The Colorado Senate President Goes All in on Progressive Politics

LEROY GARCIA DROPS THE MODERATE MASK AT THE CAPITOL The Legislative session is underway and Senate President Leroy Garcia, who up until this point was considered a moderate Democrat, went in a different direction. He gave his opening speech and it touched on all the progressive buzzwords and language loved by the far left. From social and economic justice to demonizing the evil rich, he knocked it out of the park. My favorite part is this:

We know this work is not always easy. It takes unwavering personal commitment, a persistent reverence for the people’s will, as well as endless amounts of objectivity, diplomacy and grit. But, more than that, it requires deep compassion. Compassion for the single mother who works two jobs and can barely cover the cost of childcare. 

I added the italics for emphasis because he oversaw a legislative session where Democrats passed EVERYTHING that the "people's will" voted DOWN in the last election. I read a bunch of stuff over the last few days that speculated that the Democrats would step back from their overreach in this session. It doesn't look like Leroy Garcia got the message.

I KEEP FORGETTING TO TELL YOU GUYS I'm broadcasting LIVE from the Sportsman's Expo tomorrow and if you're going to be there stop by and see me and Dave! I'll have the details on where we're going to be later today.

WANT TO KNOW WHY YOU NEED TO EAT CHOCOLATE? My awesome friend Julie Nygard from The Chocolate Therapist did a really great Ted Talk on chocolate and I'm just so proud of her. Watch it and enjoy your dark chocolate!

NO MORE POGO STICK LANES SHOULD BE THE RALLYING CRY OF COLORADANS Yesterday after work I had to drive from the Tech Center to Downtown and then back to Douglas County at 5:30. It was the nightmare we've all come to expect in traffic. Republicans in the state are the only grown ups in the room when it comes to dealing with gridlock and that was demonstrated at a Legislative preview event where House Minority Leader Patrick Neville said this:

“We need to focus on real solutions, which, quite frankly, that’s pavement, that’s not extra pogo stick lanes or bike lanes that are just adding to the gridlock of the state,”

I stood up and applauded in my basement this morning. We're going to get Neville on the show to discuss Republican plans to get more money directed at transportation issues that matter. NO MORE POGO STICK LANES is our new mantra.

ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT TO HELP VETERANS! Thanks to a listener who showed me this Twitter account I am now aware of Fight Oar Die. This is a group of guys who are literally rowing across the Atlantic to raise awareness of PTSD and other issues facing veterans. If you're on Twitter, please give them a follow and if you want to know more, just click here to follow them and help out.

SENATORS MIKE LEE AND RAND PAUL AGAIN DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION After a military briefing yesterday Sens. Lee and Paul came out swinging at the President's claim that the AUMF from 2001 could be used to justify the military strike that killed General Soleimani. This has made them very unpopular with some other Republicans but THEY ARE RIGHT. I would like this to be revisited. Congress needs to be involved before military action because someday I might have a President I disagree with that I DON'T want to abuse that authority. The Constitution has been ignored far too long on this issue.

I'D BE A MILLIONAIRE IF I INSTITUTED THIS POLICY But I never would because I like it when people ask me questions, even dumb ones. Tom's Diner has made national news by charging 38 cents for dumb questions.

I'M NOT SURE AN EMOTIONAL SUPPORT FRENCHIE MAKES YOU LOOK TOUGH But lo and behold the San Francisco 49ers have one. It seems to be working as they have had a pretty dang good season. He sure is cute though.

JOE BIDEN WANTS TO BAN PLASTIC BAGS And this is just another reason to not vote for him. He's on board with the plastic ban nonsense.

THE IRANIANS ARE VERY BAD AT SHOOTING MISSILES Because now it looks like the Iranians accidentally shot down a Ukraine airliner, killing all 176 people aboard. Iran says the engine exploded but intelligence reports say it appears a missile hit the plane at nearly the same time Iran launched missiles at our bases.

ARE HARRY AND MEGHAN HYPOCRITES? I don't know if you've been following the saga of Prince Harry and his Duchess wife but they have decided to step back from actively working on their duties in the Royal Family to go it on their own and make their own way. Except they aren't QUITE quitting the whole thing and this columnist is calling them out on it. I am rather miffed that they chose to announce their monumental decision on Instagram rather than doing things the right and orderly way and with respect to the Queen. She deserves better than this.

I NEED TO EAT ALL FIVE OF THESE FOODS TODAY THEN because they are best five foods for a cold.

I JUST WANT TO SMOOSH HIS WITTLE FACE This bulldog is almost as cute as Jinx.

THINKING OF TRYING VIRTUAL REALITY? WATCH THIS FIRST A woman is a little too excited by her VR experience.

DAVE THINKS THIS IS STUPID BUT I CAN SEE IT Men feel more confident with facial hair. Why? Not sure. But some men are willing to give up sex for better facial hair. I want to hear from you guys with facial hair on this one.

THIS IS A FIRM HELL NO FROM ME A kitesurfer jumped 140 feet over a land mass. OH. HELL. NO.

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