How Bout That Snow for a Tuesday, huh?

THE SNOW WON'T STOP THE WINE YOGI FROM MAKING SURE YOU HAVE CHOICES FOR THANKSGIVING! The Wine Yogi Kristal Alfonso (find her killer podcast on all things wine and yogo by clicking here) is coming to my southern command studio for our pre-Thanksgiving wine tasting. She's have lots of suggestions of wines to make your Turkey Day dinner sing! If you are in the Springs, be sure and give your business to a local small business and buy your wine at The Wine Gallery, where they are having some KILLER Black Friday deals (their sale is "legendary") because wine makes the perfect holiday hostess gift. Find them by clicking here.

HOW ABOUT THOSE SNOW TOTALS, EH? I always think how nice it is for the mountain towns and the people who spend a bunch of money in our state on vacation when we have snow like this, but UGH, it makes getting around hard. Be careful out there and listen to KOA for timely traffic reports as the snow continues to fall.

WE ARE SOOOO OVER TURKEY AT THANKSGIVING Okay, maybe some of us are not, but a good chunk of Americans say they are sick of the same old, same old for Thanksgiving. Then switch it up, I say! Unfortunately for my desire to switch it up, I am married to a man firmly rooted in tradition so turkey will ALWAYS be served on Thanksgiving. Traditions should make you feel good, not annoyed.

THE YANKEES HIRED A GIRL HITTING COACH Okay, I get that she's really a WOMAN, but the headline is more fun this way. I'll see what Dave the Intrepid thinks about this one. Hitting is one area where I think a woman could teach just as well as a man. Have you SEEN some of those female softball players knock the cover off a much larger and heavier ball? I have.

IF YOU'RE FREEZING THIS WEEK, I'VE GOT YOU COVERED With 8 hours of gentle crashing beach waves. You're welcome.

I HAVE NO IDEA HOW ACCURATE THIS IS BUT IT'S STUNNING TO SEE IT ALL TOGETHER Someone actually took the time to make a list of every Clinton associate who met an untimely death. Again, I have NO idea how accurate this is but DAMN. It's pretty overwhelming to see all these people on one list. I want to believe in the best in everyone, so this sort of thing stuns me. Even if I think the Clintons are shady and awful, this is a lot. Check it out for yourself.

GOOD NEWS MILLENNIALS, IF YOU MAKE $29K A YEAR, YOU'RE RICH! At least according to Bernie Sanders, who says that he will tax everyone 4% of their income to pay for Medicare for All, but he's exempting the first $29,000 a year. Since he has been telling us how the rich are going to pay for it, it's nice to know we've expanded that category down to 29k per year!

DENVER HAS PASSED AN INSANE MINIMUM WAGE LAW And since wages are going to be boosted $1.75 an hour in a few weeks for the first boost, I would expect to see an immediate impact on restaurants who are already on the edge of closing first. Minimum wage rises to $15.87 in 2022. What this article doesn't talk about is all the prevailing wage construction jobs that are pegged to the minimum wage. Building something just got a crap ton more expensive in Denver. It's cool that we get to see the fallout in a relatively short period of time though. Maybe I'll ask the mayor about this if/when he comes back on the show.

JUST IN TIME FOR THANKSGIVING, LET'S READ ABOUT THE FAILURE OF SOCIALISM IN THE COLONIES And my friend Larry Reed is just the man to share how the pilgrims ditched socialism when it almost killed them. Read it here.

WHY DO PROGRESSIVES HATE GENTRIFICATION SO MUCH? Denver City Council member Candi CdBaca is HUGELY against anyone fixing up her neighborhood. Why? She says that the people who have been living there will be displaced and left homeless. Except that's just not true. Here's an interesting article which makes the case that gentrification's upside is far bigger than the downside for those neighborhoods. I agree.

DADDY BLOOMBERG SAYS RAISING TAXES IS THE BEST WAY TO CONTROL POOR PEOPLE'S BEHAVIOR And this one might be harder for him to explain his way out of. In this clip, he clearly demonstrates that he believes poor people are poor because they make crappy choices (which I do agree with in many cases) but he then admits he wants to use the tax code to get them to do what he thinks they should do. Why should we not believe he'd take the same approach for all of us? He believes he knows what's best for all of us, and it ain't freedom. If what he says it true, however, it creates a problem for the people who give poor people a higher status BECAUSE of their poverty. Does he think the working poor are victims? Or the end result of poor choices? He sort of blows up the normal Dem narrative here. This is going to be SO FUN to watch!

MICHAEL MANN CAN CONTINUE SUING NATIONAL REVIEW And I've been watching this lawsuit for some time. Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg used the following paragraph in their column about the climate hockey stick scientist:

“Mann could be said to be the Jerry Sandusky of climate science, except for instead of molesting children, he has molested and tortured data in service of politicized science that could have dire consequences for the nation and planet,”

I think that's funny. Michael Mann did not. So let's put Mr. Mann's science on trial, shall we? The Supreme Court refused to review a lower court's decision about the case, so it will move forward. I will be watching. If Mann wins, it puts all columnists on notice that they can be sued for saying anything bad about a public figure. I would be very concerned if I had written anything bad about Trump, because you know he's sue everybody.

BEING MINDFUL OF SMALL GESTURES OF LOVE MAKE US HAPPIER At least according to this study anyway. The long and short of it is that small gestures of even platonic love which are noted by the recipient go a long way towards making us FEEL loved and happy. This is just a lovely study.

DISNEY + IS A HUGE SUCCESS And we should all keep an eye on this because this is where all the networks are going. Disney has the advantage of being, well, Disney with a huge back catalogue for people to peruse, but this is the future of media consumption. If I were working selling cable advertising, I'd be very nervous right now. The Disney + app has garnered 15 million downloads in just two weeks. Whoa.

DEMOCRAT SUPPORT FOR IMPEACHMENT COULD BE CRUMBLING As one Michigan Congresswoman said as much on a radio show where she suggested Dems look to censure instead of impeachment. We'll see if this attitude is contagious as support for impeachment among independents is crumbling at this point too.

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