Iran Strikes Back But Is It Enough?

IRAN STRIKES BACK WITH A SORT OF LOUSY MISSILE STRIKE And I say lousy because it didn't kill anyone and seemed to be designed to not kill anyone. The Iranian Foreign Minister says they don't want to escalate any further, but the mullah in charge wants more.

TRUMP ASKS THE REST OF THE WORLD TO DUMP THE NUCLEAR DEAL And you may not realize that Europe did NOT get out when we did. Now Trump has asked the world to join us in pressing Iran to prevent them from becoming a nuclear power and pointedly commented that the US is energy independent and that "shades" our Middle East policy. Good on him. He also sang the praises of our military while also saying we do NOT want to use our military. Read the transcript by clicking here!

REMEMBER WHEN IT WAS TREASONOUS TO QUESTION A PRESIDENT'S AIR STRIKES? Ah, the halcyon days of yore when President Bill Clinton, in the midst of his own impeachment nightmare,bombed a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan. Back then, news talking heads were very quick to cluck and shake their heads at ANYONE who DARED to suggest that this was a distraction from his impeachment. Newsbusters remembers. Now here's the thing, I DO think it's a reasonable question that should be asked and answered. Even now when President Trump actually killed someone who deserved it rather than just destroying Sudan's primary source of medicine at that time.

TIME MAGAZINE IS AN OFFICIAL ARM OF THE QODS FORCE NOW I saw this last night and it genuinely shocked me. I don't know why it did, but I was shocked. I should expect this at this point. Time put out a handy guide on how to talk to your kids about the death of General Soleimani. Read how they describe the man directly responsible for the deaths of AT LEAST 600 Americans and likely more:

Qasem Soleimani was a top military leader in Iran, a country in the Middle East.

But it gets better. This is what they say about why the US killed him:

President Donald Trump has called Soleimani a terrorist. Trump says Soleimani ordered attacks on American military and diplomats and was planning attacks against Americans in the Middle East. For this reason, Trump ordered the U.S. military to kill Soleimani. The drone attack took place at an airport in Baghdad, in Iraq. An Iraqi leader was also killed.
The U.S. strike came after a series of recent attacks by Iran against Americans in Iraq. On Dec. 27, a rocket strike killed one American civilian and wounded several U.S. service members. There was also a Dec. 31 attack on the U.S. embassy in Iraq. Trump says Soleimani ordered these attacks.

Got that? ONLY President Trump has called him a terrorist. They conveniently leave out that the Obama administration AND the Bush Administration ALSO called him a terrorist . Time is garbage and should be ashamed.

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK HAS TO REPLACE THE SIGNS THAT GOT CLIMATE CHANGE WRONG Because they said that the glaciers at the park would be gone by 2020. It's 2020 and there are still glaciers to now the park is putting up signs that say “When they will completely disappear depends on how and when we act. One thing is consistent: the glaciers in the park are shrinking.” Way to hedge, people.

JASON MOMOA WORE A TANK TOP TO THE GOLDEN GLOBES AND PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW WHY I personally find his choice in attire absolutely perfect. He did have a jacket on initially but his wife Lisa Bonet was cold so we all got to bask in the glory of his guns. I hope she never warms up.


AND NOW, THE WILDLY INAPPROPRIATE MATING DANCE OF THE OSTRICH There are some curse words in this but it's too funny not to share.

NEED SOME CABBAGE FOR COLLEGE? GROW SOME CABBAGE! Congrats to adorable third grader Valeraia Roman for winning a $1000 savings bond by growing a really, really big cabbage in Wiggins!

FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN COSTS MORE THAN PROJECTED BUT NOT BY MUCH And this is good news because I'm not giving this Legislature another dime until they fix the roads. Read all about it here.

THE NEW GIRL SCOUT COOKIES ARE LEMON SOMETHING And I'm out. You can get your inspiring messages from your cookies if you like lemon though.

THE SENATE IS READY FOR THE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL AND THE HOUSE DOESN'T GET TO SET THE RULES Senator Mitch McConnell says he has the votes to start the impeachment trial of Donald Trump without caving to any demands by the House or Senate Democrats. He's steadfastly maintained that he will use the same rules of order used for the Clinton impeachment hearing. Rules that were approved by 100% of the Senate back then. What's changed? Duh, you know the answer to that.

DNA TESTING IS CHANGING FAMILIES FOREVER As people are finding out they have unknown siblings or family members.

CNN HAS SETTLED WITH THE KID THEY SMEARED And the terms have not been released by Nick Sandmann, the young Covington Catholic High student who ended up a national villain when CNN and other news outlets ran with a story that wasn't at all accurate, or his attorneys. I sure hope there isn't an NDA and CNN is forced to publicly apologize. Nevermind, that will never happen. CNN's coverage is thin, at best, and for some reason they buried it in their Business section.

THIS IS THE BEST OVERVIEW OF THE AUSTRALIAN WILDFIRE SITUATION I'VE SEEN TO DATE And Claire Lehman should know, she lives in the area hardest hit right now. She makes the case that rhetoric has simply made things worse.

WRAP YOURSELF IN BUBBLE WRAP BEFORE WORK TOMORROW As tomorrow is the single day of the year when more Coloradans hurt themselves than any other day.

A HUGE DROP IN CANCER DEATHS WOULD NOT HAVE OCCURRED IN A SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM As the US is the leader worldwide in helping people survive all forms of cancer. Now we know that cancer deaths have plunged a whopping 29% since 1991. And dropped 2.2% last year alone. This is very, very good news. Read the whole story here.

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