Ricky Gervais is My Hero And Other Stuff On a Monday!

THE GOLDEN GLOBES WON'T HAVE RICKY GERVAIS TO KICK AROUND ANYMORE! Because he's DONE hosting after last night's opening monologue. Of course he was DONE hosting after this year BEFORE the opening monologue but still. If you missed it, just watch. I'll tell you why I loved it so today. Christian Toto totally agrees with me here.

WE KILLED A TERRORIST WHO TOTALLY DESERVED IT but I do have some feelings about whether or not this is a precedent I am comfortable with at all. This is a complicated situation, but after reading extensively VERY old articles like This one and this one I have come to the conclusion that this dude TOTALLY deserved it. However, I am NOT comfortable with a President unilaterally deciding who to whack and who not to whack, IF THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED HERE. I am NOT sure that is what happened though. When you read the article I linked from years ago, it is apparent that this guy has been an American target since at least the Obama Administration. From the 2013 article in the WSJ:

The Obama administration, following the efforts of its predecessors, is trying to curtail the ability of Gen. Soleimani to project influence across the Middle East, senior U.S. officials said. The U.S. Treasury has placed sanctions on the Qods Force commander three times; those sanctions remain in place. The U.S. and European Union are also seeking to block the Revolutionary Guard's ability to ship or fly arms into Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.
Last week, the Treasury sanctioned an Iranian airline, Yas Air, for allegedly ferrying arms to Damascus and specifically argued that the airline is controlled by the Qods Force.
A spokesman for Yas Air said all its flights are in accordance with international aviation law.
Last October, a former Central Intelligence Agency spy, Reuel Marc Gerecht, testified before Congress that if the Qods Force's role in last year's alleged plot to kill the Saudi ambassador is proven, the U.S. "should hold Qasem Soleimani responsible…. Go get him, either try to capture him or kill him."

Well Trump certainly curtailed General Soleimani's ability to do anything, didn't he?

MATT THE DEAD TO ME IS ON TODAY TO TALK ABOUT HOW THE PATRIOTS SUCK NOW Actually I'm sure he's going to come on and talk about how the Patriots got robbed somehow and that they are still the greatest team ever but it will be fun to remind him that they are not going to the Super Bowl this year. Or any year in the near future.


MAYBE THIS WILL CHANGE THINGS IN COLORADO SCHOOLS The parents of Kendrick Castillo, the self less teen who tackled a gunman at the Highlands Ranch STEM School and died after being shot have filed a claim for damages against DougCo Schools. Good. I hope they win big. And I'm a taxpayer in DougCo. I am sick of nibbling around the edges when it comes to student safety. I hope this forces the issue.

SO NOW 60 MINUTES IS THINKING MAYBE JEFFREY EPSTEIN DIDN'T KILL HIMSELF AFTER ALL Did you happen to see last night's story on 60 Minutes last night about Jeffrey Epstein? You really should watch it here.

NOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO EVEN BE IN THE SAME ROOM TO SLEEP TOGETHER And I guess this is just one of those technology things I am not going to understand but hey, more power to you. It seems that long distance couples have taken to video chatting until they fall asleep together-ish on the chat.

ADVENTURE KITTY IS BREAKING THE INTERNET And now I want a cat I can dress up in cool clothing and take on adventures like this kitty.

IOWA STATE DEFENDS THE FIRST AMENDMENT BY VIOLATING STUDENTS' RIGHTS TO IT By banning email about politics for the last month before the first primary in the country. They also banned "chalking" which is where students write political and non political messages on sidewalks with chalk. Both of these bans are CLEARLY and unambiguously unconstitutional as the University of Iowa is a governmental organization. The President of the college had this to say:

Unfortunately, our campus has also experienced bigoted, hateful, racist, and anti-Semitic messaging that, while protected by the First Amendment, is also hurtful and harmful to many students.
Iowa State University also takes seriously its obligation mandated by federal law to create and maintain a campus that is free from illegal discrimination and harassment. Iowa State University will continue to champion the First Amendment in our efforts to create a campus where all individuals and ideas are welcome and included.

She obviously thinks that hurtful speech is not protected speech and in this she is totally wrong.

COULD WE EVER HAVE A FOUR DAY WORKDAY IN THE US? The PM of Finland is introducing a four day work week with only six hours a day being considered full time. I don't know of any employee who doesn't LOVE this idea. And most employers would probably laugh at the thought of it. Could it work? Not in a place where benefits are paid per person. I'm very intrigued to find out if this works and what the end results for business in Finland are.

HOWARD ZINN CONTINUES TO DESTROY AMERICA LONG AFTER HE'S GONE I spit on the grave of Howard Zinn and all he's done to demean American with his "The People's History" book which casts the US as the bad guy in pretty much EVERY scenario throughout history. This column explains why millennials love socialism so much and it's entirely HIS fault. Ahole.

WANT TO LEARN HOW TO USE THE ROWER AT THE GYM? WATCH THIS. I am in love with my Hydrow and am now obsessed with rowing and making sure my form is solid so I can get the best split time. In doing so, I've realized my form was HORRIBLE for a long time. I found this to help if you're just getting started.


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