It's the Monday Before Snowpocalypse!

WILLIE B GOT ROBBED BY GUINNESS! Remember when my friend Willie B from KBPI came on and talked about how he was going to try to break the record for the most simultaneous burnouts? Well he SMASHED the record and AFTER he submitted his documentation Guinness "retired" the category and you won't believe why. TRUST ME, you will want to hear him at 12:35 to discuss.

ALRIGHTY, WHAT DO WE TALK ABOUT AT THANKSGIVING This morning I thought it would be fun to find a list of easy topics to bring up at Thanksgiving dinner in case some members of your family might have differing political views than you. Then I really started to put my noodle to it and got depressed because EVERY topics I came up ended up being a political landmine. So I need some help to come up with my snappy list.

BLOOMBERG IS IN And I can't WAIT to see him take on Bernie and Liz in a debate soon. I'm going to give him some money just to make that happen. Five dollars. He doesn't need more than that. Could we have a Billionaire v Billionaire general election? I can't WAIT to see Michael Bloomberg's tax returns! (fact: I don't actually care about them, it will just be fun to see all the Democrats demand them). Bloomberg was a very popular mayor in New York so he even has governing experience over a city as large as some states. If Mayor Pete is a contender, Bloomberg DEFINITELY is.

TO BE FAIR BLOOMBERG NEWS GIVES UP ANY SHRED OF JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY By announcing they will NOT investigate their boss OR ANY OF HIS DEMOCRATIC RIVALS during the campaign. That leaves Trump. They will investigate Republicans, but not Bloomberg or any other Democrat. How did they think this would solve the problem? Read it yourself:

At his news service, Micklethwait said, Bloomberg reporters will still cover polls, policies and how the Bloomberg campaign is faring, much as it does for all candidates. But it will not do investigative stories on Bloomberg — or, to be fair, on any of the other Democratic contenders. It will continue to investigate the Trump administration, however, he said. Micklethwait noted that the situation is different because Trump is already president and so the work of his administration is fair game.

I can't understand why no one trusts the media anymore. It must be Trump's fault.

THIS IS A RATHER TERRIFYING STORY And I'm not one to throw around the word terrifying very often. A Mexican drug cartel is taking over small town America to create a huge network of dealers who fly under the radar and supply Americans with meth and fentanyl that is killing them. You really should read it.

WHY I DON'T CARE ABOUT FASHION AT ALL IN A FEW STORIES Of the biggest fashion disasters of this past year. They are some mind numbingly stupid that I am tempted to mock anyone who looks to fashion as any sort of artistic endeavor but hey, you do you.

SOMETIMES YOU BREAK INTO THE WRONG HOUSE And one dude is probably going to be very red faced when he realized the 82 year old woman whose house he broke into beat him so bad he had to be hospitalized. She works out. A lot.

THIS MADE ME HAPPY TODAY And I'm not going to apologize for sharing Christmas stuff early because Thanksgiving is just TOO late this year!

200,000 IDIOTS ARE LINED UP TO BUY THAT FUGLY TESLA "TRUCK" And I have to put truck in quotes because this thing is NOT a truck. Elon Musk says they have orders for 200,000 of these monstrosities. Proving once again that a fool and his money are soon parted.


THE SJWS HAVE COMPLETELY DESTROYED THANKSGIVING Students in Portland, Oregon are being given a very specific version of Thanksgiving that I must say I find actually offensive and I don't find much rhetoric truly offensive. Kids in Portland are being fed this:

Columbus’s landing was “the start of the history of the Europeans in the Americas. It was a history of conquest, slavery, and death.” As he does in the original version, Zinn speaks directly to the young reader, informing him of his position as a historian who will present the hidden ugly side of American history, telling “the story of the discovery of America from the point of view of the Arawaks” and of the Constitution “from the point of view of the slaves,” and on. Columbus is not the heroic explorer earlier historian Samuel Eliot Morison presented him as, but a genocidaire.

I realize that our overly romantic tale of pilgrims and Indians sitting down together to celebrate is not accurate, but this garbage is harmful to our nation. Be ready, this garbage curriculum will spread.

THIS LOOKS LIKE AN EXCELLENT MOVIE ABOUT A WAR WE DON'T TALK ABOUT MUCH The movie "1917" is said to be one of the great war films of late, and it being bandied about for Oscar contention. It opens in Denver on Christmas Day. Read about it here.

gGETTING LOST IN A PARKING GARAGE IS STRESSFUL FOR A SEAL And you have to check this link out to see the video of the little seal falling asleep. Seriously.

FINALLY SOMETHING WE CAN ALL AGREE ON: TERM LIMITS FOR SUPREME COURT JUSTICES This column from National Review does a great job of explaining how we may be able to get something done.

READY FOR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS? I AM SO STOKED FOR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Here is a handy list of where to see the best ones around.

FLORIDA DOG MAKES NEWS And of course this dog is from Florida. He managed to lock himself in his owners car, and then managed to put the car in reverse IN A CUL DE SAC. Mayhem ensues.

THINKING OF MAJORING IN FRENCH? READ THIS FIRST Holy COW someone finally started to ask what majors pay well and which don't. Then they stacked it up against student debt. Whoa. Look at the graphs and then consider computer science.

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