espoused a totally conservative viewpoint that we should strive for equal OPPORTUNITY for minorities in the arts. Huh. I'm sure he's got people protesting outside his creepy house in Maine today.

MAKE YOUR PLANS FOR LUNCH ON FRIDAY WITH US! Food Truck Friday is HAPPENING! I've invited the crew at What Would Cheesus Do? to come and set up in our roundabout from 11-2p for lunch, and then I'll do an interview with them on the air about their truck. YOU are invited! We are in the Tech Center at Union and Monaco and Dave and Angie and I will be there at 11 to try out the delicious grilled cheese and more. Here is their menu: http://www.whatwouldcheesusdo.com/menu and I hope to see you there!

DID ANYONE WATCH THE DEBATE LAST NIGHT? I did not, and after catching some of the "highlights" from last night, I don't feel like I missed much. Lots of people are commenting on Amy Klobuchar's eyebrow. Looks to me like she got a bad Botox injection at some point.

The other bit of nonsense is about how CNN went all "Bernie, when did you stop beating women's dream of being elected?" and gave Liz a total pass on whether or not she is fabricating his statement about women not being able to win. The Bernie Bros are PISSED and took to Twitter to have at CNN all night. And I have to say, they deserved it. Even Jonathan Turley wrote about how bad it was here. Liz Warren was never asked if SHE was lying and her track record would show that she is very capable of lying. Watch this.

And the Dems seem to have lost one of their biggest supporters as Van Jones says that he saw nothing on the stage last night that could beat Donald Trump. Ouch.

WHAT BECOMES OF CRAIG? This column outlines just how devastating Colorado's war on coal is going to be for one rural community. HALF of the workforce is going to be impacted by the closure of the coal fired power plant there. What is the Governor going to retrain these people to do? How is going to incentivize businesses to relocate there? What's next for Craig? These grandiose plans don't come without a cost but luckily these people are far enough away as to not bother the Denver elites who ruin their lives.

WE HAVE OUR FIRST CASE OF RED FLAG BILL ABUSE And that didn't take long. The bill to allow a judge to take weapons away from another person if someone says they are dangerous went into effect January 1st and on January 9th a woman whose mentally ill son was killed by a CSU Police Officer filed a fake claim with the courts to have him disarmed. I say it's fake because she claimed the two had a child together, which put her in the category of being able to ask for an ERPO. We'll see if the DA presses charges to hold this woman responsible for making a false report. Don't say we didn't warn you BECAUSE WE DID.

REMEMBER WHEN MICHAEL FLYNN PLEAD GUILTY? HE'S TAKING IT BACK. And in light of the IG's report on the abuses of the FBI, I would too. Flynn now says he wants to rescind his guilty plea because "because of the government’s bad faith, vindictiveness, and breach of the plea agreement" according to his lawyer. He got a new legal team this past summer and they are saying the government demanded Flynn provide false testimony as part of his plea. He was supposed to be sentenced this month. We'll see if the judge lets him walk this plea back.


PERHAPS YOU DON'T GO TO THE GYM BECAUSE THEY ARE CESSPOOLS OF BACTERIA AND GERMS? This article is so gross. Apparently everything you touch at the gym can give you MRSA or something. Has anyone gotten MRSA from a gym? Read this if you need a new excuse to work out at home.

WOMEN DO PREFER MEN WITH BEARDS At least according to this survey from Australia. I agree. The women who don't seem to be afraid of the germs and possible parasites in beards. Whatever, it builds up your immune system, ladies.

REP. PELOSI HAS ANNOUNCED HER DREAM TEAM FOR IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS And it's Reps. Nadler and Schiff. You can read the rest here.

THE GOVERNMENT SPENT AT RECORD LEVELS IN THE FIRST FISCAL QUARTER AND WE'RE ALL DOOMED Because none of the aholes in DC care about this outside a handful of Congress people and Senators. I don't mean to be a Cassandra but we are going to spend ourselves into oblivion while we're all arguing about crap that doesn't matter. Not even the fox is watching the henhouse now. Check the numbers out here.

I WONDER IF IT FEATURES THE BAHA MEN Spotify has released a new playlist. For dogs. They released a playlist for dogs. The world is upside down.

HOW DOES YOUR FAVORITE AIRLINE STACK UP? Delta Airlines has been named the #1 airline in the US this year for the third year in a row. And bad news for American and United, who rounded out the bottom of the measure. They were beaten by both low-cost airlines Frontier and Spirit, which are both dead to me because of their inability to get to where I'm going on time. My fave Southwest is tied for second, which is no surprise because they are awesome.

KEN JENNINGS IS THE JEOPARDY GOAT! And I'm really glad because he's a really nice guy and that James Holzhauer seems a bit arrogant to me. Jennings won in last night's GOAT tourney as he took three out of four matches. That third guy was really just keeping the space warm as he never really stood a chance.

NOW I LIKE LSU QUARTERBACK AND OHIO NATIVE JOE BURROW EVEN MORE Because he has come out firmly against Skyline Chili, which is honestly the nastiest regional food I've ever tried.

I HAVE A CORRECTION FROM YESTERDAY'S BLOG and I want to say to DenisA Tova how sorry I am for calling her the wrong name THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW. She was very gracious about it, but I wanted to correct the link from yesterday, as it didn't work. :

JANUARY IS THE MONTH WHEN A LOT OF COUPLES THROW IN THE TOWELAnd I've got a guest today who specialized in helping couples de-couple in the least destructive way possible. Denisa Tova is a financial mediator and she's on today to talk about how to split without losing your mind and everything else. Find Denisa and get her help by clicking here!

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