Well Done Colorado Democrats, You've Killed Oil and Gas Here!

I'VE GOT SOME IDEAS FOR THE SHOW THIS YEAR! And I thought it might be fun to do some goal setting and idea kicking around on the air today. I will accept suggestions on ways to make the show better as well. Let's crush it in 2020!

WE ALL KNEW THAT THE NEW REGS PASSED BY DEMOCRATS WOULD KILL THE OIL INDUSTRY Even though the Governor continued to lie about it and say industry concerns were "silly" after it passed. Now we know how the oil and gas industry views our state. An oil and gas executive recently told the Dallas Fed that Colorado was a "no investment" state and that we are "hostile" to the oil and gas industry. And by "we" I mean Democrats in the state who passed the onerous new regulations even AFTER the PEOPLE of the state voted them down. From the article:

“It is very difficult to find any projects that make sense economically. I am getting increasingly selective on what deals in which I will invest. Increasing regulatory pressure in Colorado has resulted in a complete loss in value of wells in that state, and in my mind, it has become a ‘no investment’ state. The very hostile government there totally ignored the expressed wishes of the citizens of Colorado, which was expressed at the ballot box.”

If the Republican party can't find a way to run on the overreach by Democrats and funding transportation properly in this next election cycle they honestly should just disband the party. Well done Democrats! You've ruined one our largest industries!

ARE YOU READY TO BE CHIPPED FOR WORK? I've talked about this stuff in the past but it seemed pretty far off then. NOW it seems very close to a time when instead of an office card you may have an RFID chip implanted in your hand that gets you where you need to go in the workplace. But why stop there? I would honestly consider being chipped to run stuff at my house. I am warming up to this creepy potential reality. I do have some questions though.

EXPECT ACTION ON HOMELESSNESS SOON BECAUSE URBAN OUTDOORSMAN ARE TAKING OVER THE CAPITOL! And this is legit exciting news for anyone tired of trying to navigate around the tent cities popping up in Denver. As a federal judge (who I was told immediately retired after he made his ruling) struck down Denver's urban camping ban, the chronically homeless have moved right on up to the Capitol and taken over parts of Civic Center Park. We are well on our way to being a Third World Country now! But because politicians are going to have to deal with needles and human poop near THEIR stuff now, expect some significant action. I'm not kidding about this.

MAYBE THEY WILL USE BAGPIPES A McDonald's in Sacramento is playing bagpipe music to keep homeless people away. The neighbors are not happy, but it seems to be working so....

THERE'S NOW A DRONE TASK FORCE AND I CAN GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THINGS RIGHT AWAY The mysterious drones flying over eastern Colorado and Nebraska have people worried and now there is a task force convened to find out what or who they are. I can fix this right away. Shoot them down. The owner will show up.

AND NOW, RAND PAUL ON THE KILLING OF SOLEIMANI I don't agree with all he's saying because I don't think the Iranians are ever going to negotiate in good faith. What does diplomacy look like when the other team doesn't want to play?

GENERAL MATTIS IS NOT A FAN OF OBAMA'S FOREIGN POLICY And some excerpts of his new book are out and they are pretty scathing.

THE BABYLON BEE IS UNDER THE SKIN OF PEOPLE WHO DON'T GET IT One of who is the "disinformation" reporter for CNN (yes, that's apparently a thing now) who wrote some rather snotty tweets about the satire site that dares to lean right. Read the meltdown here.


THE SCIENCE IS IN AND INTERMITTENT FASTING IS REALLY, REALLY GOOD FOR YOU And some research from Johns Hopkins confirms it. Read it here and then try to narrow your feeding window and see what happens!

PEOPLE ARE BEING MURDERED FOR THEIR FAITH AND NO ONE CARES Because it's Christians being murdered by Muslims in Nigeria for the crime of being Christian. Read it and weep here.

GO WITH YOUR GUT IF YOU WANT TO MAKE GOOD DECISIONS As a recent study showed that people who second guess themselves make WORSE decisions than those who make a decision and stick with it. I've found this to be 100% true in my life.

POPCORN ALMOST KILLS A MAN Okay, technically not the popcorn, but all the weird stuff he poked around in his mouth trying to dislodge the renegade kernel that got stuck when he was watching a movie with his wife. He almost died from mostly always lethal blood infection. He is swearing off popcorn from now on.l

LOOKING FOR A SNACK? HOW ABOUT SOME BABY POWDER! Dave found this woman's story about being addicted to eating baby powder funny because he's never seen the weird crap people eat on My Strange Addiction. But baby powder? How dry does that make your mouth? Ew.

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG WANTS US ALL TO BE CALIFORNIA And of course he does because they love gun control and confiscatory tax rates and all the things he loves. He didn't mention the staggering homeless problem and crappy schools and unaffordable real estate and huge income inequality issues. But I'm sure it will be fine.

YOU GUYS HAVE TO READ THIS COLUMN ABOUT HOW MEAN RICKY GERVAIS WAS It's completely and totally a huge grovel to the Hollywood types this author is obviously dying to be a part of. Sad.

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